2010 free agent quarterback class has a surprise entry

250810.jpgAs you may know, we’ve been listing the restricted and unrestricted free agents on a division-by-division basis, and then posting an item in the Rumor Mill with some connection to the four-team list of restricted and unrestricted free agents.

For the NFC South free agents, we had planned to focus this teaser entry on the Saints.  But then we saw that the Buccaneers’ list of unrestricted free agents, as disseminated by the NFLPA, includes guy who never played for the Buccaneers.

Quarterback Jake Plummer.

Plummer was traded from Denver to Tampa in early 2007, and Plummer said he’d retire in lieu of playing for the Bucs.  Eventually, Tampa obtained a sizable refund of bonus money paid by the Broncos to Plummer.  The resolution apparently did not entail Plummer being placed on the reserve-retired list. 

As a result, he’ll be available to sign with any team, if he should choose to unretire.

Plummer is only 35, a spring chicken in comparison to Brett Favre — and only 15 months older than Peyton Manning.

Maybe Mike Shanahan and the Redskins would be interested.  Said Plummer in July 2009 regarding the man who benched Plummer in 2006 and traded him in 2007:  “Well, he was what only five-four?  But he wants them to think he’s
five-six.  Hey man, that’s just like his mansion, he wants you to think
it’s bigger than it is

Actually, maybe Plummer would be interested in joining the Cowboys, Giants, or Eagles.

45 responses to “2010 free agent quarterback class has a surprise entry

  1. Jake the Fake. Shanny’s system made him an above average Qb. Shanny tried turning him loose and ended up throwing 20 interceptions. After he was benched for Cutler he had a chance to redeem himself. What happened? Horrible INT. Besides, he is playing handball in Idaho.

  2. talk about throwing crap on the wall to see if it sticks…
    Besides he’s too busy tearing up the handball circuit.
    Some guys just cannot handle the pressure so they choose not to.

  3. I always thought Jake got a bum rap. He played on some really bad Cardinals teams and then had some success with the Broncos, taking them to the AFC championship game. The Broncos then turned around and drafted Jay Cutler the next season.
    If I was a team that needed QB depth, I would bring Jake in for a workout.

  4. Teams and agents trade player contracts the way some people trade baseball cards. It’s an investment. No way Plummer comes back.

  5. Some of you know I am a cards fan. If you are a NFL fan and you want to try and get involved with the local team, and you’re in AZ, it’s the cards.
    Followed his career at ASU, got season tickets in the hot ass ASU sun burned stadium when the cards drafted Jake. Was there for every home game he played with the cards. Heart attack city. Way up or way down.
    Then there was the ” I don’t give a rat’s ass about the fans” comment. If you paid $1,100.00 a year plus incidentals, for three seats in that hot stadium and supported this guy, would you want him back now? I CANNOT believe I am saying this, but I would take (choke) Leinart before I would take Jake the flake back.

  6. Oh!!! The “Pat Tillman Loverboy” actually wants to do something else besides CONSTANTLY talking about Pat Tillman???
    No disrespect to a hero like Tillman, but other people who have more important jobs than Plummer pay respect to fallen family members and friends don’t neglect their jobs like how Plummer did.
    If Plummer were a real football player, he would have actually been mad as a Bronco and not teach Jay Cutler the “ropes of the NFL” and constantly give him every good tip in the book.

  7. With Kurt Warner The Great retired… the Cardinals should try to bring Jake Plummer back.
    Everyone knows that Matt Leinart isn’t the answer. Weak arm, 2-cent brain, can’t read a defense, can’t memorize a playbook, terrible footwork (still), immature to boot.
    Leinart sucks.

  8. Typical Florio! Trying to make a story out of nothing… Plummer has never been that good a QB. Maybe Dan Marino comes out of retirement, so he’d also be free to sign with any team…

  9. what’s his completion %……wait for it….57%! Still better than Staubach, but not as good as Damon Huard. Oh well, he’s probably loving life in Idaho, hear the dollar is worth more there!

  10. Cripes. All the critics of Plummer. The dude had a good NFL career.
    Why the anger when everyone in the NFL is not Joe Montana? We need some very good QBs in the NFL and Plummer was one of them. He was really good. Get over yourselves, if you can actually reach out to the chips that are so so far away on the coffee table, with the trans-fat cheese dip dripping down your unshaved chin and 3-day-straight T-shirt, and you can’t get the Bud Light your wife refuses to deliver.
    And those of you thinking he is taking advantage of Tillman? You’re the sickest. Plummer and Tillman were close. Those of you making hay out of this are all politics. Tillman and Plummer are hearts of a kind, politics be damned.
    As for the accusations Plummer was fiddling young ladies with his hands down their panties while dancing and consuming alchohol — well, who hasn’t done that? Yawn.

  11. I wonder if Houston is possible? He wanted Shanahan to trade him to Houston but the problem with that one was that the Broncos played the Texans that year. No way was Shanahan going to lose that one to Jake and Kubiak.

  12. beals12,
    Oh yea, you’re the guy who knows NFL QBs. You woulda been one if it were not for the mother in law, the IRS, the veteran’s administration, and that damn tickle in your foot that verges on pain. But you had it, old boy, that arm, you could wing it. Geese or other flying things beware.

  13. Whaaaah? This guy retired 2 years ago!
    Maybe Barry Sanders will come back also! My “Sources” tell me the Redskins are interested!

  14. Plummer was on Did Not Report his entire Bucs career. His contract tolls in the NFLPA website (and thus he disappears in 2010) but that’s not actually the case. He contract has not tolled with Tampa Bay because he was on DNR.

  15. Actually, maybe Plummer would be interested in joining the Cowboys, Giants, or Eagles.
    Yeah, that would sure show Shanahan.

  16. I think Drat is trying to rise among the top assholes on this site. He argues just for the sake of argument. beals said Plummer isn’t a good QB and then Drat says some random stuff about beals not being in the NFL. It’s still okay to criticize him, moron. Go ahead, keep talking out of your ass, though.

  17. This story has merit…LOLOLOL.
    Plummer hasn’t been in the league the last few years for a reason Florio. I know it’s the offseason but can you please try to come up with something less, I dunno, lazy??

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