Saints try to explain draining victory

The partying hasn’t stopped yet in New Orleans.  Heck, it’s just getting started.

How crazy is it
in New Orleans?” New Orleans Times-Picayune Saints columnist Jeff Duncan tweeted.  “A cop just drove by me on Canal Street honking his horn
incessantly in celebration. It’s 9:45 A.M. Monday.

Garrett Hartley’s perfect kick  set off an eruption of pure joy throughout the city. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said there was a “magic” in the Superdome. And that was before the game

There have been a lot of loyal Saints fans that have followed the team faithfully for all 43 seasons, expecting the worst and usually getting it.  Sunday night changed all that. After the game, the team’s players and coach seemed at a loss after to explain the moment.


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  1. Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer.
    Seriously, I’m happy for The Crescent City and hope they put up a good showing against the machine that is the Colts and Peyton Manning. I think Indy will take it in a squeaker though.

  2. Archie Manning is going to have to pull off quite a balancing act for the next 2 weeks. Of course any father would be pulling for his son to win, but he will have to do so in a way that does not anger the New Orleans fans who may not be as understanding as you would think they would be. I guess the only thing tougher would be if the Colts were playing the Giants. At least the game is not in new Orleans.

  3. Im a big Cowboys fan, but Im a huge NFL fan so Im glad the saints made it, it was a great game, it just came down to who made the least mistakes. Great game!!!

  4. This is not sour grapes becuz I am not a Vikings fan and not even a NFC fan, but I can understand how the Saints are having trouble being able to explain their “victory”….I suggest they have the game officials explain it for them, as I think they could best explain it. The Vikes should be embarrassed by all the turnovers and lack of attention to details (12 guys in the huddle), however the NFL should be embarrassed by the officiating of this particular crew. The NFL needs full time officials and it needs to change it’s OT policy of first team to score.

  5. “God’s Own Silver and Blue says:
    January 25, 2010 11:53 AM
    Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer.”
    Yeah, you should, since it was yesterday and all.
    I’m happy for the Saints and the city of New Orleans. I hope they can pull this one off, because I can’t think of any city in this country that deserves it more.

  6. Would love to see the Saints beat the Colts! As a pats fan I have to root for anyone against the Colts but i feel that Drew Brees has earned this.

  7. “mustbechris says: January 25, 2010 12:18 PM
    Yeah, you should, since it was yesterday and all.”
    Yeah, I keep hoping against hope that I’ll actually get to try it instead of having some Internet tough guy grab it and pour it over his Cheerios instead.

  8. They can’t explain it because it was handed to them by the vikings…..6 fumbles…4 lost (2 inside 5 yard line, 1 inside the redzone, 1 on vikings 7 yard line). Without those….vikings win big. Colts won’t be so nice.

  9. sure wish my vikes could’ve pulled it out, but you can’t hate on drew…
    he’s got class, and he’s a hell of a qb.

  10. When a team celebrates like this for making the championship, they usually get smoked in the championship.

  11. Interesting that we continue to pretend as though the Vikings mistakes have nothing to do with the play of the Saints Def. Before I litter this place with data, let me say that both offenses played sloppy and left a lot on the field. I am saying that as a loyal Saints fan. Minnesota is a good team but they are not flawless and much of what happened last night is easy to predict if you understand football. Many casual fans look at the Saints “#26 Def” and assume that this group is terrible. Let me begin by saying that the ranking is based on yardage only. Not even considering most of those games were played in either soft coverage (Saints with big lead) or with signigicant injuries (Porter, Greer, Gay, Ellis, Fujita, Shanle) Let’s look in the numbers…
    Pts per game
    #10 Minn 19.5pts
    #20 NO 21.3pts
    When it’s all said in done, these two D’s have a .8 difference in pts given up per game.
    #3 NO 39 takeaways
    #5 Min 24 takeaways
    Huge difference in the number of takeaways
    Opposing QB Rating
    #3 NO 68.6
    #27 Minn 92.5
    As you can see opposing QB’s fair much better against the Vikes than the Saints.
    Passing TD’s Against
    #5 NO 15TD’s
    #23 Min 26TD’s
    My point is this, the Vikings are arguably a more talented team than the Saints but not necessarily a better team. The Vikings front 4 is the strength of it’s Def while the Saints Back 4 is it’s strength. It is important to understand how things are measured before you jump to conlusions.
    Yesterday a team that has a propensity to give the ball away ran into a team that has the propensity to take it away. And that is what happened. With the one exception, Peterson in the 2nd Quarter, every other takeaway was a hmmm “takeaway.”
    In terms of the penalties, please get over it. The refs did a pretty good job of protecting Lord Favre early in the game with some questionable calls that kept drives alive. This is evidenced by the disparity in penalties.
    Let’s stop the splitting hairs. Both teams played a good Def game (based on their styles) and both played sloppy on Offense. At the end of the day NO made fewer mistakes. By the way the Vikes Def had 2 fumble opportunities (Brees) and an INT opportunity (Brees) but couldn’t cover any. It’s not who they are – if they don’t sack they don’t win. Good game by a very talented Vikings Team.

  12. Difference, Saints = Happy to be there, Colts = Expect to be there, more business to be done. Yes, the Colts were happy but they were VERY business like in the results. Impact on the big game? Maybe, we’ll see.

  13. awoods1906, that’s the great thing about this time of year. You don’t need to defend the fact that your team won in a fantastically exciting game. By the same token, all your statistical analysis means boo if the Saints don’t win next week. Just be happy with the fact that they’ve already accomplished more than any prior team in club history, and hope that they can pull out the victory in two weeks. Big teams come up big at big moments ….(I could have squeezed one more BIG in there, but you get the picture). Nuff said!
    Seriously though, nice homework, but what does it matter what anybody says about your team at this point? They’re in the freakin’ Superbowl!

  14. awoods1906 ,
    Excellent take on the game and very well said. As a loyal Vikings fan, I could not agree more with you. Vikes made a lot of mistakes that the Saints capitalized on. The game was exciting, and frustrating at the same time and probably took 5 years off my life.
    Good luck to your squad in the Super Bowl.

  15. WHO DAT?!?!?!!! Congratulations to myself and all the other SAINTS fans that have waited soo long for this. I have screamed, yelled, rolled my eyes, and cried, I have wept, clapped, and hoped to die. I have threatened not to watch, but scheduled my day around the game, I have dropped to my knees and balled up in pain. All of that I’ve done but I know not alone, all SAINTS fans have placed ourselves out on loan, and finally the payment has made it home. I only want to slow down these happy tears…..

  16. I’m going to translate the coaches words: “I can’t believe we won, I have no idea how we won, we played like we lost, but still by some miracle, we won”, “I don’t really know what happened out there, but they kept screwing up, and we kept staying in the game because they just screwed up over and over again”

  17. I just watched the game again. Vikings gave it away,but the saints hung in there. The 12 man penalty at the end was sickening though,a coaching blunder. Longwell can hit from 60,guy is great. Should have just kicked the damn ball.
    Congrats anyway Saints,watched my pregame news show down there and Saints fans seemed like real nice people. You got your work cut out in Miami though, I was thinking Colts would beat both of our teams.

  18. Try to explain? Here, I’ll help:
    “We made fewer mistakes, and some really bad officiating went our way.”
    There, was that so hard?
    The Saints are an excellent team. They definitely deserve to be in the Super Bowl. No question that they’re good enough, and not much question that they played the best and most complete season in the NFC this year.
    But the question is why they won this particular game. And the answer above is the answer. They didn’t do much that was exceptional. A few big plays. What they did that really mattered was make a lot fewer mistakes. They controlled what they had control over, which didn’t leave them as vulnerable to chance as the Vikings. The Vikes failed to control what they had control over.
    Better team? Who knows. The game yesterday certainly didn’t answer that question, which is why it was disappointing. Good luck to the Saints.

  19. awoods1906:
    Great post! I would have done something like that if I had gotten some sleep last night after the game.
    If the Saints Defense had instead been the Ravens/Patriots/Jets/Bears, etc Defense they would have been talked about as being great when it counted, points “prevented” by getting turnovers.
    I was at the game and can’t remember who did what, my brain is still vibrating in my head from all the noise in the dome, but the turnover where the Saints player punched the ball out while tackling the Viking player was classic 2009 Saints Defense. Make a play and win the game.
    Go Saints……..
    Waiting on the Super Bowl Ticket Lottery for Season Ticket Holders to find out if I will get “cheap” ($800 plus) Super Bowl Tickets or have to try to buy them on the open market. Faith, Hope and Brees……..
    Why walk on water, when you can fly instead.

  20. From a lifelong suffering Seahawks fan to all my people (including family) in Nawwwleeeens:
    WHO DAT!!! Who dat rockin da black and gold? I’ll be! Now go kick some Colt butt! Ya know the 12th Man be gettin loud and rowdy for the Saints on Feb 7th!!

  21. It had to be so draining for the Saints trying to injure the opposing QB so they could win their first NFC Championship. Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess.

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