Maualuga to enter alcohol treatment facility

NFL_maualuga.jpgBengals linebacker Rey Maualuga is going to start taking steps to prevent another alcohol-related incident disrupting his career.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Maualuga is planning to check into the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California later this month for “at least” 30 days.

Maualuga’s stock dropped in the NFL Draft because of his history with alcohol and then he pled guilty to drunken driving this offseason.   The linebacker met with the NFL this week, and we suspect he told them of his plans for rehab.

18 responses to “Maualuga to enter alcohol treatment facility

  1. One of the girls in the car was very young. This guy needs to do EVERYTHING he’s told to do and keep his mouth shut.

  2. With all of his troubles I am surprised this guy wasnt drafted by the Bengals….what’s that? Oh…nevermind..
    If this guy can get his stuff together he is going to be a beast for years to come!!

  3. How did the team not pick up on this before they drafted him and is it why he fell so far in the draft? Anywho, I wonder if the league is forcing him to go to rehab like they did with BrINT favre.

  4. What a quitter! he doesnt need rehab just better decision makin skills!..never drive drunk and he has a few extra bucks to take a cab i would think

  5. I bought a Thurman Jersey his rookie season and………
    I bought a Maualuga Jersey this season and………………..
    Maybe there is a “Moment of Clarity” message in this for me!

  6. Going to Betty Ford for 30 days? What’s that supposed to do? I was forced to quit drinking two years ago and I’m not even close to over it…even though I haven’t drank in that time. 30 days is nothing but a small nuisance for him and I guarantee he’ll be out drinking 31 days after he goes in.

  7. And this is why Maualuga dropped so far. Not surprising that he was drafted by the Bengals. Mike Brown likes to draft TURDs so he an polish them and put them on the mantle next to all of his SB trophies…..

  8. He will have a short NFL career unless he shapes up and stays off the booze. Seems like the Bengals are attracted by these kind of players.

  9. # GoBrowns19 says: …I was forced to quit drinking two years ago and I’m not even close to over it…
    Being that you’re a Browns fan, I’m surprised you don’t sprinkle heroin on your oatmeal.

  10. last starfighter, have you met the Bengals? They have ONE full time scout. ONE. That explains why they had no idea about Rey’s boozing problems. Not to mention Mike Brown does love his redeemin’

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