Report: Freeney no longer limping

A CBS reporter, the name of whom we can’t recall, said during Sunday’s Super Bowl pre-game coverage that Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney was spotted earlier in the day walking without a limp.

Freeney has a torn ligament in his ankle.  The injury was among the biggest stories of Media Day.  He will not be 100 percent against New Orleans.
The CBS reporter, however, said that Freeney seemed to take pleasure in all the attention he got during the week.  
Freeney is likely to be active for the game.  How productive he’ll be remains to be seen, but there appears to be a growing chance that he will start.

18 responses to “Report: Freeney no longer limping

  1. I also heard a CBS reporter, who I can’t recall say that Toyota gas pedals no longer stick. Toyota’s are okay to drive, how safe they are remains to be seen, but it appears Toyota’s demise was far too premature.

  2. Perhaps it was an “oddsmaker limp” (i.e. limping only as long as the oddsmakers needed him to).

  3. It should say “Freeney not limping now, will be after Saints first Offensive Series”.

  4. If he doesn’t play he’s the biggest pussy of all time. Torn ligament means sprained ankle. Reporters are idiots not doctors, never forget that.

  5. All this talk about whether or not Freeney will play is ridiculous. It’s the frackin’ Super Bowl. Of course he’ll play.

  6. NagaSwan are you a doctor? There are different degrees of sprains and not all mean torn ligaments.
    Grade I-Stretched ligaments
    Grade II- Partial tear
    Grade III-Complete tear

  7. i told you so days ago – i used to train racehorses for many years and medical science can do wonders to tighten up a joint, or treat a tendon or ligaments, etc.! maybe after the game he wont be so sound BUT he will at least be sound going into the game!

  8. Is this the biggest news you can dig up on Super Bowl day?
    He will face permanent injury if he plays today.
    Go Jags!

  9. its like a headache. Couple a pills, good as new.
    You sold/merged at the right time, ‘lil Florio. Non journalism at ots best.

  10. I had cbs on and had to put on closed caption to understand that horsetoofed idiot shannon sharp.

  11. I heard this reporter say that he saw Freeney up here in DC skiing down the side of the capital. He’s trying to impress Lindsey Vahn since he saw that SI cover. Another reporter saw him get into a strange phone booth and when he emerged he had Einstein, Mark Twain, and George Carlin (that’s the real George Carlin, not ‘Rufus’) with him.

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