Eagles hire assistant whose contract drew league scrutiny

During training camp in 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles signed a little-known backup quarterback named Matt Nagy, who was working for the team as a coaching intern. It was the kind of August roster transaction that usually doesn’t draw much attention — but in this case, the league office stepped in and voided the contract.

At the time, the official word was that Nagy’s contract with a team in the now-defunct Arena League was responsible for the disapproval of his NFL contract. But some league sources thought the NFL put the kibosh on the deal because the Eagles were trying to exploit a loophole on roster limits.

There was speculation at the time that the league would create a rule governing such situations. We’ll find out this off-season whether such a rule will be put in place.

We mention this back story because the Philadelphia Daily News reported today that Nagy has joined the Eagles’ staff as a coaching assistant. So Nagy is now officially on the Eagles’ coaching staff, and not just an intern in training camp.

At the moment, the Eagles are overstocked at quarterback and don’t particularly need another practice body at the position. But if they trade Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb or Donovan McNabb, and then if one of the remaining two becomes unavailable because of an injury or any other reason, it will be interesting to see whether the team tries to move Nagy from the sideline to the practice field again — and whether the league will allow it.

7 responses to “Eagles hire assistant whose contract drew league scrutiny

  1. For Christs sake, the man is 36 friggin years old. Has never played in the NFL and has not played professional football in over a year. You’re grasping Florio

  2. Yeah, Nagy would certainly be at the top of their list to bring into training camp as a QB…eye roll.

  3. AJ Feeley joined the Panthers as a back-up when we dropped him. I wouldn’t mind having Feeley back, he’s a good QB. If we let Donovan go, I’ll take Kolb as the starter, Vick and Feeley. Why wouldn’t that work? Just keep Vick, I think he can make plays. As for Nagy, I remember that article on PhiladelphiaEagles.com last summer – he’s on the coaching staff – good for him. We don’t need him playing.

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