PFT Daily: The Saints' keys to victory

With the Super Bowl only a few days away, we’ll devote the remainder of the PFT Daily segments for the week to the game itself.

Today, Rosenthal crashes the mobile PFT Daily set to talk with yours truly about the things that the Saints need to do to win the game.

Tomorrow, the Colts.


22 responses to “PFT Daily: The Saints' keys to victory

  1. Besides the Giants, an underdog team has not won the Super Bowl In 5 years.
    It won’t change this Sunday either

  2. If Manning and the Colts win Sunday’s Super Bowl, he officially supplants Tiger Woods as our most revered and influential athlete.
    The NFL is already preparing for this eventuality. Colts owner Jim Irsay has vowed to redo Manning’s contract this offseason. A signing bonus eclipsing $50 million is likely.

  3. Florio:
    Tomorrow the things the Colts need to do to win the game.
    I assume you will say, “just show up”.
    That won’t be enough.
    Saints 31
    Colts 28

  4. Never ceases to amaze me how many “professionals” fall into the trap of judging a team by one bad performance.
    Saints will win, and it won’t be a “steal” at the end.
    A lot of people forget that they were literally signing players off the street mid-season because they were down to their 3rd string players on defense in some cases.
    Yes, the Vikes hung 475 yards and 28 points on them. The Pats hung 488 yards and 34 points on the Colts, and the Pats offense in nothing like the Vikes. I say that only to illustrate one point – don’t judge a team by one poor performance.
    The Saints have more balance than the Colts, and a QB that is playing every bit as good.

  5. Every time the refs might throw a flag, the Saints will be asking the refs to remember what happened to their city a few years ago. Think of the children.

  6. Colts 35
    Sains 31
    oh wow that means the Aints lose right 🙂 unless they play dirty football again. Not a Colts, Saints or Vikes fan either.

  7. BTW, the Colts played their starters until mid-way through the 3rd quarter against the Jets, and only had 15 points to show for it. I realize that by pulling them at that point they can claim that they won all of the games they tried to win(and really, why leave them in that long, especially Manning?), but there was still a lot of football left to play, and it’s not at all a gimme that they would have won.
    There won’t be any excuses Sunday.

  8. ☻☼CBS, FOX, ESPN, NFLN nbc says:
    February 4, 2010 2:44 PM
    Besides the Giants, an underdog team has not won the Super Bowl In 5 years.
    It won’t change this Sunday either
    So you’re telling us that other than when the underdogs win, the underdogs never win? Good to know.

  9. Mike,
    You remind me of the bald headed guy in the movie “The Secret of My Success” who says “Davis here has prepared what I’m sure is a thoroughly incompetent analysis… but let’s listen to him read it before we start criticizing”, and Davis’ part in this scene is played by Greg.
    I don’t care what your opinion is – the discussion was about the Saints’ keys to winning. Keep your comments to yourself and discuss what you said you would discuss. If you want to talk about why the Colts will win, then create a discussion titled “why I think the colts will win”.
    It seems that every time I start to think that you might be deserving of a tiny iota of respect as a sports journalist or analyst or whatever the hell you are, you prove otherwise.

  10. Good grief, more whiners whose teams can’t win on the field.
    The Saints were accused all year of being soft, now that they knock two HOF QBs out for a bit, they’re “dirty”.
    No, they’re not, no moreso than every other (Marvin Bullitt, anyone) team.
    Man, how many of you are going to come in here Monday whining because they won the SB? Or will you finally STFU?

  11. For all this talk about Freeney, his counterpart on the Saints (Will Smith), has had a very good year himself. His numbers are comparable, though he has played more.

  12. The Saints fans have a built in excuse after the SB. If they win, they can say FU to the doubters and haters and if they lose, they can say, hey no one believed in us and look what we did the year, we made it to the SB.

  13. I like how the one dude was like, umm, I guess I have to discuss this because it’s the title of the segment, but they (Saints) really have no chance to win so they should just give up already. Can’t wait.

  14. # Occam says: February 4, 2010 3:34 PM
    Every time the refs might throw a flag, the Saints will be asking the refs to remember what happened to their city a few years ago. Think of the children.
    Are you a sore loser or just straight up loser Occam? Why would the refs pick this year, some 5 years after Katrina to start cheating on behalf of the Saints? Could it be because your pea-sized brain can’t comprehend the reality that the Saints actually have fielded a Super Bowl team? Out with the old Occam, in with the new. The Vikings lost that game like they lost the football so many times.
    Oh and btw I love all the dirty football references. You people were the ones saying that the saints were a soft finesse team. Now that they finally are kicking some @$$ and beating up opposing quarterbacks all of a sudden they’re dirty.
    Remember back a few years ago when the Steelers went to the Superbowl and on the road to that game they ended up taking out Carson Palmer ending his season in that playoff game? Does anyone refer to them as a dirty team? Yet they actually caused a serious injury to a star qb helping them get the win.
    This game is a toss up but the Saints certainly aren’t as much of an underdog as the media is making them out to be.

  15. Game’s not a toss up. If not for the fact that (1) it’s te Saints and (2) they didn’t play well in the NFC Championship game, they would be favored by 6-8 points. They have been as good (QB, passing, defense) or better (running, scoring, turnovers, special teams) than the Colts in every area of the game.
    There is not one single area that the Colts have been better this year.

  16. Saints KEY to Victory:
    Score More Points then the Colts
    Colts KEY to Victory:
    Score More Points then the Saints
    There I just saved us all 5 minutes of our lives.

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