Demaryius Thomas looks like the complete package

While perusing through random January mock NFL Drafts, we couldn’t help but notice one player absent from many of the projected first rounds.  Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas didn’t make’s top 32, or Mel Kiper’s initial mock of draft season.

Thomas, the Yellow Jackets’ leading receiver in 2009, declared for the draft a year early after leading the ACC in receiving yards and averaging 25.1 yards per reception as a junior.  He caught just 46 passes, but Georgia Tech only connected on 78 throws all season.  Thomas accounted for nearly 60 percent of the school’s completions.
He also gained extensive blocking experience in coach Paul Johnson’s decidedly run-heavy offense, beat constant double teams, and averaged 19.49 yards per catch for his career as a three-year starter.
At 6-foot-3 and 229 pounds, Thomas resembles another Georgia Tech alum that has rapidly developed into one of the NFL’s elite receivers.  We have a feeling that Thomas will be among the “late risers” leading up to draft day, and would be pretty surprised if he isn’t taken on day one.

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  1. Yes! Finally someone brings this up. I’m a GT season ticket holder and “baby Calvin” is gonna be a big time player in the NFL.

  2. too bad the Packers already have a very talented group of receivers. they would never put Driver out to pasture especially with him being such a fan favorite, so it looks like there is no chance the Packers draft Thomas.
    The ACC has some great players, too bad they dont have any great teams.

  3. More of a 2nd-3rd rd prospect because of his size/speed. He basically only ran the go-route at GT. Needs to prove he can do more in workouts.

  4. Im sick of people saying day 1 prospect when referring to a guy who won’t be drafted in round 1. Does everyone realize Goodell changed the whole draft so that day 1 is only the 1st round?

  5. God I hope the bengals can snag him late in round 2. I’d even be happy if they took him in round 1.

  6. He’s slow, a 4.6 40 compared 4.3 for Calvin Johnson. How is he going to get separation in the Pros??

  7. No, No, No. He may have first round characteristics but he isnt a first round pick. Where is his explosion and elusiveness after the catch?.. He was never double teamed.. I like him a lot but Paul Johnson is a genius(and asshole!) that gets guys open a lot. With that said, its the deepest draft in years and he won’t be taken in the first round. looks a lot more like David Boston the anyone though.

  8. Thanks for linking to the Kiper Mock… you get to see the first three guesses, then they want you to pony up for ESPN Insider account.
    Why would I pay for conjecture when I can get it here (and on a million other sites) for free?
    ESPN can kiss my ass.

  9. Good downfield blocking? Mmmmmm, perfect for those Patriots bubble screens, and oh, the Pats have three 2nd round picks….

  10. I’m with you Evan. I think the fact that he did not play in a sophisticated passing offense also makes scouts hesitant on him. They think he may be a project when it comes to the route tree. I think he is faster than the 4.6 Pockets Straight mentions above. The person he reminds me of is TO, not Calvin Johnson. From a physical perspective.

  11. Might want to stick to reporting on the NFL, not scouting future players. The first day this year is the 1st round and it is going to take one helluva combine and pro day performance to elevate Thomas that high. He has a ton of potential and should be a great pro, but comparing him to Calvin Johnson doesn’t really work.
    He’s a 2nd round guy.

  12. Thomas is funny. He is a good downfield blocker. Plus, they literally would just toss it high in the air somewhere close to him and he would make the catch. I mean, there was no absolutely no rhyme or accuracy. It literally was just a toss and a hope.

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