Jones could be playing last game with Jets

T_Jones_1.jpgThis was expected to be Thomas Jones’ final season with the Jets before it even began.

He’s due nearly $5.9 million in 2010, including a $3 million bonus in March.  After 1,402 rushing yards in the regular season, however, we thought the Jets would find a way to bring him back.

A few Jets beat reporters disagree.  The local scribes would reportedly be surprised if the Jets bring Jones back after the emergence of Shonn Greene during the playoffs.

The Jets should also have Leon Washington back; he’ll be a restricted free agent if there is no new collective bargaining agreement.

Jones is a team leader, so we’d think the Jets will try to retain him even if they want to reduce that salary. 

Look for Greene to get more carries against the Colts Sunday; he leads playoff rushers with 263 rushing yards on 44 carries. Jones has 75 yards on 29 totes.

10 responses to “Jones could be playing last game with Jets

  1. and this story is of course the precursor to the….
    …..Brett Favre could be playing his last game…

  2. they could renegotiate the base salary.
    with Leon a question mark i’d think they’ll try to bring him back. also depends on the severity of his injury

  3. Leon is ahead of schedule in coming back from injury so Jones may not be needed. Let’s be honest – it is the line opening the holes that makes Jones good. Jones continuously runs into blockers or goes two yards and falls. Greene is the runner that bowls tacklers over.

  4. Sounds pretty obvious…
    If I recall, the Jets traded up to get Greene in the draft last year.
    Plus, Jones will be 32 come next season and has had about 290-310 carries every year for the last 5 years. You can tell he lost a burst towards the end of the year, especially during the playoffs.
    He is just lucky he didn’t carry the rock too much early on with AZ and TB or he would have crapped out a few years ago.

  5. Thomas Jones is without a doubt, the most underrated, under appreciated RB of the past decade.
    Traded by the Cards to the Bucs for a terrible WR in Marquise Walker
    Not re-signed by the Bucs so the Bucs could give 32-year old (and coming off a knee injury) Charlie Garner a contract that was one year longer and paid $1 million a year more than the Bears gave Jones… Bruce Allen’s response was, “We’ll see how he likes playing in Chicago come December.”
    Then Jones goes to Chicago and accounted for over 42% of the team’s offense the next few seasons, then the Bears draft Cedrick Benson whom Jones keeps on the bench. Jones take the Bears to the SB and is promptly benched, then comes back has another great year and then is traded to the Jets.
    Where he is among the top rushers in the league since his arrival and yet management and idiot fans minimize what he has done despite not having a decent QB or passing attack to help him out.
    Thomas Jones is a STUD!

  6. I agree that Thomas Jones is one of the most underrated players in the NFL. However, I am not sure if the Jets will need him next season. I have been very impressed with Shonn Greene and look forward to watching him run for many years.

  7. @brasho
    Well said!! I couldn’t agree more. He is everything that is right in the NFL and continually gets disrespected. Hopefully the Jets value his services and keep him.

  8. Are you kidding Rosenthal?
    That article you linked to was written by an Indy reporter (who is obviously a moron since he thinks that ‘doubtful’ on the injury report means that there is a 25% chance a player will play).
    Then he makes some oblique statement about ‘jets scribes tell me..’
    You know that the NY media isn’t afraid to say what they think, and I’ll believe it when I see an article about it.
    The guy just had career highs in yards and touchdowns, there will be no salary cap, and he will have both Greene and Washington to split carries. Stupid move to dump him.

  9. @brasho:
    Amen brother! He’s constantly underappreciated, in addition to very underrated and is a real stand-up guy that the NFL needs more of!

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