The PFT Championship picks

We’ve previously presented via video our picks for Sunday’s games, along with separate videos on specific things that the teams we picked to win need to do to win.

For those of you not inclined to watch online video, we’ve also written up our picks.

Here they are.

12 responses to “The PFT Championship picks

  1. Hahaha. Before viewing your picks I told someone I would bet my house that you’d take the Vikings. Dude, you need to come out of your purple and yellow closet already. Even in the past when you bang on them, it’s out of your own frustrated fandom.

  2. at least we know now why you don’t work in Vegas florio… 0 for 2 florio strait up, vikes might lose by three and cover. Jets will be lucky if they have more then 10 first downs, and 20 minutes of ball possesion

  3. What was Peyton’s record against the 3-4 this year? (weeks 1-15, divisional round)
    Oh yeah, undefeated.
    Colts moved the ball well against the Jets last time. Save for a missed XPT it would have been 17-10, with the Jets only TD coming on a Kick Return TD.
    Curtis Painter GAVE them the go ahead TD.
    I don’t know how you could pick the Jets considering the Colts just beat a Jets clone 20-3.

  4. Why do you keep on insisting that the Vikes can’t win on grass and without a roof? Didn’t Farve play outdoor and/or on grass his entire career? I think he will be just fine wherever he plays!

  5. Florio, you should consider doing the weather reports as well. I think you have a better chance at being correct.
    My money is on the home teams. Seeds 1 and 2.

  6. “My money is on the home teams. Seeds 1 and 2?” Speaking of better chances at being correct, I believe both home teams are the #1 seeds.
    It’s rare that both #1’s make the SB. So which #1 is more apt to lose at home?

  7. Florio, you might want to consider getting a new job. Maybe law should be your new field.
    Woohoo! Saints going to the Superbowl baby!!!!!!!!!

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