State of Indiana may crush the hopes of young children

The Indianapolis public school system’s plan for a two-hour delay on Monday may be indefinitely delayed.

The Indianapolis Star reports that state officials have told the school system that two-hour delays are reserved for emergencies.  If the city uses the delay — ostensibly for sleepy bus drivers — they won’t get credit for a full day of school.

“We have presented IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools) with alternatives that ensure our children receive the instructional time they deserve.”

Taking the delay away from the kiddies now just seems cruel.  If the Colts lose, it could turn out to be the worst day of some 11-year-old’s life.

26 responses to “State of Indiana may crush the hopes of young children

  1. GO TO SCHOOL…Jesus Christ…get your responsibilities in order people!!!!!!!!! No wonder why our country is falling apart!

  2. It won’t matter. I’m from Indiana and most of those IPS school kids probably won’t show up anyway.

  3. this is hilarious to me. when the Packers won the super bowl in 96, school was closed the entire next day.
    i cant wait to hear all the wonderful comments about green bay now.

  4. Send the kids to school! You just won a Super Bowl a few years back. I always knew Indiana was full of idiots!

  5. …and if some hungover bus driver manages to drive his bus into a tree, what will be said?
    I hate when ideology trumps reality, as innocents seem to suffer the results.
    I also hate applesauce, but that’s not the point.

  6. when i was in school there never were day offs or delays when they played world series games weekday afternoons. or the monday after the pro football championship game.

  7. i missed 45 days of high school, because it is worthless and you learn nothing. i graduated from law school #5 out of 250 people. primary school = pointless.

  8. In Europe (or really the rest of the world), kids don’t go to school the next day for fear of getting hit with a urine bomb after a preseason soccer game.
    Quit knocking the US and priorities….christ, it’s a 2 hour delay for crying out loud. Nothing wrong with a little town proud and celebration.

  9. Why don’t they observe President’s Day on the Monday after the Super Bowl? That’d fix the problem. Or just make another holiday (we don’t have enough – does the government get Arbor day off?) – something like Hangover Day. And instead of old war films, all the cable networks can show raunchy movies about drunk guys.

  10. In Indiana, if you miss a day due to a school closing, by law they make it up at the end of the year… NO KID WOULD MISS A DAY OF SCHOOL. Let them enjoy the Colts WIN. One day doesn’t turn a scholar into a moron… if you think so then you are the latter.

  11. @silverreign: Maybe you should have gone to school. I hear they teach how to use capitalization properly.

  12. Cruel? My ass!
    Good Lord, are you people ever candy-asses?!?!?
    Get tough – not that many kids really are, but it seems like the right thing to say.

  13. I, for one, consider the Super Bowl a National Holiday. Nobody should have to work or go to school the day after. Everyone in the nation stays up late, gets drunk, and watches the game. It SUCKS having to go to work or school the next day.
    Either have it on Saturday, or give people Monday off.
    But seriously, just have it on a Saturday. It’s 10 times more practical. I understand there is a “sunday tradition”, but seriously, who really cares? Is it really going to ruin anything about the Super Bowl if you have it on a Saturday??? No, in fact, it will make the Super Bowl so much better of an experience. How big of a dagger is it having to wake up the morning after the big game? I mean, are we really going to continue to inconvenience ourselves just in the name of “tradition”? that just doesn’t seem rational…

  14. State Officials were probably beat up in school by football players. This is about understanding reality. The reality is that last time the COlts won, too many bus drivers called out and school officials closed the school. They are planning properly this time, the state does their typcial beauracratic BS. Who the eff would want to live in Indiana anyway. Sell it to Canada.

  15. I agree with the idea to move the Big Game to Saturday night.
    I can see where the State has to take a stand. It’s just like when I was ‘sick’ during gun season in high school (all 8 years…..).
    The school district played it’s hand too early. They should have just announced it Sunday night about 6pm due to ‘weather’.

  16. I agree the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. More Family and friends get together on this day every year than most other holidays and more money is spent on food and supplies nation wide than most other holidays. We need to remember how sports is a big part of our country how it helped through tragic times this nation has gone through. What better way to remember how important sports can be than to make it a national holiday! There is no Championship game bigger than the Super Bowl.

  17. When I was a child, school was brought to a halt so we could watch the World Series.
    Ah, the salad days of yesteryear. Back in the day, the great Cap Anson was everyone’s hero…

  18. I wish Emmitt Smiff was still alive. Move the game to Saturday, like Tim Biakabaturdburgler said.

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