Hentrich to retire

Long-time Titan Craig Hentrich has punted his last football in the NFL.

“I’ve punted for 17 years in this league, and that’s long enough,” Hentrich said Wednesday.

His final 12 seasons came with the Titans and he finished last year on injured reserve because of a calf injury.  He played his entire career without an ACL, and underwent surgery for that as well after the calf injury.

Hentrich was the last active member of the Titans’ 1999 Super Bowl team and made two Pro Bowls.  Brett Kern capably replaced him at midseason last year.

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  1. Im guessing the way it was worded like that was because Kearse left and played for eagles for a few years and now is back with the Titans as of ’08, so he hadn’t been on the team the whole time.

  2. So? Jevon Kearse played on the ’99 team and is still an active member of the organization. Him leaving to play for the Eagles doesn’t mean A) He was not part of the ’99 team or B) Is not active on the team.

  3. Letting Hentrich go was what Ron Wolf called one of his biggest mistakes. The Packers are still looking for a decent punter.

  4. Ron Wolf letting Hentrich get away from Green Bay was his biggest mistake ever – just ahead of his Terrell Buckley and Jamal Reynolds fiascos. The Packers’ punting situation has still never recovered and that was 13 years ago.

  5. “The Packers’ punting situation has still never recovered and that was 13 years ago.”
    The Packers did have Josh Bidwell and Jon Ryan after Hentrich but either way, letting Hentrich looked like a bad mistake.

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