Someone should tell Chris Johnson he won

C.Johnson-1.jpgIn about 20 minutes, I’m going to walk upstairs in the media center to see Chris Johnson accept the FedEx Ground Player of the Year award.

If I see him on the way up there, I’ll tell him he doesn’t need to worry about coming in second.

On the way to fed ex ground player of the year I hope I win ill know soon and ill be the first to let yall kno,” Johnson tweeted Wednesday.

Well, we know. Johnson is listed as the winner throughout promotions for the press conference Wednesday.  (And they don’t invite second place anyway.)  Drew Brees won the Air Award for the second straight year, but has more pressing issues to attend to, so his wife will accept the award.

Johnson is a funny dude; we’ll let you know if he says anything noteworthy about his desire for a new contract at the event.

32 responses to “Someone should tell Chris Johnson he won

  1. Johnson is a moron. Everytime I read a “quote” from him I have to read it 6 or 7 times trying to decipher what it is he’s trying to say.

  2. Chris Johnson isn’t so much dumb, it’s just that he really isn’t smart. At all. Not even in the slightest bit.
    He is the best RB in the league though.

  3. guess they couldnt give this award to a qb, although they made a huge deal about how aaron rodger ran for 300 yards this season. maybe next year aaron

  4. Not a funny guy, he is a stud on the field, an embarrassment in the interviews. listening to him speak is torture.

  5. so you have to read his quotes 6 or 7 times to understand them and somehow chris johnson is the dumb one?

  6. Hi, I’m a nerdy white guy commenting on a blog about how dumb Chris Johnson is. Even though Chris Johnson is more successful than me in every way, I comment here so I can feel superior for knowing how to properly use a gerund.

  7. I’d still take Stephen Jackson over him. Put Chris Johnson behind the Rams line and he’d get killed. Jackson is a beast. Wish Steelers had him.

  8. Put O-Town boys Chris Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Mike Sims-Walker in a room together and you might able to make one brain.

  9. Funny, he’s not getting paid millions of dollars to be an eloquent speaker. Much like none of you are getting paid anything at all to pat yourselves on the back for feeling smarter than him.

  10. Predator Johnson. I wonder if he ever watches his interviews. He probably would not even recognize himself.
    He would say “who be dat dumb dude”
    Another phone call from Rosetta Stone is needed or English for Dummies.

  11. jj jones says:
    February 3, 2010 3:26 PM
    Put O-Town boys Chris Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Mike Sims-Walker in a room together and you might able to make one brain.
    Add Joey Porter to that group also.

  12. Maddog dumb comment if you watched the titans play chris johnson makes more people miss then any other running back in the league. Yes his offense line is better then the rams but he had more yards after contact then jackson did.

  13. Sims-Walker and Marshall don’t seem as dumb as Johnson. And Johnson might just talk really ghetto on purpose.

  14. SteelCurtnDee,jmuncy,GobiasINC_1,Tarmacian and jibfest you simpleminded northerners! Chris Johnson is from Florida,Orlando actually and that just how alot of us black guys talk down here. We say feena go to da stow ect….. we country,but I just moved back from Baltimore after two years and people up north associate us talking country with us being slow or stupid. You stuck on simplemindedness people need to travel more and realize just because we don’t talk just like you do doesn’t mean we’re unintelligent. Just because you aren’t good at sports or athletic doesn’t mean you’re physical deformed right?

  15. Most times I find stupid people amusing, but not in the way they intended.
    This guy might have worse language skills than Marshawn Lynch, and that’s really hard to do.
    He is however, a ridiculously talented running back. He just epitomizes the term “dumb jock.”
    Unfortunately, since he loves the spotlight and cannot stop running his mouth when the mic is pointed at him, he gives the average fan the impression that all athletes are illiterate idiots. He has no idea how stupid he is or how stupid he sounds. The press needs to find a better interview. Guys like this are just noise.

  16. I could have sworn Chris Johnson was the second choice for the Rhodes Scholar if Myron Rolle didn’t go. As for his speech he just misremembers the right word. But let me axe you a question…does intelligence really matter for a running back? Probably not.

  17. lol Cheesehead, if his “quotes” were in English I’d have no problem at all reading them.
    Ite’ dpshyt?

  18. Chris Johnson’s bank account is laughing at your attempts at humor. He may not be the best communicator, but he is set for life.
    Keep making jokes you Yankee ass clowns. Just remember, you still have to fill out TPS reports in your cubicle tomorrow.

  19. bamgrey,
    Is “country” a language skill taught in school? Let me answer for you, no sir it is not.
    Is it acceptable on any professional level other than locker rooms or street corners? Again, no.
    Is it understandable to the other 99% of the world that speaks english? No.
    Sense the pattern? No I doubt you do, but intelligent people might.

  20. Where you from pick six? When I say country i’m referring to the slang down here. Instead of calling it slang some people just say he talks really country. I know you can’t be that ignorant.

  21. I think they said it best in The Program when they said, “when is the last time 50,000 people packed a stadium to watch a kid do a chemistry problem?”
    Who cares about Johnson’s intellect? He is a great running back and Tennessee should pay the man without him asking for it. Glad I got him as the 7th pick in fantasy.
    Good luck Chris.

  22. His mouth makes him come across as a dickmouth. Great player on the field typical young stupid mind off. Too bad he didnt have APs attitude instead of the I got a gun punkass one hes got. Probably do something stupid this offseason that will warrent a suspension. Wouldnt surprise me.

  23. “…we’ll let you know if he says anything noteworthy…”
    I wish there was a way to let me know when one of these articles was noteworthy instead of a bunch of BS spun apparently with the goal to generate posts.
    Damn, I fell for it again.

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