Andrews open to restructured deal

Given the option of taking a pay cut or being released, Eagles guard Stacy Andrews will choose door number one.

“I would do a minor restructuring of my contract,” Andrews told the Philadelphia Inquirer.  The Eagles “want to do an adjustment and we’re
willing. Hopefully, we can come to an agreement.”

Andrews’ agent says he hasn’t heard an ultimatum and is confident a deal can get done.  Andrews, however, said he “wouldn’t mess with” a $4.1 million roster bonus that is scheduled to come by April 4.

So basically Andrews is willing to work something out, but he knows he would do just fine if the Eagles let him go.

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  1. How about his brothers somewhat rich deal? That guy has like played in two games in two years if not less. How about restructuring his?

  2. If the Eagles aren’t dealing with Shaun Andrews their now dealing with the other flop of a brother Stacy. Who is he to say that he deserves all that money. 4.1 million dollar roster bonus? c’mon man. You didn’t earn that money. You earned the .1 part of it. If the Eagles give it to you, I hope that you donate it to charity. Get your big rear end in the gym. Sure up your knee, drop 10 to 20 lbs and come back stronger next year. You must regain your starting role. It’s pretty sad when Nick Cole and Jean Gilles are better than you. But I will just think that your knee was a mess and needed time to heal.

  3. Seriously, I have no idea why the Iggles gave him that deal. Any Bengals fan could have told you he was nowhere near that good.

  4. I bought into the whole “this will help Shawn reach his full potential” hype and it would have been money well spent had it worked but I guess no one considered the Shawn factor on his brother because Stacy has been a chump.

  5. How is it that when Sheldon Brown outperforms his contract the fan base – rightfully – stands up and says he should abide by the contract he and the team agreed to?
    BUT when it goes the other way, when the player does not meet the salary he was offered, that same fan base demands he make good and save the team from a mistake that it made?
    Face it, the Eagles genius management blew it and – like they have with Reggie Brown – must eat the $’s for little return.
    You win some you lose some when you business this way. That’s the game, they have to live with it. I am not sure how Andrews is a scumbag for doing what every single person in America would do.

  6. If he and his brother shawn can come back to playing form….the eagles will have some nasty depth at the oline. I was never real concerned about stacy not playing. The guy tore his knee up at the end of the ’08 season and the coaches knew it would take time away from the field. The guy can be a monster. I am more woried about Shawn andrews and his tweaky back….

  7. I say restructure his deal and give him another year to redeem himself. He DID in fact injure his knee at the end of the ’08 season so its kind of crazy to expect him to dominate less than a year later. Same thing with Jamaal Jackson. I hope the Eagles have a plan for the C position as well because any knowledgeable fan can see that Jackson wont be very explosive at the beginning of next season after a serious knee injury. Draft a CB within the 1st 3 rounds and move sheldon to safety. Sign Peppers to a 1-2 year deal and draft a OLB in the top 2 rounds and watch this team make a deep run into the playoffs! Bring back Weaver, Hobbs and Avant. I wont shed a tear if Gocong, Gaither and a few other “special teams” players dont make it back this season. Maybe its just wishful thinking, but I would love to see Shawn Andrews make it back to the field this season. He’s got all the talent to be the best OT in the game.

  8. He basically won the lottery. He barely did training camp. He played sparingly during the season. I hate the guy, but would have anyone turned down the money the idiotic Eagles gave him? Don’t get mad at him. Be mad at the Eagles for making such a stupid move. The guy blew out his knee in the last game of the year in 2008! Why any team would think a 350 pound man would have recovered is beyond me. He should give most of the salary to Shawn since the Birds wanted Stacy to babysit him.

  9. “He’s got all the talent to be the best OT in the game.”
    Naw, Jason Peters already has that locked up.

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