Shanahan planning to take a quarterback at No. 4?

As Mike Shanahan re-builds the Washington Redskins, his single biggest decision will come on April 22, when he decides what to do with the fourth pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

A report out today suggests that Shanahan is likely to take a quarterback.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post, citing an unnamed league source familiar with Shanahan’s thinking, reports that Shanahan is eager to draft and develop a young quarterback.

If Shanahan is planning to take a quarterback, the most likely pick would be Sam Bradford of Oklahoma, who is generally regarded as the best of the bunch — provided his injured shoulder has healed. Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen would also be an option.

Of course, given that some draft experts don’t believe any quarterbacks in this year’s class are worthy of a Top 10 pick, Shanahan might want to keep Jason Campbell around and skip the quarterbacks in the first round.

That’s the key decision for Shanahan in what’s sure to be a busy off-season.

42 responses to “Shanahan planning to take a quarterback at No. 4?

  1. Whatever. This is just more subterfuge. I love the draft and the speculation that leads up to it, but I dont trust anything that anyone says. There is no benefit for these teams to reveal their draft strategies. And every coach wants to develop a young QB.

  2. Mel Kiper also has the ‘Skins taking Bradford. I can’t believe Campbell is going to be given more time.

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  4. *IF* he does this it will ratify why Shanny was fired in Denver: he knows its a weak class but still does it to satiate some freakish desire? He could never really figure out how to assemble a team.
    A better solution: trade the pick to Chicago for Cutler.

  5. what they really need, have needed, and will need is OFFENSIVE LINEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cause most of the ones they got are OFFENSIVE LINEMEN

  6. I don’t care who they take, just as long as that friggin midget in the suit isn’t involved dammit!

  7. Got to love these loser PFT writers, citing a source that cites another “unamed source” who is “familiar” with Shanahan’s thinking.
    Translation: Slow news day for PFT so lets start lying about the Skins!

  8. Bradford and Claussen will go in the first 10 picks.
    Every year as you get closer to the draft QB’s move up the charts. Sanchez rose quite a bit last draft.
    I think Shanahan should/will take Bradford at 4,if not an OL and next pick a QB.

  9. Here’s an idea. Trade the pick, take two offensive linemen with those picks and take a qb in the second or third round.

  10. Oh, I so hope they take Clausen. They’ll be screwed at QB for at least another five/six years if they do.

  11. Trade down to 10, take who ever is left out of Bradshaw or Claussen. Keep Campbell around as the starter for a year as the young player develops.

  12. the redskins are a joke of an organization and their fans easily have the lowest IQ’s of any other fanbase!

  13. Being a die hard Skins fan for 50 years thru all their bad times, if Shanahan takes any QB at number 4 his very first transaction will be the demise of his stint in D.C. Jason Campbell is NOT the answer but neither is Bradford or any QB in this class. Bradford did not even play a full 2 seasons and he surely did not play against very good defenses not to mention his injury issues. If I was GM for a day I would trade the #4 pick and pick up another 1st round pick thus having 2 picks in first round. This is not a great offensive draft class so start re-building the O-line immediately. Get rid of those overpriced players that Snyder got who have not yet performed and get players to fit the system and not Snyder’s ego. Try to grab McNabb for 2 years and find another QB elsewhere down the road. I think Bradford at # 4 for the skins is a huge mistake.

  14. It’s not “ironic” at all.
    Apparently most people are not aware that a “Redskin” is a scalp, after an indian scalped somebody.
    It’s not the derogatory name of an indian, that’s just what most people assume and is a good example of ignorance.

  15. Midway Monster, that’s true, except for the fact that the Redskins always reveal their draft strategy like a bunch of dumbasses.

  16. I agree the Redskins should draft an O-Lineman. However, Clausen is going to be a star in this league. He is better than any QB drafted in 09, 08, or 07.

  17. Clausen will be the pick. He put up awesome numbers all year in a pro-style offense. He has gotten better every year. And he did all that with a bum toe and a shitty ND team around him.
    Don’t blame him for not winning. It’s tough to win every game when your defense gives up at least 35 points a game.
    And please don’t compare him to Brady Quinn.

  18. I love all the negativity based upon “unnamed” sources. The only people who know who they are going to pick are Shannahan and Allen. That is what is going to be great about having a GM and a proven coach….. Secrecy.
    Gotta love the raven fans who get on here and trash our picks. How did boller work out? Flacco is a joke, he can’t complete a five yard dump to his running backs and is overrated. Raven fan Mel Kiper even says he is the most overrated QB in the league.
    Good luck baltimore you all are getting old on the defensive side of the ball and don’t look to be making any huge waves anytime soon. Ozzie sure can draft a few defensive players every year, but how is Clayton working out for you?

  19. Apparently most people are not aware that a “Redskin” is a scalp, after an indian scalped somebody.
    It’s not the derogatory name of an indian, that’s just what most people assume and is a good example of ignorance.
    By far the most moronic thing I’ve ever read on this site. Go back to the Klan rally.

  20. what they really need, have needed, and will need is OFFENSIVE LINEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well do remember that Shanahan used to coach the Broncos and also remember that McDaniels wants his own offensive line which could mean, some ex-Broncos could be Redskins really soon, Chris Kupar is one of them, as for Sam Bradford, he is MUCH MUCH better than Campbell.
    uh, no, he has issues with passing, he had his shot to be a good number 2 qb and failed, he is still working on becoming that.

  21. They are better off drafting a OT like Russell Okung.
    Campbell never had time to throw at all this season.
    Their O-Line Blows.

  22. The Redskins would be stupid to waste a #4 overall pick on a QB. Many teams would kill to have a QB like Jason Campbell, he’s no superstar but teams like Seattle, St. Louis, Jacksonville, heck even the Titans would be better off with him. Yes, I know they have Vince Young, but his record says he’s a “winner”, but his stats say “loser” 32 tDs against 39 Ints?

  23. finsbooyah, really? Are you a scout? Or just able to see the future? Seriously man, quarterbacks especially are a crap shoot.

  24. floridabill50, where did you get your info about Bradford? Didn’t play two full seasons? Hate to tell you but he DID play two full seasons: In 2007, he threw for 3121 yards and 36 TDs and in 2008, he threw for 4720 yards and 50 TDs.

  25. They won’t reach for a QB with the oline they have, when Shanny can get a Ryan Clady clone in Russell Okung

  26. Colt Brennan had a decent first preseason but was awful last year. He has had injury problems throughout the last two years and didn’t make it into the regular season before ending up on injured reserve.
    It would be great if the Shanahans can make something of him but he isn’t that athletically talented, doesn’t have a great arm and made some horrible decisions in limited action against 2nd and 3rd string scrubs when he got playing time. That said are starting O-line was the worst I’ve seen so he didn’t get much time behind our back-ups.
    Personally, I’d rather we took Okung at 4 if he interviews well. If there is a legitimate LT in the draft we have to take him.
    If Dan Marino was available I’d be reticent about taking him without addressing the O-line first. Whats the point of drafting a quarterback if he’s been smashed to pieces by week 4.
    Campbell isn’t a good quarterback but he is tough and athletic and he was starting to look scared behind that line. Sticking a rookie behind that line would be nothing short of inhumane.
    Maybe the line could be addressed in free agency, but there doesn’t look like much quality there this year, and most of that is at guard.
    The real pity is that Campbell might have been a decent quarterback, but he has been completely ruined by changes in systems and coaching, a lack of receiver talent and an o-line that was old and injury prone when he was drafted and has declined steeply every since.
    He may not have made it as a pro even if he had gone to good offensive team, he doesn’t throw that well, but he is a twitching mess now.

  27. You’re citing an “unnamed league source familiar with Shanahan’s thinking.” Basically this is any group of guys who’ve followed the NFL for 5-10 years.
    How is this a source?

  28. Many teams would kill to have a QB like Jason Campbell, he’s no superstar but teams like Seattle, St. Louis, Jacksonville, heck even the Titans would be better off with him
    really??? one of those teams should trade for him, the Redskins are listening!!! Listen, Campbell is average, which means 8 and 8 or 7 and 9, no playoffs.

  29. Colt Brennan? Really?
    People think that Colt Brennan would be a serviceable starting QB? I don’t see it.
    I think that Shannahan picks up a QB later than the first round and molds him into the QB he wants him to be.
    I also agree that we will have some former Broncos in DC shortly. You don’t need a franchise running back when you run Shanny’s offense. Two years ago he was plugging a different running back in almost every week and they were going over a hundred yards. How did Tatum Bell work out after he left Denver? Where did he go? I know he didn’t have the production that he did in Denver.
    I think the Skins have some good parts and some parts that need A LOT of work like the o-line, but it is up to Bruce Allen and Mike Shannahan. I wish them the best, but it is going to take time. I give them about three years to sort things out and we will be back in the hunt for a long playoff run. I know all you cowgurl and raven fans will write what a loon I am, but Shanny’s record speaks for itself. Much better than that fat ass cheerleader in dallass and much better than Harbaugh in b-more. Time will tell.

  30. No worries, we’ll know exactly which QB they’ll want to take long before the draft starts. Just like last time when the media leaked that the Redskin were going to take Jason Campbell after trading into the first round. You’d think that trading into the first round before draft day and telling a reporter who your going to take would be a learning experience. I guess not.

  31. DieHardForeskinsFan – I can’t believe I’m even wasting my time debating the draft success of the Ravens v. the Skins. Are you smoking all this snow? …because you’re obviously messed up in the head. Ozzie is widely considered one of the best at drafting in the league. What do fans analysts, etc…think of your squad’s draft history over the last 10 years? I think you know the answer…if not, open your window and listen to the laughter, because that’s the sound the Skins franchise induces outside the beltway. So, while you’re laughing at Flacco (who has had the 5th best first two seasons in league history) and wallowing in your typical Redskin self delusion that your franchise is actually one of the storied franchises in this league (WRONG…you are NOT the Cowboys, Giants, Packers or Bears), REALIZE that outside the Gibbs years the Skins have been overwhelmingly LOSERS and a consistent joke…and none of that will change…and what I said remains true: whatever they decide to do, it will be the wrong choice!
    Consider it the Nation’s revenge for the fact that DC screws up everything for the rest of America that does not live in the corrupt world of self aggrandizement and inflated notions of power that defines your little corner of the world!!!

  32. Any move other than taking a tackle at 4th overall is a mistake. Build the O-line, wait until next year on the QB…so easy a caveman can do it.

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