Ray Lewis fined $5,000 for hit on Austin Collie

During Saturday’s Ravens-Colts game, Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis was incredulous that he got a personal foul penalty for a hit on Indianapolis receiver Austin Collie, shouting “that’s football” at the official.

But it wasn’t the kind of football the league office wants to see.

Lewis has been fined $5,000 because, the league told the Baltimore Sun, he made helmet to helmet contact with Collie.

Both Lewis and Ravens coach John Harbaugh have said the hit was legal, and that Lewis led with his shoulder. But the league office disagreed, and Lewis’s check for the divisional playoffs will be $5,000 lighter.

31 responses to “Ray Lewis fined $5,000 for hit on Austin Collie

  1. Chapnasty2 – even as a Colts fan, I agree with you. It met the letter-of-the-law for helmet-to-helmet, but it was circumstances that dictated it shouldn’t have been finable.

  2. When did the bigbluething achieve sentience? I thought it was still squirming around as ooze underneath sanitation complexes.

  3. I watched the play and the replays – sure looked like helmut to helmut to me. Ray Lewis is a talented, hardworking player, but he often seems to have a problem discerning/performing what is a legal hit and what isn’t.

  4. I’d love to murder all you morons who keep associating Ray with murder since he didn’t, you know, kill anyone or ever possess a murder weapon in any way, shape or form…but seeing as those comments seem to come from a Giants and Raiders fan I guess it’s to be expected since your respective teams SUCK!!!

  5. That was a ridiculous call. Watch the reply. Ref has his hand on the hanky before the ball even gets there.
    The reason people bust on Ray for the Atlanta murders is because there isn’t anything else smart or original they can come up with. The man has changed and positively improved more lives than all of these moronic losers put together.
    You all probably have a beard full of cheese curl crumbs while resting a soda on your stomach atht keyboard. Typing away your “intelligent” regurgitated material, while thinking someone’s going to laugh at your pathetic attempt at humor.

  6. Soft. He led with his shoulders, and then Collie happened to lower his head to cause the helmet to helmet contact. I don’t know what the NFL expects their players to do with all these ridiculous, game-changing penalties on plays that just happen when you play football.

  7. Wasn’t a finable offense…Ray wasn’t aiming for his head at all. The league needs to shove all these fines for ‘helmet to helmet’ hits up their candy-asses!!!

  8. I wonder where this league would be without the fines? I’ll tell you, it wouldn’t be such a pussy league!

  9. This guy is a piece of dirt and a punk…can’t wait till he’s out of the game.
    Other than him, I like watching Baltimore.

  10. ms there was a corpse and it was proven ray ray had a knife.
    so stfu with all the brother-love.
    close calls? they happen. he has a rep. too bad. he wants the rep of an intimidator with no penalties.
    no such luck. NSL. new acronym.
    if u dont like the penalty, keep the ball from getting there… uh… keith brooking…

  11. If Lewis’s hit on Collie was worth $5000 then the bullchit that the crybaby K. Brookings did on B. Berrian out of bounds should cost brookings at least $50,000. I can’t believe it if the NFL doesn’t fine him….he should’ve been thrown out of the game but then we wouldn’t have been able to see him cry like the redneck baby he is when Favre torched him for the last td pass.

  12. B.S. call on a clean hit where helmets connected.
    The league really needs to look into this, only penalizing when the hit is an obvious spearing or a full leading helmet type hit.
    And while I know allowing a ref to make any type of “best judgement” call of a flagrant hit using the helmet is going to lead to criticism at some point, there is really no other way. If they are going to go by the book then any time a helmet hits another helmet during a hard tackling attempt they’ll have to throw a flag.
    I think while most people would agree that there is no place in the game for intentionally going helmet to helmet, there HAS to be some leeway here because things like the Lewis hit are going to happen in the course of any game.
    I remember someone saying (I think it was Ditka) that there was/is only ONE ex defensive player on the NFL rules/competition committee…….This would explain the pansy type attitude and rules made to protect the Offensive players….WR’s, QB’s, etc…
    Put Ronnie Lott, John Lynch, Dick Butkus, etc. on the committee and then maybe we’ll see a return to hard hitting football and things being balanced!!!

  13. Just more nonsense for the political arm of the NFL. It was a clean hit. If the NFL is so concerned about concussions then improve the equipment. Perhaps the NFL should talk to RIDDELL since that company has a monopoly on helmets.

  14. It has become more than obvious that the NFL has become a victim of its own success. When the league wasn’t so main stream, big hits and bloodied players were respected.
    Now, these players are considered thugs. How ridiculous will it get. Maybe we should start calling is “Footsie”-ball.
    Don’t tell me about the pussification of America (although alive and well), since MMA is now drawing the bloodthirsty fans. For me, if the man wants to play, he’s signing up for the consequences.

  15. Albert Einstein once said that “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    He had a point.
    The worst part is, the folks who think they know something no one else does or that they’re funny and original don’t even know they epitomize that statement.

  16. Next the league office will create a new Brady rule. When Brady sees a defender bearing down on him, he’ll throw the yellow flag the refs have already given him. Then he’ll “tuck” his panties back in.

  17. For the clueless “murderer” and “thug” posters, why did the police find numerous shell casings left behind by the “two innocent bystanders”?

  18. Wait, that hit gets fined, but the one that knocked out Pat White doesn’t?
    They were both unintentional, but Pat White’s hit was even harder.

  19. We already have to deal with the NFL Brady Rule which holds that no quarterback deemed “too big to fail” can be touched at any time during a play, but now we have the unveiling of the Peyton Rule which apparently holds that no receiver catching a pass from Peyton (or, presumably any “too big to fail” qb) can be touched at any time during his reception of the football, especially in the endzone. I wish players and coaches would have the balls to sacrifice the fines that come with calling out the league and its Brady-Peyton handmaidens (uh, officials) as the league moves to two-hand touch. Either issue the skirts or go ahead and draft the Lingerie players and be done with it.

  20. Slipkid – you need to please STFU, because you are DEAD wrong (pun intended)…first of all, there were two corpses, not one. Second, the knife was purchased by one of the two guys in Ray’s entourage who were also charged with murder. Ray wasn’t even present with them when it was purchased. Ray never POSSESSED the knife. Never laid a hand on the victims. You see, I WATCHED the entire pre-trial and trial proceedings…which is why I can’t stand moronic idiots like you who are repeating 10th hand urban legends and dare to tell those of us who know the truth from the evidence to STFU.
    Ray was guilty of being a moron himself at that point in his life. Hanging with the wrong people & obstructing justice. Those of us in Bmore know that he has sincerely changed his behavior and has been a model citizen who does a ton of good works, primarily for underprivileged children and hospitalized children in this town.
    You haters exist only because of the deficiencies in your own lives, whether it’s rooting for a pathetic team or living a miserable existence. That’s your problem. You only wish you were 1/2 the man that Ray has become!

  21. The more interesting thing, which everyone is afraid to talk about lest Ray Ray seek them out and kill them is, he looked about 100 years old in this game.

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