Make your case for the Alan Page Award winner

One of our biggest beefs with the various postseason awards handed out by the Associated Press is that the awards aren’t determined after the postseason has ended.

So we created two years ago our own set of postseason honors, which are awarded when the football season is complete.

The first is named for Hall of Fame defensive tackle Alan Page, and it goes to the best defensive lineman of the year, as determined by a loose formula of on-field production, off-field achievements, any obstacles overcome by the player, and overall contribution to the sport.

The finalists for the Alan Page Award are Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff, Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams, Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney, and Saints defensive end Will Smith.

Make your preferences known in the comments, and feel free to lobby for consideration of someone whom we might have overlooked.

We’ll huddle with the other PFT contributors and come up with a winner at some point before we turn off the computer on Thursday night.

68 responses to “Make your case for the Alan Page Award winner

  1. I like that all of them are defensive tackles.
    Frankly I think the man to go with is Ravens DT Haloti Ngata. That defense would just not be the same without him.
    A lot of the credit Ray Ray gets is due a lot in part to this guy.

  2. pat williams, all the way. he had a solid season, and really seemed to play with a vengeance since being snubbed from the pro bowl. i was VERY impressed by how much the large veteran had left in the tank at the end of a grinding season.

  3. Pat Williams. Jared Allen disappeared in half the games during the regular season. Maybe Ngata.
    Some guys who are good even though their names are unknown: Kyle Williams (lots of tackles) and Johnathan Babineaux (lots of sacks).

  4. If I were to magically become a GM and get my choice of any defensive player in the league to start a new team with, it would be Haloti Ngata.

  5. Jared Allen was a BEAST…..
    Remember a few yrs ago when the Vikings were great vs the run, but terrible vs the pass??
    This year they were great vs the run, & solid vs the pass.
    Allen gave them a pass rush.
    He was a disruptive force every time QBs dropped back to pass.

  6. it’s gotta be Ratliff, he was a beast for the Cowboys front this year. despite being undersized and asked to take on a double team most every play, the man was a force in both run stopping and pass rushing situations.

  7. If sheer entertainment value was a criteria for the award, the winner would have to be Jared “mullet” Allen who without fail is the most entertaining interviewee in the NFL. He seems to have gotten his life together off the field and kept his nose clean after the Vikings took a big risk on him. He had some monster games this year, but then disappeared for a handful as well for reasons I’m far too lazy to analyze – could be double teaming, back chipping, rolling plays away from him…who knows. His dominance on one side of the line is the only reason the rest of us know who the heck Ray Edwards is. (I’m pretty sure that’s his name) So even though I think Ngata is a better DL than Allen, I’m giving the nod to “the mullet” for having the courage to rock a mullet and the handlebar ‘stache. The lack of ego and willingness to engage in a lot of self depricating humor is nice to see in the world of professional sports.

  8. We’ll if you want to give it to someone who’s overrated and disappears in big games, then Jared Allen is your man. But if you ever need someone to get a couple sacks in garbage time, he’s your man.

  9. Shouldn’t even consider Allen. You can’t make certain mistakes in the past and still be considered for such a high honor.
    Will Smith…………….
    Independence Day, I Robot, Fresh Prince, I mean really, how can he not get the nod?

  10. Darn good selection. Only name missing was Shaun Ellis of the Jets. Had to play in a cast against Indy- and then still showed up for the ProBowl. A competitor and class act. Would have loved him to be 100% in the AFCCG- was rooting for an Ironic Jets victory- would have loved to see Colts bitten in the a$$ like Cinnci.

  11. Abrayo (sp) Franklin from the 49ers was an absolute beast this year. ask the Defensive player of the year Patrick Willis what the main key to his success is, and his answer should be the winner of this award

  12. What about Kevin Williams, Ray Edwards or even Jimmy Kennedy, Florio? Who dat gonna win a Super Bowl before the pathetic Vikings Franchise?

  13. Even as a Saints fan, it does not take much to realize just how much Freeney helped the Colts defense this year. That defense lost former defensive player of the year Bob Sanders along with several other members of its secondary. Freeney has played so well that he managed to free up Raheem Brock so much on passing downs that Brock was a Pro Bowler this year.
    Freeney’s ankle injury even served as one of the main reasons the Saints resurected their offense in the 2nd half of Super Bowl XLIV. In the first half, he was routinely beating Bushrod with a plethora of moves off of the snap.

  14. I believe leaving out Kevin Williams (DT-Vikings) is an oversight. Kevin, along with Pat Williams, had his court case looming over his head for most of the early part of the season. He had another all-pro season with 6 sacks and 38 tackles, but statistics can’t show the pressure he takes off of his teammates. While Jared Allen will rack up the sacks, K. Williams presence on the field is truly the reason why his teammates can be successful.

  15. Ches you’re an idiot they obviously ae not all DTs.
    Aaron Schobel was amazing this year on a terrible team, and should at least get a nod.
    The formula is kind silly cus who really knows what these guys have done off the field or what obstacles they overcame.
    Will Smith was the best defender on the best team.
    Id give it to Jared Allen for having the best haircut

  16. Phat Pat gets my vote. No body in the league has worked and achieved as much as that man without signing a big time contract. The guy makes less than most rookies, and I would like to see his talent recognized in way I can show.

  17. If it isn’t Jared Allen then there is a problem.
    Give that former drunkard some credit, he was on the verge of suspension and his career spiraling away.
    Instead all he has done is be the best pass rusher in the league on a top defense/team that was one bonehead throw (and a 12th man) from beating the eventual super bowl champs.
    Congrats Alan Page Winner….Jared Allen!

  18. Phat Pat came into the league old and undrafted. He has over come persecution from Goodell despite doing everything he could to comply with league rules. He played injured most of the 2009 season and came up big in the post season. This man has fought and played harder than most most DT’s in the league earning less than most rookies. This man deserves every award and accolade the football community can give to a contributer to the game.

  19. I’m torn between Ngata and Freeney, but for the sake of Freeney playing on an ankle torn to in the Super Bowl, and still managing to get to Brees and yank him down with one hand…I’d go with him.

  20. I’d like to nominate DeMarcus Ware. Between the injuries he overcame (especially the way he played against the Saints), and what he’s dealt with off the field merits consideration.
    If he’s not an option then my vote would have to go to Dwight Freeney. Look at the difference it made in the 2nd half of Super Bowl when he wasnt able to play.

  21. So you just going to list their names and give us no insight to why you pre-selected Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff, Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams, Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney, and Saints defensive end Will Smith? And you want to be my latex salesman.

  22. The DT in a 3-4 almost never gets the stats, yet without him drawing double teams (and at least occasionally even fighting through that) nobody else does either.
    The best way to decide this would be to see how good a team could have been without them.
    Without Haloti Ngata, the Ravens would have been probably 6-10 at best. They practically had no secondary and their LB corp — while still VERY good — isn’t quite as elite as it used to be.
    Without Pat Williams, the Vikings would still have been 11-5. He just wasn’t THAT critical to the team. Too many of their wins were blowouts of inferior teams, and of the four teams they lost to, only one was actually a decent running team and the reason they lost that game was because a no-name QB lit their crappy secondary up.
    I don’t know much about Ratliff so I’m not entirely sure what to say about him. On one hand, the Cowboys had a pretty good rush defense and he had to have played a key part in that. On the other hand, their pass D was bad and a good 3-4 NT helps collapse the pocket to prevent the opponent from picking on his corners. And when it comes right down to it, it wasn’t like they faced a huge number of super-high-flying passing teams to skew the stats. So while I can’t say for sure, I don’t think he had the effect on the rest of his team an “elite” 3-4 NT should have.
    Without Jared Allen, the Vikings might have actually been 14-2 and made the super bowl. He abused a non-existent Packers line to pad his stats and he disappeared in some of the most critical games of the year. Nominating him for this award is a joke.
    With a semi-healthy Dwight Freeney, the Saints only scored 6 points, without that they scored 25. You do the math. Now a LOT of credit should go to better execution, better schemes, and flat out ballsy calls on Sean Payton’s part, but having Dwight hobbled late in the game hurt.
    Will Smith trailed Allen by only a sack or so, yet was consistently productive all year long despite almost constant double-teams. He shouldn’t win, but he should get honorable mention.
    Add it all up and you only have two logical finalists. Haloti Ngata and Dwight Freeney. And when you consider that the rest of the Colts defense was pretty good and the rest of the Ravens D wasn’t (at least not as much), Ngata is the only choice that makes sense.

  23. Will Smith man handled the opposing tackles and hit the quarterback ALL season long. People just started to realize how dangerous he is during the playoffs—just ask Brett.

  24. First and foremost, I am a huge Vikings fan. I relocated from Dayton,OH to the twin cities two years ago for a great new job @ the age of 46. When the Vikings played the Bengals for the first time @ Riverfront Stadium I was @ the game. The Vikings got killed 27-0 by the Bengals. After the game, we waited outside the locker room where the players get on the busses. My favorite player up until this time was Alan Page. I went up to him to get an autograph. He declined. I was devastated. Other players signed my program with no hesitation. Several black kids went up to Alan and he gave them autographs. My dad walked up to him with me and asked if he would autograph my program as he was my favorite player. He once again declined. While we were standing not 5 feet away several other black kids received autographs from him. I am not saying he is racist but, come on…..i witnessed this with my own 12 year eyes.

  25. Jared Allen
    1. He has a sweet mullet.
    2. He roped 14.5 imaginary calfs this year.
    3. He had 5 forced fumbles.
    4. He recovered 3 fumbles, 1 for a TD.
    5. He even intercepted a pass.
    6. He dominated many games and forced many teams to alter their offense to be able to block him.
    7. He led the team in sacks that led the league in sacks by a land slide and was the reason for many of their other positive plays.
    8. He has turned his life around when given his second chance and continues to do the right thing.
    9. He has a sweet mullet.
    10. Did I mention he has a sweet mullet.

  26. If your vote is swayed by low IQ, a complete absence of style, and too much hype for too little production, its Jared Allen.
    If you value illegal substance taking and then hiding behind the skirts of a biased state judge, its Pat Wlliams.
    If its overall play, then deserving canditate is Dwight Freeney.

  27. Has to be J. Allen, he was second in league in sacks and that was while fighting double and sometimes triple coverage. Even if a play went opposite direction you saw him near the ball carrier. There was/is a reason why offfensive coordinators doubled him and sometimes had a third person (rb) give an extra chip.

  28. Throw out the drugsters and the drunk and your left with Ratliff, Ngata and Freeney……
    Fake Freeney blew his chances with all this spectacle of himself with the ankle smacked of Favre, Steve Young, Leftwich, et al limping around whining “look at me, look at how tough I am”…embarrased for the guy….
    Ratliff vs. Ngata
    The Winner is Ngata
    No brainer

  29. Any of them BESIDES Jared Allen. He’s overrated and 7 of his 14 sacks came in two games against the Packers horrible O-Line.

  30. Jared Allen in no way deserves this award. Of his 14.5 sacks, 7.5 came against the Packers who were missing their starting LT in both games. HALF of his sacks against a team that led the league in sacks allowed and had a myriad of OL problems.
    This means Allen notched only 7 sacks in his other 14 games. He had 0 impact plays (sacks, FFs, INTs) in 8 games with only 11 tackles. THAT’S the best DL in the game? Please.
    Let’s not forget he plays on a DL with Pat and Kevin Williams, two of the top DTs in the NFL. And Pat is up for this same award. Seems like they both make life much easier for one another, thus neither should be determined the best DL unless they had a record-setting year. And neither did.
    Freeney also doesn’t deserve the award. 13.5 sacks, 24 tackles. He made only 10 tackles on a non-QB this SEASON. 10! And he only forced 1 fumble. He barely averaged 1 play made per game. While football is about more than sacks, it should be obvious that if he was making more plays, they’d show up on the stat sheet. IMO, Robert Mathis did more for their DL. Not as many sacks, but 4 more FF, and twice the tackles. I’d rather have a guy who made 14.5 impact plays PLUS 22 regular plays over a guy who made 15.5 impact plays and only 9 regular plays.
    It should go to Ngata or Ratliff.

  31. If you’re swayed by a bias against Viking nominees because, as usual, there are no good Packer D-linemen to choose from, of course the pick would be Freeny, the Colts’ one dimensional pass rusher that no other poster has supported.
    Kevin Williams, not Pat Williams from the Vikes deserves the consideration for the award. Ratliff diappeared in the playoff game against the Vikes, and the dopes that claim Allen’s worth was based upon playing the Packers’ JV O-line 2 times just didn’t watch enough Viking games to see his impact on running and pass plays where he didn’t get sacks. The finalist should be Kevin Williams, Allen and Ngata. Hell, if nothing else than to avoid purple bias claims, I’ll go with Ngata.

  32. Wait, you’re determining the Alan Page award without factoring in LSATs? At least consider that the Williamses were unstoppable on the the field *and* in court.

  33. Haloti Ngata He dominated up front in a postition that is the flashiest on the field. The fact that we all know who he is and he plays that position should give him the push. Also all the other guys had better players around him on the d-line.
    2 of your finalist are on the same line in Williams and Allen so I wouldnt say they deserve it plus they still had 2 other great players next to them.
    Ratliff was good but not the best and also had Ware and Spears helping him out.
    Will Smith was the least dominant of all these guys and think their are a few other players that did better then him not on this list.
    Dwight Freeney would be my 2nd choice even though he didnt have his best year in my opinion he was the best out of all these guys with less help besides Ngata.
    Elvis Dumervil and Trent Cole should be finalist as well. Atleast ahead of Smith.

  34. I would offer up a case for Jay Ratliff but PFT is so horribly biased against the Cowboys it wouldn’t matter. I’m actually pretty surprised that he was mentioned at all, usually PFT just offers up bad stuff about the Cowboys.

  35. As a Ravens fan, I will be the first to tell you that Haloti Ngata deserves this reward. From day 1 with the Ravens, Ngata showed his dominance inside and in my opinion is the best DT in the game. He does not get the flashy stats like Allen or other DLineman that have great guys next to them, but he always crashes the pocket and just knocks people over. He’s actually fun to watch and he does not have great players around him. Gregg and Pryce are still solid but they are older and are not what they used to be. Ngata has manned the front and is very humble about it. He’s not an overrated freak like Allen and he isn’t just a fat guy like Williams. He deserves this award.

  36. pat williams is a ROIDS queen and should not be nominated for any award, period! had he played in any other state him and his teammate plus the NO’s roid squad would have been suspended for 4 games and rightfully so.
    now onto my vote. Elvis wasn’t nominated because he is in a 3/4 system therefore he is an OLB. these guys generally get screwed when awards get handed out because technically they are not linemen. Tell that to DWare or Elvis.

  37. The undersized 3-4 NT that anchored the league’s #4 rush D and tallied 6 sacks with bone spurs in both elbows, First-team All Pro Jay Ratliff.

  38. Haloti Ngata has extended the great career of Ray Lewis by taking on double and triple teams at the line of scrimage on nearly every play he is on the field. This guy has been underrated for the last 3-4 years and even though this isn’t a “real” award, it would be nice to see him get some recognition, especially when he’s in competition with many other household names (which he is on the verge of becoming himself). Ngata has been a premiere lineman for the last couple of seasons- not to mention he is the only one of the candidates (that I am aware of) to make contributuions on the offensive side of the ball as well- and its time he gets his due.

  39. # dublg says: February 11, 2010 8:30 AM
    Alan Page……I am not saying he is racist but, come on…..i witnessed this with my own 12 year eyes.
    Hey, you great, transplanted Vikings fan, I was at training camp in 1994 in Mankato, and, waiting along the ropes for the players after practice, I asked for, and got, autographs from Robert Smith, Fuad Reviez, “Missle” Ismail and several others, even WHITE guys! Further, Tony Dungy, one of the classiest humans on earth, even TALKED to me while he signed my cap. Later, back along the ropes, new HOFer John Randle approached, and I asked him if he would sign my football card. He smiled and said only “No, Thanks.” and kept walking. For a minute, I was offended, but it occurred to me that he would have been simply putting money in my pocket for an eBay item. Is Johnny Randle a racist? No, just realistic about the economics of autographs.
    Your experience was long before eBay or the current marketplace for memorabilia. I understand the views of a kid and his Dad.
    Warren Moon stood for hours after practice signing for anyone wanting his signature. He never, ever denied anyone as far as I know. But he has had several DUI and driving offenses since retiring! Ooooh. Bad guy? Rotten apple? Nope, HOFer, broadcaster, regular contributor to the flow of the NFL’s bloodstream. He probably won’t ever get onto the national TV broadcasting stage because of it, but he’ll always have a job.
    Implying, even to a minute extent, that Alan Page is possibly a racist, is an insult to a man that has never, ever brought anything to the NFL but honor. His life is an outstanding example of achievement and contributions. Florio has named the award well, even if it is just to generate hits like these.

  40. Jared Allen.
    11. His off-field work with sick kids shows he’s a class act in the mold of Alan Page. I’m a life-long Packer fan. One of our local kids who fought a courageous, but losing, battle with cancer had the opportunity to go on a hunt in northern MN with Jared, got a deer, and had a great adventure with Jared. The joy that this man brought to Dylan and his family during their heart-wrenching battle with cancer will not be forgotten! Dylan Crabb, RIP, and I vote for Jared!

  41. Ngata gets my vote.
    He chews up a ton of space on the inside and is always doubled. Love watching him collapse the pocket up the middle…
    Lewis was going downhill till the Ravens added Ngata…He let Lewis run sideline to sideline again.
    If I’m not mistaken he also played some FB and TE this year on goaline situations…
    A great player and a heckuva nice guy too.

  42. If Haloti Ngata played for a large market team, or a team with a superstar at quarterback, we wouldn’t even need this discussion. Ngata is–literally–head and shoulders above his competition, and should win this award this year, hands down!

  43. purple hay-seuss, I don’t see how your experience invalidates dublg’s. Not giving a white kid an autograph while giving several black kids autographs is discrimination, no matter what you say.
    Was it racism? Beats me. But deciding to do something for one stranger and not for another is discrimination. If it was a white player who did that Jackson and Sharpton would be up in arms.

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