Phillips contract runs through 2011

Wade Phillips has slightly less long-term security than we originally thought.

Initial reports about his contract extension said he was signed through 2012.  It turns out the deal only goes through 2011.

The confusion came because of a removed option year for 2012, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  The deal was originally drawn up with the option, but at the last moment the final year was taken out.

Whatever the reason, the shorter contract means that there will be questions about Phillips’ contract again next year.  Jones won’t want Phillips to be a “lame duck” coach in 2011.

Then again, Phillips is basically year-to-year unless he wins a Super Bowl.  Jerry Jones said as much Thursday.

“I’m encouraged by the progress we made this year, but in no way are we
satisfied,” Jones said. “This contract represents that. Two years in the NFL
is an eternity, but it has to be urgent. It has to be addressed as though there
is no tomorrow.”

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  1. “Then again, questions are going to come up regarding Phillips’ job security every year unless he wins a Super Bowl.”
    And then there will only be a lack of questions about his job security in a year he wins the superbowl until about 30 seconds after the final gun for the game sounds.

  2. and is there a clause saying “he has to coach the team in actual games in 2011 to fulfil his end of the deal” and there is no nfl in 2011?
    does it mean he just has a one year extention of last years deal?

  3. It’s almost a given the 2011 season will be a lock out, so the reality is this is a 1-year deal for Wade. Get it done in 2010 or you’re out.

  4. Please. Jerry’s gonna hold off on drastic team changes until the realities of operating without a cap become clear. Until then he’s burning time. No contract would prevent him from making wholesale changes if he deems it necessary. I give Wade one more year tops.

  5. stability. we have a ton of draft picks to add to a talented base. Upgrade oline, stud college LB teamed with ratliff, ware and spencer, get rid of roy williams and replace with Brandon Marshall or Boldin and fill another area or two.
    This team will be stacked next season and if wade cannot win a SB then I agree it is time to go.
    HOW BOUT THOSE COWBOYS!!!!! Awesome stadium too. Best in the league so I suggest everybody take a visit as you will be amazed.

  6. Jason Whitlock said it best on
    6. Minnesota’s last touchdown against the Cowboys was classless.
    I don’t get why anyone is defending the TD toss. Not only was it classless, it was stupid.
    All this tough talk about how it’s the Cowboys job to stop Minnesota from scoring and how you can’t run up the score in professional football sounds like posturing. Suppose Brett Favre had been hit and injured. Rather than defending the move, Jimmy Johnson would’ve opened the FOX postgame show ripping Brad Childress.
    The score was cheap. Keith Brooking was justified in complaining.

  7. @boysroll
    You go by “boysroll”, sounds kind of pervy…do you need to register with the local authorities?

  8. Wade was not the problem in Dallas. That honor goes to Jason Garret and Kyle Kosier. There is no excuse for the gameplan Dallas used in Minnesota. Also to all of my fellow Dallas fans dreaming of Boldin or Marshall, forget it. Roy Williams is owed a guaranteed 9.25 million dollar roster bonus and is not going anywhere.

  9. .VoxVeritas says:
    January 21, 2010 3:38 PM
    “great news for any nfc playoff team!”
    Sure, just ask the 0-3gles.
    Quagmire says:
    January 21, 2010 3:52 PM
    “Sure, just ask the 0-3gles.
    Better yet, ask the Vikings
    Hey VoxNasty,
    Mark Sanchez already has more playoff wins than Rom-O-Choke!
    Rex Ryan already has more playoff HC wins than Doughboy!
    Keep your blinders on you sad, sad Cowboy fan!
    On a positive note, Brooking is coming out with a new line of tissues!

  10. I’m not sure what it has to do with Wade’s contract, but I agree with Hap. By outscoring the Cowboys, the Vikings effectively deprived them of a chance to win the game. No class at all.

  11. If, always with the if. Sickens me quite frankly.
    I’ll equate it to something a businessman once told me about taking out loans and then filing bankruptcy every 10 years. ” It’s my job to get the money, it’s theirs to get it back!”

  12. and naiseum, he needs to tell his employer that he shouldnt coach kids’ track anymore either!
    point of order… vikes 34 cowboys 3

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