Commish appearing on Sirius NFL Radio later today

I bumped into Ross Tucker of and YES Network and Sirius NFL Radio and Sports USA Radio (his list of affiliations is becoming almost as obnoxiously long as mine) a little bit ago, and he said that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be appearing on Sirius at 2:20 p.m. ET.

Tucker said he’ll be asking some CBA-related questions.

So if you have Sirius, tune in to channel 124.

Otherwise, you’re SOL.

Far more importantly, Tucker verified the presence of “Peyton sits when he pee’s [sic]” graffiti in the men’s room at the Media Center. 

8 responses to “Commish appearing on Sirius NFL Radio later today

  1. I like listening to Goodell as much as I like listening to Theismann. So, I’m gonna have to pass, on this golden opportunity, to waste minutes out of my life, to be bombarded with the ludicrous and unbelievable comments this man may utter.
    The only thing he could say, that I’d wanna hear is an apology for stealing from the players this year in all those ridiculous fines, and that the Pro Bowl is moving back to HI and AFTER the Super Bowl, next year.
    Oh…yeah…and one other thing I’d absolutely LOVE to hear him say, although I realize I’ve yet many years of suffering, under his rule, before he says it….. “I’m resigning.”

  2. somebody needs to ask Goodell why he is trying to force the NFL into Europe?
    What is the reasoning behind an 18 season when all it will produce is watered down rosters by the time the playoffs come around?
    Does he even care about football or is he only concerned with the money?
    How long will it be before looking at the QB is a personal foul?
    This guy is bad for the league, and if given enough time the fans will be watching flag footballs games between the Patriots and the London Silly Nannies with the starting QBs being Brian Hoyer and AJ Feeley.

  3. All the posturing about an NFL lockout in 2011 is just that — posturing.
    There won’t be a lockout. If there is, Roger Goodell should be institutionalized, examined by a team of psychiatrists, removed from office and replaced by Pacman Jones.

  4. It is true. payton does sit whe he pees. thats why they say he lacks depth and warmth.He is one.
    SOL???? for not listening to pay radio. Youve lost it. why pay for limited garbage. Serious ly lacks quality, character and relevance

  5. TV ratings were up on the Pro Bowl this year.
    Live attendance was up at the Pro Bowl this year.
    Piles of media attention on the Pro Bowl this year.
    It would appear that Giantcatfanhouse is in the minority
    on the Pro Bowl. The players are whining of course but who among
    us would think that a vacation to Miami sucks?
    As far as Roger, at least he has made some efforts to clean up some of the outright thuggery associated with the NFL and if he happens to break the NFL players union and force salaries DOWN maybe we wont see so dang many blackouts next year (jacksonville, you are excluded from this topic)
    Go Saints!!!!
    PS Roger doesnt handle the fining of the players
    theres someone else that does that job but hey i guess youd rather have guys carried off immobilized on ‘the board’ more often.
    He IS trying to keep the players safer which lengthens careers and improves the quality of the game.

  6. Florio not all of us or lawyers or writer we dont all know what [sic] means. I just had to google it. If you dont explain it people wont have a clue what the hell you mean.
    the definition of [sic] – is how it appeared in the orginal form.

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