PFT video that's not PFT Daily: The Colts' keys to victory

In the final video from south Florida for the week, Florio and I looked at three keys to a possible Colts victory.  We did the Saints keys to success on Thursday.

Florio ultimately thinks the Colts will win, and I’m predicting the Saints will prevail.  So we should think about a friendly wager for entertainment purposes.

Here’s one idea: If I’m right, I get to stand on a shinebox next year when we tape these videos.  If he’s right, I’ll donate my flowing locks for Florio’s next toupee. 


12 responses to “PFT video that's not PFT Daily: The Colts' keys to victory

  1. You guys should put your hair on the line, like an old pro wrestling match. Winner gets to give the loser a haircut, and they have to keep that hairdo for 24 hours. How funny would it be to see Florio with a Friar Tuck cut, or Rosenthal with a skunk stripe shaved into his dome?

  2. I’m a little confused how the two areas of concern for the Colts are:
    1. Offensive Line Pass Blocking
    2. Defensive Speed
    I am certain a strong argument can be made that the Colts have the BEST past blocking offensive line in football and the FASTEST team speed on defense.
    If the hopes of the Saints rest on those two areas Tony Dungy may be right, it might be a blowout.

  3. Sorry but I’m not going to sit through a 30 second commercial to watch this clip.
    My attention span for watching a required commercial prior to an internet news story is about 15 seconds. Anything longer and I’m bailing.
    My time is too precious. After all, there are billions of pages on the internet and I have to read them all before I die!

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