Namath doesn't make another guarantee

There was a time not long ago when former Jets coach quarterback Joe Namath couldn’t care less about the struggles of his former team.

But now that he’s on the wagon, he’s on the bandwagon, too.

Namath tells Newsday (via Sean Leahy of USA Today) that he believes the Jets can beat the Colts on Sunday.

But Namath offered no guarantees this time around.

“I believe the Jets feel the way we felt at the time: ‘Don’t be telling us we can’t do something,'” Namath said.  “They’re
continuing to prove that with the last couple of games on the road and
the way they’ve grown as a team.  You’ve got to believe in their growth
and their experience and the efficiency they perform with for the most

I know this team can win.  They’ve proven that.”

Namath is right.

And maybe after the game he’ll try to play tonsil hockey with Rex Ryan.