Leonard Little's long tenure with Rams could end

Defensive end Leonard Little has played in St. Louis since 1998; he’s the last remaining member of the Super Bowl XXXIV-winning team.

In 13 days, however, Leonard officially will hit the open market, possibly ending his 12-year tenure with the team.

Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett reportedly believes that Little could still generate double-digit sacks, so if he doesn’t stay in St. Louis, Little might get a chance somewhere else.

Here’s the full list of NFC West free agents.

23 responses to “Leonard Little's long tenure with Rams could end

  1. Q.) What do Leonard Little, Ray Lewis, Phil Spector, and The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez have in common?
    A.) Hellbound.

  2. Should make a list of current felons playing while you are making lists. Last count it was 30 something.

  3. Poo Monkey,
    Leonard won’t have another DUI manslaughter. He’s a good guy with a huge, irretractable, unapologetic blotch on his life, from a mind-bendingly poor mistake of decision. No apoligies. I could name 257 NFL players more likely to kill someone this year. You can keep score if you like. And from the sound of your post, maybe you are too (more likely to kill). Even though you, uh, couldn’t ever play in the NFL, because you are…. mainly extraneous tissue, and your liver is devoted full time to saturated fats and alchohol. Am I wrong?

  4. Drat,
    “Leonard won’t have another DUI manslaughter.”
    how do you know? he was dumb enough to do it once, then get out of jail and get ANOTHER DUI, going 20+ over the limit. who are you to say he won’t do it again?

  5. @Drat I could accept your stance, which I think is appropriate for people like stallworth has shown thus far to be, But in Little’s case he was busted again for DUI. That to me shows an unacceptable lack of remorse. He’s possibly the one guy I would consider giving up on my team for. He really is everything to hate about the over entitled star/athlete not all of them are, but he is

  6. First time Florio EVER ran a story about Leonard Little without mentioning . . .
    Susan Gutweiller.
    You are the reason I remember her name. Good job, sir.

  7. If pro athletes bother you when they are convicted of crimes and are allowed to play again, why do people who it bothers watch or follow? I am not saying it is right, but the guy paid for his crime. I am sure that there is part of him that will never forget what he did. It is not our place to judge the man. The man upstairs knows what is in Leonard Little’s heart.

  8. @Al Davis is my Christ
    Check the facts, bud. The second time around Little was arrested for DUI but he was later proven to be legally sober (he had 2 beers) at the time and the charges were dropped. Since then he has quit drinking, stayed out of trouble, and, according to a article by the STL Post-Dispatch, which is the 1st time he spoke of the incident, contemplated suicide on numerous occasions since. I hope that is enough remorse to assuage your hatred, but it wont be, so I don’t know why I even tried.

  9. I hope the Skins don’t sign this guy…. We have who we need on the Dline I think, playing already. So this is how this issue stacks up in my head on Little – because he did kill someone, albeit by accident and over 10 years ago, but still unforgivable for the family of the victims.
    I don’t want him on the Skins
    90% – because his age, diminished skills, fact we don’t need him, salary demands – in that order.
    9% – his transgressions
    1% – stay in STL
    I tell you what, it’d be nice to grab Jason Taylor up on the cheap to come off the bench at OLB/DE in Haslett’s new system.

  10. Mizzou, don’t despair, if true I would ammend my statement. I hadn’t heard all that, if true it would change my opinion. though drinking after 2 beers after killing someone while drunk driving is bad, it’s not as reprehensible as I understood the situation to be. So yeah, If what you say is true, consider me somewhat assuaged.

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