Check out the NBC Sports Big Game Trivia Blitz

In honor of the final game on the NFL’s calendar, the folks at NBC Sports are holding for each of the next three days a live, call-in trivia show relating to the 43 prior occasions on which said game has been played.  (We can’t call it the Super Bowl.  Oops.)

So it’s called the NBC Sports Big Game Trivia Blitz.  It starts at noon ET, and it streams below. 

Hosted by Rosenthal and Tiffany Simons, callers will answer up to four levels of questions, some of which will be asked by a certain Internet hack who pre-taped a bunch of them.

I wonder if they’ll use the one when I ask the contestant to identify the date on which Rosenthal first shaved? 

Oh wait, Rosenthal has never shaved.