Jets will use highest tender on Braylon

Assuming that the NFL and the players union fail to work out a new CBA before March 5 (and that’s a fairly safe assumption at this point), receiver Braylon Edwards will be a restricted free agent.

Even though Edwards has five years of NFL experience, six years will be required to qualify for unrestricted free agency in the uncapped year.

As a result, the Jets will be able to secure his rights without using the franchise tag, which surely will exceed $10 million for wideouts in 2010. 

It has been reported that the Jets plan to use the highest possible tender on Edwards, and Edwards has said that he’s fine with that.  Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News reports that coach Rex Ryan said Monday that the Jets will indeed use the highest possible RFA tender on Edwards.

The highest possible tender — a one-year deal giving the Jets the right to match any offer sheet signed by Edwards and a first-round and third-round pick as compensation if the Jets choose to fold — will cost the Jets 110 percent of Edwards’ 2009 base salary of $4.55 million.  As a result, his $5 million tender offer will be significantly higher than the normal maximum RFA tender of roughly $3 million.

Still, it’s half the price that the Jets would have to pay if Edwards’ were subject to the franchise tag.  (Unlike the franchise tag, the RFA tender also isn’t guaranteed if/when signed by the player.)

It remains to be seen whether the Jets would trade Edwards for something less than a first-round pick and a third-round pick as compensation.  It’s also possible that the two sides will work out a long-term deal.

Especially since Edwards proved during the AFC title game that he still remembers how to catch a football.

18 responses to “Jets will use highest tender on Braylon

  1. I dont think even Al Davis or Jerry Jones would offer a 1st/3rd for mr stone hands.
    Rest assured Jets fans, Edwards will be on the roster and ready to lead the league in dropped passes again when week 1 rolls around.

  2. WHY?? He will break your heart just when you need a clutch catch he will let you down. Bad move NY Jets.

  3. Braylon is not worth whatever they paid him. He gets out of Cleveland’s horrible offense and goes on to have a worse year with the Jets than he had with the Browns.

  4. Yeah… “Fred-Ex” remembered how to catch the ball for 1 game also. Worked out real well.
    Also, I have a feeling that $5 million is about $4 million to much for Brick Hands.

  5. jets would throw a party if they get a first and a third for Dropzilla. probably not going to happen, but they chose this route because even if they dont, next year they still have a guy on their roster that D Coordinators have to respect over the top, thus opening up their prolific running game. good move Jets.

  6. Catching 2 balls in the title game does not mean he has shown he remembers how to catch a football. The Jets can have him, I really don’t think anyone else would want him with his horrible hands and even worse attitude.

  7. Florio’s barber (Proud Graduate of the Bronx Barber School for the Blind) ….
    best blog name. EVER.

  8. Edawrds gets a bad rep. Yes he drops balls. But he also makes a few plays but more importantly he blocks and hustles. It is no coincidence that the jets running game got a lot better when Edwards arrived. He gives defense someone to be scared of and he gives all out effort.
    I would love to see Edwards return to his 2007 form. But that form is likely gone forever. But he can be a solid number 2-3 receiver. The Jets do need another WR. Smith, Wallace and Clowney cannot cut it. I would not be surprised to see the Jets make a play at Brandon Marshall. I think they need a speed deep slot guy in the mold of Santanna Moss

  9. One year deal probably is best for Edwards, maybe someone will give us a first and third who knows. No long term deal, Owens will be out there too. Sanchise has to have a big tall target, he will need more help from his Backs, TE and all his Receivers next year will be a big year, expectation wise.

  10. Braylon said it best when he was mad about not being a focal point in the second half, when the coverage on plays were rolling away from him (thus leaving him in single coverage). This says one thing to me, They don’t trust him to make the catch. Any offensive coordinator would see this and change plays to go to him (If they trusted him)

  11. remembered how to catch the ball?
    no, it was just a relapse, he is back to normal now, and thanks for asking…

  12. IF, a big IF, the Jets can get 1st and 3rd picks for Edwards, they have to do it. I doubt it, hope the Jets get rid of him. He’s got a bad attitude (even for the Jets), and might become a locker room type cancer.

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