Tim Tebow makes his unofficial arrival to the NFL

The day after what might have been the last game ever played by quarterback Brett Favre, another quarterback whom many believe could become the heir to Favre’s throne unofficially launches his pro career, as Senior Bowl week commences in Mobile, Alabama.

Tebow recently spoke with Peter King of SI.com.  And though Tebow previously has said he’ll do whatever the team that drafts him wants him to do, it’s clear he’s hoping to be drafted by a team that wants to make him an every-down quarterback.

“I want to show, number one, that I’m a competitor, and I’m not afraid
for teams to see everything about me
,” Tebow told King.  “My goal is to find just one team,
one out of 32, to believe in me as a quarterback.  I’m not just the guy
who can play in the spread offense, or throw a jump pass or run the
triple option.  I’m a football junkie.  I study it all the time.  I’ve
studied every type of offense — pro style, West Coast.  Just because I
haven’t played every kind of offense, why can’t I?  Why can’t I run the
West Coast?  My coaches at Florida didn’t just teach us a system.  They
taught us football.  So I want the NFL people to put me through
everything.  Grind on me, test me.  I feel I’ve worked my whole life to
prepare for this.”

63 responses to “Tim Tebow makes his unofficial arrival to the NFL

  1. you must be hungover from last night to write some garbage like this about one of the most honorable kids in the history of college football! Complete Rubbish!

  2. Chan Gailey could draft him with that QB situation in Buffalo, plus Chan is very religious, so they would be on the same page there. I just hope Chan gets this and can teach this to Tebow; God doesn’t care if you win football games. You gotta Billieve……

  3. I think you can differentiate a person’s religious beliefs from football reality. Better to cite examples of where he refuted his coaches or other players. But everything I’ve read says he’s the perfect teammate and leader. It is in vogue to find flaws with Tebow, primarily since he’s been put on such a high pedestal in college. But expressing his religious beliefs is not a flaw. If coaches shy away from him for that, it’s their failing, not his.

  4. Super Tebow! He doesn’t seem like the type to stir controversy, as he said, he respects anyone else’s opinion, and hopes that they respect his courage to stand up in what he believes. I’m hoping to get a few Tebow’s this week!

  5. Mike,
    I don’t think a pro-life stance is going to affect his status with his teammates or coaching staff.
    Just because he stands up for his beliefs as a citizen doesn’t mean he will undermine his coaches. You’re really reaching on this one.

  6. I have never heard anything about Tebow’s willingness to stand up for what he believed in causing locker room division and I don’t think he would let that happen at a pro level either. Based on the way he has handled himself previously, I think he would be more likely to discuss a difference in ideas with the coach behind closed doors not through the media.

  7. In philly we have been living for 11 years with a guy with a slow release. Doesn’t throw many picks, but gets sacked a lot and throws a lot of incompletions. As we have seen during the playoffs, a quick release in the face of blitzers is key to making it to the Supe.

  8. You compare to taking a stand on a deaply personnal belief and standing for what you believe a potential problem in listening to your coaches X’s and O’?! You don’t think the other 1000+ egomaniac NFL players in the NFL don’t strong beliefs about something. Manning? Favre? Brady? Are you kidding me? You don’t think these guys challenage a coach every minute of the season?
    If your beliefs don’t fit into a nicely designed politically correct box, then some how you are a potential issue. We live in a sad world when…

  9. I guess I’ve missed something. I was not aware Tebow has been detrimental in his dealings with teammates and coaches. Or, are your comments meant to simply start some unfounded dialogue?

  10. I think he is a tremendous bust in waiting. Can’t knock his college accomplishments or his character and leadership- however, from a talent standpoint, he is so underwhelming and not qualified to be a starting QB in the NFL. His footspeed is not even much of a plus. The intangibles will get him a roster spot and probably keep him on one for a while but the physical limitations will keep him off the field.

  11. Whats wrong with you guys? No one is saying hes not a great kid, but coaches dont want a player who will not be willing to play a different position if asked. He may not cut it as a QB in the NFL, and if not then he will have to switch.
    If he insists on “standing up for what he believes in” with regards to what position he plays, he will wind up slipping pretty far in the draft

  12. I would not worry about Tim Tebow. He will be on the team God wants him on. He will do great things and the team that takes him will not be sorry for it . I am not saying God cares about football games or who wins, but I feel sure that he cares about men like Tim Tebow who dedicate their lives to him and follow their hearts.

  13. Take a topic that is not news worthy. Change it, comment on the “new” topic, and bam…. real news.
    He did a commercial for a cause he really believes in. There is a huge diffrence between that and arguing with his coaches on the sidelines about play calls.
    The ONLY thing “news worthy” about this is him wanting to play QB and him wanting to show what he can do in the senior game.
    He is either going to be the next Doug Flute or Eric Crouch. Crouch couldnt throw and isnt in the NFL. Flutie didnt have a great arm, or height, or anything else measurable… but he won, period.

  14. Good person or not, he has the IQ of a turd. Seriously, the guy is dumb. I’m waiting for him to set a new low on the wonderlic test. Hrrrrr my name is Timmaaayy!!

  15. What a load of crap Florio! How do you make the leap that Tebow could be a coach’s headache/team killer because he takes a pro life stance? Come on! You never wrote anything like this about fat sluggs like Jamarcus Russell or the bevy of egomaniac WR’s that come out every year. Tebow may or may not be a good NFL QB, but it is a huge leap to call him a coaching problem!

  16. Florio, I’ve been reading this site for a long time. I’ve gotta wonder about the speculation of others that quantity is now trumping quality, now that you’re corporate.
    I really learned nothing here other than the fact that you’re pro-choice. Tying Tebow’s views on abortion to a Childress-Farve rift due to Farve calling his own shots is a stretch that few would think of making. I guess we can give you points for being creative, but wow.

  17. Football aside, I’ll never understand the rationale behind someone who says something like ‘I respect your difference of opinion’ blah blah blah, and then goes on TV to try and convince people to follow his opinion. Is even one person who’s pro-choice (or one of the rare undecided people) going to say ‘you know what, I’m pro-life because Tim Tebow supported it in a commercial’?

  18. lets see… you mean that a bunch of thugs who brandish knives, guns, purple drank, kill dogs, people, run people over… might have an issue with a guy who considers abortion to be what it is, ie, baby murder?
    or the coaches will?
    once again, a leftist media type is perfectly fine with the dregs of the nfl and society dictating terms to the rest of us.

  19. Would it be better if he did commercials for a corrupt organization such as the United Way? What if he went public with comments about the various scandals involving that particular organization, which can be very heavy-handed in the workplace when it comes to utilizing fundraising tactics that have a definite “community organizing” feel to them?
    Real men shouldn’t worry about telling it like it is from time to time, especially when The Good Lord is involved. Those situations have a way of working themselves out for good, in the grand scheme. Try it sometime.

  20. I guess having two bit thugs in the NFL is better, It appeals to everyone? At least this guy will never make the Turd List.

  21. I think Tebow will be no better than Alex Smith has in the league so far. Smith was awesome at Utah. Hasnt been chit in the nfl. I think that Alex Smith is a better passer than Tebow too. Tebow better learn how to catch the ball, & run good routes ……. unless of course he’s willing to compromise his “belief” & just get a qb contract so he can cash in.

  22. I bet this punk isn’t even a virgin, like he claims.
    University of Florida is nothing but a party/keg school. I hate the Gators. In fact, hate every single college in the state of Florida.

  23. I hear Baby Jesus is collaberating with James Dobson. Now, if that isn’t heading towards the radical, lunatic religious fringe, I don’t know what is. I wonder if Baby Jesus will start advocating the murder of doctors that provide abortions for women.

  24. I don’t need some 21 year old college kid who has never experienced anything about the world lecturing me about life and death.

  25. I hope anyone who calls themselves “pro-life” realizes that most peoples issue is not whether abortion is a good decision its the fact that anyone would want to take that decision away from the person that has to carry the baby to term. That person is the only one who should make the decision, not the government, and certainly not Tim Tebow.

  26. why is it that so many people wanna tear down this guy? he has been nothing but a class act! i just do not get how we live in a society where everyone always wants to see successful people fail…… ENVIOUS BASTARDS!

  27. If you can write on Tim Tebows character problems, you can make a story out of anything. Lets talk about how Pittsburgh’s super bowl last year was actually detrimental to their franchise.

  28. Are you really kidding me with this? He played on and won a College Championship with kids from just as diverse backgrounds and beliefs as his own. Did that detract from his team’s performance? You’re an ass if you really believe that your off field beliefs are carried in to the locker room. Look at Kurt Warner for crying out loud. And don’t tell me ol’ Kurt hasn’t played with guys on his Super Bowl team that had exactly opposite beliefs of his own. Move on, this is a crap story.

  29. I seem to recall another QB who has been in the league for a while now who shares the same beliefs as Tebow and has never been afraid to say so. If I remember correctly his name is Kurt Warner and he’s got a legitimate shot at being a HOF’er. I wonder how many of his teammates and coaches during his career have been concerned with “mixed signals” caused by his overt beliefs?

  30. Tebow is a great guy, yes. It’s not like this pro-life opinion will be the talk of the locker room day in and day out. Who doesn’t have great people you work with who have totally different political views than you? It doesn’t create a problem working towards goals. That’s crazy. And another thing Timmy, you Mother was married to her husband when she wasn’t pregnant with you, so there really was no choice involved. Tim doesn’t get it. I totally disagree with him – but I think he’ll be a great teammate and player in the NFL and I hope he is successful.

  31. slipkid says:
    January 25, 2010 9:50 AM
    lets see… you mean that a bunch of thugs who brandish knives, guns, purple drank, kill dogs, people, run people over… might have an issue with a guy who considers abortion to be what it is, ie, baby murder?
    or the coaches will?
    once again, a leftist media type is perfectly fine with the dregs of the nfl and society dictating terms to the rest of us.
    Oh please, tebow is doing an ad for focus on the family, which is MUCH more than an anti-abortion group. I could make a pretty strong argument for FOTF being borderline a hate group.

  32. uhhh, how did Childress get no credit for the Vikings 2009 season? He got a contract extension, and when a coach makes it to the NFC championship… he gets credit for it. Those things dont happen by accident.
    As for Tebow, I applaud him taking a stand against the murder of innocents.

  33. Sherlock, it’s not that us bastards want him to fail, we just don’t want to hear about his religious beliefs. Just shut up and play football, or try to prove you can play football at the next level.

  34. I get so sick of hearing how religious people have high character and better morals/convictions than secular people. As life has taught me so many times, if someone needs to tell you how religious they are, then you better not trust them!
    Of course, I try to make it a point not to trust anyone who believes an invisible sky magician is running the universe…….

  35. topcide, you do realize that abortions don’t actually kill babies, right? They just skip the middleman and send the babies straight up to the clouds to live in eternal peace with their maker. Who wouldn’t want that? In essence they’re doing the kid a favor because there’s no way an aborted baby is going to hell so, IE: Abortion = straight ticket to paradise.

  36. A little pre bashing from florio. Guy’s not even in the league yet and florio is bashing him. TYPICAL.

  37. Good thing about Tim Tebow is, if you take him water skiing and he gets bored, he can just walk home.

  38. Mike,
    You are a complete idiot! Quit blogging get a real job at McDonalds. Then you can sit back enjoy the games, maybe find reality and who knows maybe even get to blog again. What were you drinking last night?

  39. Besides you’ve got to wonder about the intelligence of someone who believes in some mythical Sky Daddy. If that being exists then he sure ain’t worried about some Florida football player who’s living better than 99.999999% of the world’s population.
    Wonder if he’ll head the call and give up football and actually do some good without all the inherent public hypocrisy.

  40. I hope he got a degree from the University of Florida because he’s going to need it when he gets cut from the practice squad.

  41. if only his mother had listened to others, rather than god, I wouldn’t have to read this garbage.
    Good Ole’ Timmy, god love him, because everyone else can’t stand him. What a complete fake!

  42. in case anyone didnt know…. Tebow’s mother was told, while she was pregnant, that her son had a good chance of being retarded. So the doc recommended an abortion. Turns out she gave birth to the best college football player ever. Florio should have mentioned that in the article.

  43. Good choir boys like Warner and Tebow get bashed, while Matt Leinart and his hot tub parties and the Viking’s Love Boat become stories of legend. I’m wondering if all NFL fans are morally bankrupt, or is it just the posters on PFT.

  44. Florio-is-a-tool says:
    January 25, 2010 11:57 AM
    Besides you’ve got to wonder about the intelligence of someone who believes in some mythical Sky Daddy.
    funniest thing i’ve read on PFT in a long time

  45. Tebow seems to not have learned that only the leftists are allowed to voice their beliefs. Christians are supposed to keep their thoughts to themselves. If they don’t they’re “intolerant” and “pushing” their religion. Next thing you know he’ll be putting up a damn Christmas tree offending everyone.

  46. Uh, the best quarterback in the NFL (and maybe in the history of the game) has one of the fastest releases ever seen by a pro QB. That’s why Peyton Manning is who he is.
    If someone hasn’t corrected Tebow’s slow release or other quirks by now, it ain’t ever gonna happen.
    He’ll be calling Division 1-AA college games on ESPN with Jesse Palmer before you know it.

  47. Fran Tarkenton was too small.
    Joe Montana couldn’t throw fall enough.
    Fred Biletnikoff was too slow.
    Deon Sanders was too loud.
    Bret Favre is too old, Wes Welker is too short, WIMPS!
    Tim Tebow has a slow release.

  48. This is the same way it was with Peyton Manning. So successful, good person, good leader, so lets look for anyway we can find to tear him down.

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