Saints championship shirts made in Indianapolis

Not everyone in Indianapolis is disappointed that the Colts lost the Super Bowl.

It turns out that hundreds of thousands of New Orleans Saints Super Bowl championship shirts are being made in the Adidas Group plant in Indianapolis. And since Saints memorabilia sells better than Colts memorabilia, the Saints’ victory makes the folks at the plant very happy.

“From a business standpoint, the Saints’ win is tremendous for us,” the plant’s general manager, Blake Lundberg, told the Indianapolis Star. “It will be a very nice long week for us.”

In pre-orders, Saints Super Bowl merchandise was selling at four times the rate of Colts Super Bowl merchandise, and the plant in Indianapolis is expecting it to keep selling at huge volume through Mardi Gras. Plant employees will be working 12-hour shifts five days a week, making nothing but Super Bowl clothing, shipping out 130,000 shirts a day.

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  1. 11 fans at the airport and now this? Indianapolis is full of bandwagon fans. Looks like their shirt-makers are also all aboard.

  2. wow that’s pretty gracious, if Philly had lost a superbowl and they made the shirts in Philly, you can bet the asswipe fans would “degrade” the shirts in some way.

  3. It’s official.
    Feeling the need to tell us where shirts were made makes this the First Official Post of the Offseason.
    The 2009 season is OVAH.

  4. What a refreshing change to read a story about NFL-logoed clothing that doesn’t directly involve some dreary little Asian-Pacific sweatshop dictatorship of a country. I didn’t think it was possible these days (boggle).

  5. And as an added bonus, every kid in Haiti will be wearing a new Colts Super Bowl Championship shirt.

  6. hmmmm seems the Saints are stimulating the economy all over……Haters keep on hatin….LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats to Who Dat Nation!
    Hopefully next years SB looks like

  7. The shop makes all of the “locker room” championship stuff… so they always make up a bit of both before the game…
    Before the AFC Championship game they were making NY Jets AFC Champs shirts and hats as well as Indianapolis Colts AFC Champs…
    Same is true for the Super Bowl…

  8. Doesn’t suprise me that the Saint stuff was out selling Colts 4 to 1. Just look at that poor excuse of a parade that they had a few years ago when they won and the 11 fans at the airport when they lost. Any other team would have been greeted by a few hundred if not a few thousand win or loose. As for the shirts being “made” in Indy, they were more that likely made in China or Bangladesh and are being printed in Indy. That is the american way don’t you know.

  9. smenk says:
    February 9, 2010 7:59 AM
    How dare they. Those things should me made in China.

  10. jwill007 says:
    February 9, 2010 8:32 AM
    Congrats to Who Dat Nation!
    Hopefully next years SB looks like
    While that would be an excellent SB in my opinion (I am, first and foremost, a Bungling idiot…er…uhm…I mean a Bengal fan), I, as said Bungling Idiot, realize the Who Dey Nation will not be back in the playoff picture until the 2020s. That’s when Favre unretires and comes back to lead the Who Dey Nation to an interception-filled heartbreak loss in the SB to Eli’s son, Archie Peyton Manning.
    And yes, congrats to Who Dat Nation…Mardi Gras starts earlier than usual this year and lasts twice as long…hopefully I can make it down there for a few days.

  11. why the negative comments here? in this recession, its good people are getting an opportunity to work and make some money for their family.

  12. Ouch, 11 fans at the airport and after reading the other comments Indy is taking it on the chin today. Looks like they’ve been found out as a college basketball town and nothing else. How come they get a good team and fans of the Browns, Bills, and Chiefs have to deal with terrible football every year? I know the Browns had like 10,000 fans at the airport when they returned home after “The Fumble” AFC title game. I was 10 when it happened and I just remember not even being able to see the team, but hearing the whole airport erupt when they got off the plane. Too many people there.

  13. Indianapolis is indeed full of bandwagon fans. Sucks for the real fans they have, but it’s true. You could spend a week in Indy right now and not even know they have an NBA team. That’s how bandwagonesque Indy is (and I live there).
    When Peyton retires, the Colts will go back to being a footnote unless they manage to draft the Second Coming before then.

  14. Heybeerman95
    The poor excuse of a parade was done in minus 5 degrees through downtown Indy. Huge turnout outside not to mention a full RCA Dome. Nice try though!!! What horrible fans…….they attended the parade in subzero tempatures!!!
    By the way, how many playoff games has your team won lately???

  15. Like any city, yes, Indy does have a good number of fans that come out of the woodwork during a Championship run. Why is this so shocking to people? For the better part of a decade, we have sold out every home game, and have a huge waiting list for season tix. Your statement is just ignorant.
    Regarding the “11 people” at the airport, it was announced at noon that the team wanted no media or fans at the airport or team complex. For what reason, I have no idea. We new ahead of time that we would not be able to get closed than a few hundred yards to the players, so why would people go??? The team wanted no reception, parade, etc. I’m not sure why the team decided this, and most people I’ve talked to are pretty disappointed. We made it to the Super Bowl, and I think they would have received a HUGE reception from the city IF we were allowed to show the love.
    Regarding the “poor excuse for a parade” that some knob talked about earlier, that parade was absolutely insane, and once the parade came inside the RCA dome, it was even crazier! Sub zero temps, etc. They actually had to kind off put the thing together on the fly because they didn’t really think that many people would show up. It ended up being a great freakin’ party! I realize that like most statements on this site, this is some guy 600 miles away who is tired of Peyton Manning, and therefore becomes an expert hater/expert on city parades/fanfare, etc, but give it up….it’s tired.

  16. Funny thing is the Super Bowl got higher ratings in Washington DC than in Indianapolis. Guess it really is just a basketball state.

  17. In Indy…they had a full dome but few showed up in the WEATHER to celebrate their first SB winning team in that city because it was…COLD? Dome babies to the end. 😀

  18. ALL Colts fans should be wearing Saints gear, who dat you say, the super bowl champs, dats who!!!!!

  19. When Indy won they did have a parade… but they wanted to cancel it because it was -5F out… after a delay of over an hour the Colts pretty much said “Screw you guys, we’re going to go on the parade and meet the fans”… Fans stood outside for hours in sub-zero weather to greet the team… some players were on trucks, some were in buses… then after the parade they had a huge rally at the RCA dome…
    It was a great event…

  20. Easy to have a big party inside a dome when it is 5 outside. If you were awake after last years superbowl there were 300,000 people in downtown Pittsburgh in 5 degree weather. And the year before in New York if wasn’t exactly sunny and 70 you corn holes.

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