Freeney might not show in Miami for Pro Bowl

D.Freeney.jpgAlthough the Colts reluctantly have agreed to send their Pro Bowlers to Miami to make an appearance at an all-star game in which they won’t play, one of their key starters might be staying behind, after all.

Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star reports that, according to coach Jim Caldwell, Freeney could skipping the trip if doctors decide that Freeney should adhere to the treatment routine being implemented in connection with an ankle he sprained in the final minutes of the AFC Championship.

“Some of it I don’t know because of the fact there are some injury
situations involved in it,” Caldwell said.  “So it just depends on
whether or not the doctor’s determination on flying at that time is
good for them or not good for them or whatever it might be.”

But since Freeney will be making the trip at some point, it seems that the treatment of his ankle could be arranged to accommodate a Monday flight (if he travels with the team and passes on the Pro Bowl) or a Sunday flight (if he goes to the Pro Bowl).

So maybe this is just the Colts’ way of getting their way regarding a Pro Bowl procedure that team president Bill Polian has called “stupid.”

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  1. Freeney has a minor ankle sprain and shouldn’t be running around the Pro Bowl to appease the Media, he should be focused on the REAL game at hand.
    While this has provided you with a half dozen articles, this is the exact reason why the New and Unimproved Pro Bowl Policy doesn’t work.
    Get the ankle healed and ignore the “stupid” NFL Policy Dwight.
    Florio, do you have to throw in the lame side jabs in EVERY post? That last line was a little much, but typical “MF”.

  2. Why don’t they just list all of the players as “probable” and hold them back because of treatment? I don’t understand why they need to be there…

  3. A healthy Dwight Freeney taking down Drew Brees in SB 44 is much more important than a hobbling Dwight Freeney gladhanding at the Pro Bowl. The NFL surely can see that. Can’t it?

  4. If it was in Hawaii, they would not be required to go. This is the most dumb idea ever, well, next to games in London.

  5. I guess Polian should have pulled his players, th last 7 minutes of the game against the Colts, since the last 7 minutes wouldnt have represented an historic achievement….
    “Not an historical achievement” is code for, “I dont want to admit that the Pats accomplished anything with a perfect regular season”

  6. The Pro Bowl keeps becoming more and more of a joke every day. Hope the NFL got out what they wanted. Now when they go back to Hawaii, they will have to give up more to them.

  7. In breaking news, all 53 members of the Indianapolis Colts and their coaching staff have all tweaked their hammies running sprints, and must remain in Indy for treatment until Monday.

  8. I think all of the Saints Pro Bowlers should decide to stay in New Orleans for treatment of whatever hurts on their bodies. Don’t all football players pretty much play with some sort of injury in just about every game? Favre was playing on one leg most of the game.

  9. I think were all missing the bigger picture here. The real problem isnt just this joke of a Pro Bowl.
    Its this commissioner. Someone else pointed out the ridiculous decision to play a game in London, and robbing the fans of one of those teams a home game. I also think this blackout policy they have sucks when a team cannot sell out a home game. Were in a recession and alot of people just dont have $500 to spend on going out to a game especially if your team happens to suck that year.
    This guy reminds me of another imbecile in charge right now. Our president. He is pretty much ramming policies down peoples throats that arent wanted and have no logic, just like this president. the NFL is already the dominant sports brand in our country. The media will get along just fine without interviewing players at the Pro Bowl, a game no one cares about. If your a Colts, Saints, Vikings, or Jets player, I have to imagine that the Pro Bowl is not at all a concern for obvious reasons.
    This guy needs to relax a bit and stop ramming the product down everyones throat. We all love football, and not one person on this board or that I know personally cares about this pro bowl. This guy needs to come off his pedestal

  10. Well played Slipkid…..5 out of 5 on that one, I should have posted when they played the Jets….

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