Antonio Bryant is no longer a franchise player

A. Bryant.jpgIn a move that should surprise no one, the St. Petersburg Times reports that the Bucs have decided not to use their franchise tag on Antonio Bryant again this year.

In fact, the Bucs aren’t expected to use the franchise or transition tag on any players. 

It would cost the Bucs more than $10 million to franchise Bryant again, and he only had 600 yards last season.  It looks like the Bucs will move on from Bryant at his current asking price and the eighth-leading receiver from 2008 should do well on the open market.  

We wonder if one of his former teams — Cleveland — would be interested. Jon Gruden could speak to Mike Holmgren about how valuable Bryant was for him.

The Dolphins are another team that makes sense on paper.  They love physical receivers and have a need.  Bill Parcells and Bryant have a history together — Parcells once traded him — but the two have since kept in touch.

Of course, we’re just throwing stuff against the wall here.  We’ll see if any of it sticks like the jersey Bryant once threw at Parcells.

18 responses to “Antonio Bryant is no longer a franchise player

  1. Because of his physical playing style on the field, he would be a viable replacement for Brandon Marshall in the event that the Broncos opt to part ways with him. The Redskins may be another option here – Shanahan could do a lot with a receiver like Bryant.

  2. This guy had one good year, and one excellent catch, with the Yucaneers. One Year Wonder

  3. He shouldnt be in a dolphins uniform next season. He shouldve been cut the second he threw a jersey in parcells face. I dont see them wanting to deal with that again, regardless of what he brings to the table on field production wise.

  4. the Raiders got receivers, they need Offensive and Defensive line men. With Chaz and Louis Murphy leading the way and hopefully DHB coming along too.

  5. They have one(Javon Walker). They just set him on the bench. What makes you think the Raiders wouldn’t do the same to Bryant??

  6. Real Bucs fans know how valuable Bryant is to the Bucs. The reasons for the fall off was cause first he busted up his MCL at the beginning of training camp. So he missed all of training camp. Came back early from his injury and wasn’t too effective the first couple of games back. Then the QB situation wasn’t settled until week 9 or 10 when the Bucs made Freeman the starter. He had first Leftwich(he sucked) Josh Johnson(which I thought would’ve played better) then Freeman. Another reason he “so called” falled off was casue the year before last he had Jeff Garcia throwin him the ball. He went from trusty veteran to scrubs. Thats the whole reason he got franchised that year was cause he success he had with a veteran QB(Bucs should’ve never let Garcia go). Towards the end of the season you could see the core of the Bucs starting to play better(Freeman, Caddilac, Bryant, Winslow). Bryant is still young enough to sign to a long term deal. If the Bucs don’t resign him they’ll be nobody to keep it honest on the outside to get good matchups with TE Winslow. Freeman needs someone to throw the ball too. Bryant seems like a logical choice. I’m such a big Bucs fan and it just kills me to see how bad the team is getting ran. Its on the owners not the GM and coach to an extent. The GM and the coach can only work with what they get. And the Bucs are the cheapest team in the league. They’re like the new old school Devil Rays when they really sucked and were cheap has hell and nobody showed up to the games. All the moves has team has done have just been puzzling. I still can’t wait to see what they do next! GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. HammarHead says:
    February 11, 2010 1:58 PM
    really? really? c’mon man…………they don’t need him. they can’t even get Roy Toy the ball.

  8. I could see the Bears making a play. They have a desperate need at WR and no draft pick til the 3rd round. If they are going to get anyone to help Cutler for the upcoming season, it will have to be via free agency.
    Another team where I’ve heard talk of Bryant’s name is the Patriots. They need a legit #2 outside receiver to pair up with Moss and (when he’s healthy again) Welker. I don’t know enough about Bryant to know whether he’d fit the bill or not but his name has certainly been thrown around in Pats circles this offseason so far.

  9. the bucs gm, and i wont even mention his name because he is a nobody is so retarded. signing clayton to a long term deal , then making bryant the franchise player is the kinda move i like seeing my enemies make. antonio bryant is the most skilled wr ever to play for the bucs. what does he not get? i am so frustrated i basically gave up on the nfl. games dont even mean anything to me anymore all because of bad move after bad move by my home team, the bucs. haha u wanna hear a funny statistic? ed reed has more career td’s than michael clayton, and he plays defense. does anyone really know how this guy is in the nfl playing reciever for the bucs, while they let bryant go? gtfoh

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