Calculating the 2010 franchise tenders

Nine days into the two-week period for applying the franchise tag, no team has officially used it.


So where, you ask, do the franchise numbers come from?  OK, so maybe you didn’t ask.  But we’re gonna tell you anyway.

The franchise tender is based on the average value of the five highest-paid players at the same position from the prior year.

For each position, here are the numbers and the five salaries that gave rise to them for 2010.

At cornerback, the franchise tender is $9.566 million, based on the average 2009 pay of Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey ($13.188 million), Texans cornerback Dunta Robinson ($9.957 million), Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel ($9.9 million), Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis ($7.425 million), and Giants cornerback Corey Webster ($7.357 million).

At defensive end, the franchise tender has climbed to $12.398 million, based on the average 2009 pay of Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers ($16.683 million), Vikings defensive end Jared Allen ($14.533 million), Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney ($11.22 million), 49ers defensive end Justin Smith ($10.283 million), and Saints defensive end Will Smith ($9.271 million).

At defensive tackle, the franchise value of $7 million arises from the 2009 average pay received by Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris ($8.59 million), Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth ($7 million), Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux ($6.5 million), Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers ($6.473 million), and Steelers defensive tackle Casey Hampton ($6.452 million).

At linebacker, the average 2009 pay of Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware ($11.435 million), Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby ($9.678 million), Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher ($9.175 million), Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck ($9.109 million), and Jets linebacker Bart Scott ($9 million) equates to $9.68 million.

For offensive linemen, the $10.731 million average comes from the 2009 money paid to 49ers tackle Joey Staley ($10.731 million), Eagles tackle Jason Peters ($12.7 million), Seahawks tackle Walter Jones ($9.8 million), Dolphins tackle Jake Long ($9.6 million), and Packers tackle Chad Clifton ($8.034 million).

At quarterback, the average of $16.4 million comes from Colts quarterback Peyton Manning ($21.199 million), Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb ($16.704 million), Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel ($15.2 million), Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ($14.62 million), and Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer ($14.3 million).

At running back, the top five of Saints running back Reggie Bush ($10.585 million), Eagles running back Brian Westbrook ($8.633 million), Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson ($7.541 million), Rams running back Steven Jackson ($7.399 million) and Chargers running back Darren Sproles ($6.621 million) translates to an average of $8.156 million.

At receiver, the average pay of $9.521 million comes from Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald ($10.893 million), Bucs receiver Antonio Bryant ($9.884 million), Patriots receiver Randy Moss ($9.65 million), Panthers receiver Steve Smith ($8.997 million), and Lions receiver Calvin Johnson ($8.18 million).

For tight ends, Dallas Clark of the Colts ($6.77 million), Daniel Graham of the Broncos ($6.45 million), Todd Heap of the Ravens ($6.367 million), Kellen Winslow of the Buccaneers ($5.17 million), and Vernon Davis of the 49ers ($4.78 million) created an average of $5.908 million.

At safety, the average of $6.455 million arises from the average salaries paid to Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson ($7.039 million), Steelers safety Troy Polamalu ($6.495 million), Ravens safety Ed Reed ($6.4 million), Rams safety Oshiomogho Atogwe ($6.342 million), and Titans safety Chris Hope ($6 million).

Last, and definitely least, the franchise figure for kickers/punters of $2.814 million comes from Raiders punter Shane Lechler ($3.1 million), Bears kicker Robbie Gould ($2.9 million), 49ers kicker Joe Nedney ($2.862 million), Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri ($2.695 million), and Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski ($2.51 million).

So there you have it, more than you ever wanted to know about the origin of the franchise numbers.

33 responses to “Calculating the 2010 franchise tenders

  1. Man for all the talk about Jerry Jones trying to buy championships, the Cowboys don’t appear to have too many guys that are among the highest paid players in the league. Just Demarcus Ware. I notice the 0-3gles have several.
    Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel ($9.9 million)
    Eagles tackle Jason Peters ($12.7 million)
    Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb ($16.704 million)
    And oh yeah, forgot this guy.
    Eagles running back Brian Westbrook ($8.633 million)

  2. What about Nnamdi at CB? And when Reggie Bush gets cut does the RB number drop? Surely you won’t answer me, but these are things I think should be addressed Florio.

  3. Just FYI, the franchise tag being applied for the 3rd time or longer demands the average of the 5 highest paid players: Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb, Julius Peppers, Matt Cassel, and Tom Brady.
    That’s 16.88 million, which is what Karlos Dansby would have to be paid if he were tagged again.

  4. Thanks Vox, as an Eagle fan I appreciate you rubbing that in my face. Well I guess from a financial standpoint 2 of those guys will probably not be with us next season, uncapped year, go figure.

  5. Didn’t realize there was a bunch of talk about Jerry Jones trying to buy a championships. The Cowgirls are not the Yankees.

  6. Whew !!!! So glad that they will be able to feed their familys
    Please play hard ball both owners and players on the CBA so you are out of work like 11 % of Americans

  7. Where did you get the salary information? Is this publicly available somewhere for all the players in the league?

  8. I was really surprised not to see Danny Boy up there more than once.
    It’s amazing how many of those names are now irrelevant and yet making bank.

  9. I love how 4 of the 5 runningbacks are either injury prone, declining or specialty backs or all 3.
    The only guy worth anything in that group is Steven Jackson, the guy is a baller on a bad team.

  10. What about Asomugha’s contract? I thought he got a mega deal both in total value and per-year basis?

  11. I thought Eli was gonna be on this list? And Nnamdi?
    Incredulous that the Chargers currently employ 2 of the highest paid RBs and have a terrible run game.

  12. My math has the average O-line salary at $10.173 million and not $10.731 million as stated here in the article.

  13. Klown, Nnamdi has a big contract but his earnings in ’09 weren’t top five.
    Salary includes base pay plus bonus received in ’09 so if a player received a big signing bonus, roster bonus, or played under a franchise tag in ’09, they are more likely to be on this list.
    For example, the only reason Dunta Robinson is on the list is because he played under a one year contract (franchise tag) which put him in the top five earnings for 2009, even though his contract wasn’t anywhere near top five in total earnings potential.
    Bush getting cut has no effect on the tag amounts because it’s based on 2009 salary, and that’s what he earned in 2009.

  14. ToolVox has a hard-on for the Eagles.
    And nobody accuses Jerry Jones for trying to buy a championship. That’s the Yankees.

  15. Florio,
    Great post for once…..
    Actually, I have an idea for you that will generate lots of hits and posts. Start a thread on which player is the most overpaid player at their respective position. This should get comments galore.
    I was a bit surprised that Reggie Bush made $10.585 million last year. Was this including the extra bonus money he made as a result of the Saints winning the Divisional Round, NFC Championship and the Super Bowl?
    And, if the Saints were ok with paying Reggie Bush $10.585 million last year, why wouldn’t they pay him $8.5 million or so this year?

  16. Antonio Bryant made over $253,000 per catch this season, which translates to more than $16,000 per yard gained.

  17. Thanx for that, Florio. I knew the Bucs paid dearly to get Kellen Winslow, but had no idea how much Antonio Bryant was making. Throw in Derrick Ward & that’s a whole lotta moula on pretty crappy production.

  18. I think its interesting that the Steelers could tag Casey Hampton and not have to shell out a huge amount of extra money for him (in NFL terms)

  19. Florio, you grouped all OL together, OL salaries for salary cap purposes are broken down by position, OT, OG, and OC.
    How is Corey Webster of the Giants making $7 mil+ per year? He’s terrible!

  20. You might also want to include the information of how the transition tag is given…. the average of the top 10 salaries at those positions.

  21. Peyton made 21 million last year?!?!?! I do think he is one of the greatest to play the game, but my God, 21 million in one year?????

  22. It seems that including franchised players from the previous year skews the numbers. After all a franchised players salary doesn’t truly reflect his open market value.

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