Friday afternoon live chat is coming

IMG_3972.JPGI’ve been back from the Super Bowl for three days now, and quickly the memories of a great week in South Florida are being covered up by inch after inch of snow.

So before the synapses become completely disconnected and/or frozen, I thought it would make sense to share some of the interesting moments of the week with you, via a live chat.

The highlight possibly was the NFL Network spot with Rich Eisen, Jason La Canfora, and Jay Glazer — and specifically the moment where Jay Glazer gave me the finger.  (He didn’t actually give me the finger.  I think.)

We’ll do the chat on Friday, starting at 1:00 p.m. ET. 

You can ask any question you want, about Super Bowl week, the game, free agency, Olympic hockey, etc.  No holds barred.

Of course, I’ll only answer the questions I feel like answering, but
you can ask whatever you want to ask, primarily since the chat tool
prevents me from stopping you.

And who knows?  Maybe we’ll make it a weekly thing.  Until I get bored with it.

So basically we’ll do it twice.

5 responses to “Friday afternoon live chat is coming

  1. Do you feel the Eagles were the biggest fraud team of 2009 and can they be in the Superbowl mix without McNabb next year?

  2. Sounds nice! I’ll take you up on that since I usually have a bit of time before hitting the felt at Full Tilt.

  3. I want to say something like to the effect that nobody cares, but I would probably tune in to waste a Friday afternoon…

  4. Mikey, in the NFLN session you were on with Glazer and LaCanfora, how did you like Eisan taking you to task right at the beginning? Was he serious? He seemed kinda nasty, but maybe it was all a put-on.
    I enjoyed that segment a lot. You should be on there regularly.

  5. Are rumors that Manning may had had sore ribs from the game against the Jets a bunch of BS?
    Or do videos of his heavy breathing on the sidelines and quick departure after the game have significance?
    Not that it would affect his legacy or anything.

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