Redskins interviewed Bad Moon Rison

Former five-time Pro Bowl receiver Andre “Bad Moon” Rison has gotten serious about a post-playing days coaching career.  

He recently founded the Andre Rison Football Academy, which, according to the academy’s website, will tour the United Kingdom this spring before traveling throughout the United States this summer.
FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer now reports that Rison was among those interviewed for the Redskins’ wide receivers coach vacancy in January.  The position ultimately went to Keenan McCardell.
Rison, 42, played his last NFL down as a member of the Raiders in 2000.  He would go on to win a Grey Cup with the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts, and later appeared on MTV’s Made program as a coach attempting to turn a nerd into a football player.
Rison was reportedly arrested for public drunkenness in December of 2008.

13 responses to “Redskins interviewed Bad Moon Rison

  1. Does he still have the local fire department on speed dial in case his latest girl friend decides to burn his house down?

  2. For what it’s worth he coached my kid and some other wr prospects at FBU and did a very good job…I overheard the character class room section and had a chuckle…but hey, who better to tell?
    Why add the public drunkeness? If you do, go ahead and do the bad checks and Left Eye shit.
    PFT just gotta drag the trash in…what about Florio’s “alleged” urinating in public charge that happened to dissappear cause he could work the system?

  3. Is he gonna get pissed when the kids he’s coaching are throwing the ball to their teammates instead of to him?

  4. “Rison was reportedly arrested for public drunkenness in December of 2008.”
    I thought he said he was (allegedly) drunk in a bar and they threw him into “public”.

  5. “Florio’s “alleged” urinating in public charge”
    Interesting, exposing yourself while urinating in public could also be charged as a sex crime/offender.
    Hmmmmm…..using Florio’s logic, is Florio a sex offender? Did he “perhaps” molest children too??
    Get the point asshole???

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