Benson thanks city for parade

No one has undergone a bigger reinvention with the Saints’ success this season than Tom Benson, once universally regarded as one of the worst owners in sports.

Now he’s the lovable old crazy uncle everyone is happy for.  On the day after the team’s victory parade and Drew Brees’ appearance at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar, Benson thanked all the workers from the police to government officials to EMS workers that helped put the parade together.

“Just like winning the Super Bowl, this parade was a monumental event in our franchise’s history,” said Mr. Benson. “Celebrating with our fans and feeling the outpouring of their support and excitement made the victory even more special. I’m a native New Orleanian, and I know what parades mean to this community.

“New Orleans celebrates better than anywhere in the world, and the entire Saints organization is extremely grateful to everyone who helped make last night’s victory parade so memorable.”

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  1. I’m super happy for the Saints and their fans but I’m conflicted with Mr. Benson. Here’s the NATIVE of New Orleans basking in glory but I can remember pre-Katrina when he was throwing a fit and threatening to move the team to San Antonio. I don’t know the man but I hope he has a tinge of “I was WRONG” as he’s dancing his jig and that he buys a round for everyone.

  2. I was at the parade and it was the most crowded parade I’ve ever been to in my many years of attending parades during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Everyone came together to celebrate a common cause: Our Saints.

  3. “Once universally regarded as one of the worst owners in sports.” I don’t know if this is true and I think he draws way to much bad than good attention but you can’t base the whole Saints history based on his ownership because he hasn’t owned the Saints the whole time.
    He bought the team in 1985 and since the Saints have turned around before that we really didn’t have a winning season under the first owner until Benson came around and hired better GM instead of a GM who’s only qualification was that he went to the moon????

  4. Thanks for the party next year in San Antonio
    Where I can sell corp boxes and not have to rub elbows with the welfare state of LA

  5. As long as William Clay Ford is around… Benson can never be worst than the second worst owner in sports.

  6. I still don’t understand why Benson gets a pass for his behavior after Hurricane Katrina, when he was pretty much dragged, kicking and screaming, back to New Orleans when the league said he couldn’t move the team to San Antonio.
    He wanted no part of being back in New Orleans and wasn’t shy about it. Now everyone is pretending that he was front-and-center in bringing the Saints back for the good people of New Orleans.
    He was a douche then, and he’s a douche now.

  7. i couldn’t stand to watch that schmuck grinning ear to ear with the Lombardi trophy in his hands after the game on Sunday… like he just wanted everyone to forget about how he behaved before Katrina.
    makes me glad to root for a team owned by stand up families like the Maras and the Tisches. but even those guys aren’t nice enough to not rip me a new a-hole with PSLs and ticket prices…

  8. “New Orleans celebrates better than anywhere in the world”
    Benson’s obviously never been to Ibiza

  9. anyone who has been thru what the saints went thru gets a pass.
    florio’s doppelganger, georgie steponallofus, is on the colbert report…

  10. When Benson held the trophy, I felt a great disturbance in NFL fandom, as if hundreds of Viqueens fans suddenly cried out in agony and were reduced to pathetic child-like sobbing. I feel something wonderful has happened.

  11. Yep, Ain’ts fans better soak it in while they can. With no cap minimum next season, Benson will surely take the team apart and bring the “San Antonio Santos” to a reality in the next 5 years.

  12. Benson wanted out of NO. Brees wanted to be a Dolphin rather than a Saint. Makes me laugh. I don’t know what I find more amusing, that those things happen or that Saints fans think next season will be like this last one. You used your pity card up NO. I can’t wait for the let down next year Saints fans. It will feel like the day after Xmas. I will be laughing my ass off at you.

  13. @40for58
    Is that what you are really looking forward to next year…………..seeing Saints fans miserable? Wow, sounds like someone needs a life!! Doesn’t really matter where Mr. Benson or Drew Brees wanted to be………….bottom line is, they were here this year, and guess what?……………….they won the Superbowl for New Orleans and the State of Louisiana!! Why don’t you laugh about that all year long!! What’s the old cliche’……………misery loves company? Ces’t la Vie!!! (just so you don’t have to look that up…… means “That’s Life”!!)

  14. @BigBlueFan
    Did somebody roll over your mother with a float? You sure do seem to have an awful lot of hate for New Orleans. Is it because you live somewhere that sucks, or are you just jealous that our football team is better than your football team? Either way, stop hating on NOLA. Your envy is turning my computer screen green.

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