Dolphins, Browns complete front office swap

In a rare and unofficial trade of front office talent, the Dolphins and Browns announced the appointment of new executives Monday.

The Dolphins get Dawn Aponte in the deal and have appointed her Senior Vice President of Football Operations.

The Browns get Matt Thomas, who will become the team’s Vice President of Football Administration.

The NFL fan gets to ask why they should care.  We’re not sure.   But it’s rare to see two press releases from two different teams come out at the exact same time and we thought you should know.

20 responses to “Dolphins, Browns complete front office swap

  1. There is something going on, as in where there is smoke there is fire.
    The Brown fire Kokinis and Aponte, for reasons unknown,
    Then the Browns hire Thomas and Dolphins hire Aponte on the same day.

  2. This must be the first time a woman has been traded in the NFL. Let’s just hope she passes the physical down in Miami.

  3. Good riddance Dawn…thanx for nothing…worst draft day trade ever last year…5th choice for a 2nd rounder and some Jets scrubs…way to go!!!

  4. Gang read the text, unofficial trade.
    The Browns fired Aponte. You can’t trade what you don’t control.
    The Fins and the Browns simply made an announcement on the same day.
    Yeah, that’s it..

  5. Wallacej, apparently you don’t know that it was Aponte that made the “insulting” contract offer to Cribbs. Holmgren will take care of things with Cribbs, Dawn can do Parcells’ dishes…

  6. This may be hypocritical, but I can’t figure out why idiots like CdnMike take even more than 10 seconds to comment about the 10 seconds it took her to read something she knew from the headline she wasn’t interested in knowing about in the first place.

  7. I love the comments from folks who probably don’t even know what Dawn’s job was or who she was even. haha

  8. We’ll take Cribbs. We’ll pay him too. Any Fin fan would love to see him on the Roster.
    Holmgren won’t pay one of the most explosive players in the league.
    Trading Parcells for Holmgren would be a HUGE downgrade for Miami. Mike was terrible as GM in Seattle, he hasn’t done anything worth noting since 97. Losing a Super Bowl still contains the word LOSING.
    Miami = well ran franchise on it’s way up
    Cleveland = desperate for anything positive

  9. grandavenue says:
    February 1, 2010 10:06 PM
    We’ll take Cribbs. We’ll pay him too. Any Fin fan would love to see him on the Roster.
    Ain’t gonna happen. Cribbs will still be a Cleveland Brown on opening day, 2010. I’d bet my house on it. If you read any of the Cleveland media (as opposed to PFT), you’d know what’s already in the works.
    And I hope Dawn”Ice Queen” Aponte works out great in Miami. Nothing like a woman who feels like she *has* to be a bitch to prove she should be taken seriously as one of the boys. I’m sure she’ll be alienating Dolphins players with insulting contract offers in no time. Good luck with that.

  10. Dawn Aponte is an AWFUL hire by the Dolphins for the following reasons:
    1. She knows nothing about football and is known as Dawn “The Ice Girl” Aponte in terms of getting along with agents and colleagues.
    2. Dawn Aponte could not even handle a simple renegotiation of Josh Cribbs contract.
    3. She was fired by the Jets, took a “finance” position with the NFLMC, and fired by Mike Holmgren as soon as he took over as President of the Browns. So now she is rewarded for her incompetence with a front office job with the Dolphins???
    4. There will now be huge gaps in terms of the work flow and dialogue between Tony Sparano, Jeff Ireland, Bill Parcells, player personnel executives, Mike Dee, and player agents that Dawn Aponte is way too incompetent to fill.
    5. Brian Weidmeir and Matt Thomas were great in football operations/legal and now the hiring of Aponte makes the Dolphins a mediocre team with an even more mediocre front office to a rival AFC team like the Browns.
    If Bill Parcells is being paid millions of dollars to hire incompetent non-football people like Dawn Aponte, Stephen Ross should think about selling the team immediately. The Dolphins have just gone from contenders to pretenders.

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