One expensive bird: Rex's gesture costs $50,000

Two middle fingers to a crowd of Bills fans from Titans owner Bud Adams: $250,000.

One middle finger from Rex Ryan after facing “extreme provocation” by Dolphins fans at a MMA event: $50,000.

A historic year for bird flipping in the NFL: priceless.

The Associated Press reports that the Jets fined Ryan $50,000 for his “obscene gesture.”  (As a transplanted New Yorker, I think of it as a way to say hello.) 

The NFL could still look to fine the coach under its personal conduct policy, but the team’s preemptive move could potentially sway the league from getting involved.

UPDATE: Chris Mortensen reports that the NFL was confident the Jets would handle the issue.  And so they have.

43 responses to “One expensive bird: Rex's gesture costs $50,000

  1. BS! Who cares what he did at an MMA fight that no one cared about. He didnt harm anyone and they were all laughing about it. The NFL needs to relax on their fines. It is getting a little old.

  2. What a bull$hit society we live in, and it’s only getting worse every day.
    A grown man on his offtime, at an MMA event, flips a few other grown men the bird. And he gets 50grand STOLEN from him because of some bull$hit about the “NFL Shiled” or some other branding crap like that from that silly little suit they call a comissioner?? It’s absurd.

  3. that’s cool, but i wonder how much he’ll get fined for his “obscene” gesture.
    i kid, i kid. i think that being fined for giving the middle finger is pretty idiotic, though. no fun league.

  4. herein, lies the problem with the instant media, everyone is a citizen journalist, no place is contextual world…where rex ryan is observable by everyone where ever he goes…
    are mma fans really all that offended by the gesture? this isn’t tuesday bingos with morry as hosted by albom here.
    i would think the typical mma fan would be flattered to be acknowledged, perhaps amused to get a rise out of someone…no big deal in its native context…
    its when the greater world of sponsors, and talk radio, etc begin discussing it, and blogs and legitimate media start discussing it, that it leaves the place it happened, and the self-selecting crowd it happened amongst, that it becomes an issue..
    i’m a steeler fan, so i have no reason to stick up for ryan, but unlike adams, the owner, flipping bird at the actual game, on network tv, this was and once could have remained an isolated, no one gets hurt, not even their feelings incident, a story….some color in an increasingly lifeless league…

  5. 50 G’s for the finger? I thought this was America! We as a country have been giving, at times, an unprovoked finger to the entire universe. Now a man who is getting heckled by known rivals can’t flip them off in retaliation? This country is going soft. I’m moving to France.

  6. I hope some senators from NY come out and challenge the NFL about their stealing $50,000 from Rex Ryan. I’d like to see the NFL backpedal like little bitches just like they did when the Louisiana politicians challenged their bullsheet on that whole “Whot Dat?” business.

  7. $50k to tell a hack what you really felt about him? Seems like it was too light…should have been more $350K…it would have the sent the message that the NFL was really concerned about this method of doing the wave!

  8. The reason he was fined is because he was photographed. I doubt the NFL or the Jets really care what he does in his personal life, but as a symbol of an NFL franchise he should know better. He should flip the bird to whomever he wants, but if he’s in public he takes the risk of it being caught on camera. When you play, coach, or manage in the NFL you are trading your free-speech for millions of dollars. I think he’d agree, it’s worth it.

  9. Cue the absurd, 4th grader-esque fat jokes from the probably-just-as-fat-if-not-fatter peanut gallery…

  10. Did the guy instigating get a $50,ooo fine ? This is ridiculous. He was at a Mixed Martial Arts event. Guy’s killing each other. If I got fined $1 for everytime I flipped the bird I’d be broke !

  11. “BaltimoreSports says:
    February 2, 2010 5:47 PM
    There goes a month of McDonalds for Rex.”
    I was going to suggest they just blew his Sunday donut budget.

  12. That how you say hello in NJ whats wrong with the NFL it did not happen at a game or other NFL event.
    He was not drunk he did not kill anyone no dogs were killed nor did he shoot himself
    He was not even wearing NFL logo gear if I were Rex and thank god I am not I would fight this.
    If my boss fined me everytime I gave the bird I would be working for free

  13. was he there in any official capacity representing either the Jets or the NFL ?
    I doubt that they have any legal right to fine him & it sets a dangerous precedent…
    this shouldnt have even been a story in the first place…I was disappointed PFT linked the story in the first place…the place it came from advertises itself as sports/celebrity news…what a CROCK!!
    doubt if the Jets really take his money but the fact he was compelled to apologize in the first place was ridiculous

  14. “jetwooderson says:
    February 2, 2010 6:39 PM
    Free Speech is alive and well in the NFL and United States. Bravo”
    Did the government in some way punish Rex Ryan for this?
    Because if not, you’re a moron for suggesting it has anything at all to do with Free Speech.

  15. This is insane by the NFL. This didnt happen at work or in an NFL stadium. Is it okay for my job to fine because i flip off some guy in traffic? Makes no sense, this is the Roger Goodell era of football, where work stoppages and fines are ahead of the game. I wish Tagliabue would come back and we could just focus on the game

  16. “BaltimoreSports says: There goes a month of McDonalds for Rex.”
    Shhhhhhhheeeeee…. a week! MAYBE.
    “The Notorious V.I.C. says: And he gets 50grand STOLEN from him because of some bull$hit about the “NFL Shiled” or some other branding crap like that from that silly little suit they call a comissioner??”
    Read the article. The silly little suit levying the fine works for the JETS.
    “mustbechris says: that’s cool, but i wonder how much he’ll get fined for his “obscene” gesture.”
    Ought to be a hell of a lot more… people seeing that snapshot of Rex and his brother stalking the beaches in Miami with their guts bouncing off their knee’s will need the money for therapy!
    “C-Student says: Now a man who is getting heckled by known rivals can’t flip them off in retaliation?”
    Technically… doesn’t sexy Rexy need to beat them once for it to be a rivalry?

  17. Nazi Football League
    No Fun League
    If it isn’t some wuss telling me what PC crap I can’t say it’s Dictator Roger trying run everyone’s life.

  18. @ Washington Redstorms
    “Attention Twisted Free Speech Idiots:”
    You just degraded a bunch of humans with your tongue… learn to take your own advice and just STFU!

  19. What the hell is wrong with you people bitching
    about the NFL fining this big jerk . It was the
    J-E-T-S–JETS-JETS-JETS. Screw him and the

  20. I figure it this way, as long as he is not at work, representing the NFL or Jets in an official capasity, or it does not violate any contractual obligations then let the finger fly. Tell Roger to sit his ass down have a coke and smile.

  21. @Bigbluefan,
    “If my boss fined me everytime I gave the bird I would be working for free”.
    Remind me to fire you tomorrow morning.

  22. geez….
    for those with reading comprehension issues…
    give the nfl a pass on this one. it was the JETS who fined him. the nfl will not get involved since the Jets took care of it in house.
    second of all…
    free speech applies to the government. as long as rex ryan is employed by the jets and the league, he has to maintain a sense of decorum that is befitting a representative of the league.
    it was a lapse in judgment on rex’s part. he should have known better. he deserved what he got.
    move on…

  23. Way to set an example for your team, Rex…. it’s a dumb fine, but come on, he should know better than that.

  24. You guys are idiots. There is free speach in the US, but companies can fine or even fire an employee for improper conduct. When you go out to the public, you are a representative of that team.
    Coaches are held to ao higher standard than players since they are supposed to be the leader and examples.
    Do I agree with the fine, no, but the Jets had every right to impose it on him if they so chose. They could have also just handled it internally.

  25. Who else works in an office where the odd F-bomb gets dropped? If we don’t get fined for cursing in the workplace (in a quiet office setting), how does somebody get fined for giving the finger outside the office at a sporting event that is unrelated to their occupation? Thats taking things a bit too far.

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