Lions plan to take best non-quarterback available

The Detroit Lions have so many needs on both sides of the ball that they say there’s no one position they’ll address with the second pick in the April draft. So they’re going with a “best player available” draft philosophy — just as long as the best player available isn’t a quarterback.

“Obviously, we wouldn’t take a quarterback with the second overall pick at this point, so there’s some common sense in there,” Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew said, per the Detroit Free Press. “But we want to continue to add talented players, no matter what side of the ball those guys play on or what their positions are.”

Last year the Lions selected the player they hope is their franchise quarterback for years to come, Matthew Stafford. This year, depending on who’s left after the Rams pick first, most analysts expect Detroit to select a defensive tackle (either Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy) or an offensive tackle (probably Russell Okung).

But Mayhew says it’s just about finding good players, period.

“Philosophically, our position hasn’t changed,” Mayhew said. “We want to look for the best players we can find without regard to what side of the ball that they play, what position that they play.”

26 responses to “Lions plan to take best non-quarterback available

  1. They should try to trade back, maybe even a couple of times, and pick up some extra draft picks. They need a lot of help, no single guy will be good enough to turn them around, but three very good players will help a bunch

  2. I know Matt Millen is gone, but wouldn’t that be fantastic if Dez Bryant was their choice. You could could hear the moans and curse words coming from Detroit for miles!

  3. Thats funny Florio. Whats the next headline: Republicans nominate next non-democrat.
    The same headline could apply to about 15 teams. Geezuz.

  4. My apologies to Florio. Michaed David Smith wrote it.
    Wait: Maybe this is breaking news. This means the Lions arent going to try and play 2 QBs on the field at the same time.

  5. They had a pretty good draft last year which is all the more reason why i beleive that they will screw this one up. The Lions never get anything right… it’s kind of their thing. I’m thinking they’ll probably fall in love with some RB or WR and it will be more of the same Lions garbage. But I’m still a fan and wish them the best.

  6. Best athlete? Isn’t that the approach they used during the Millen Error and that led to 3 straight WRs as their top pick? Of course, I can’t even begin to understand him taking Mike Williams because he could have had him at any time that he wanted.

  7. i know i am in the minority but i truely believe detroit is very close to being a playoff team. obviously a ton depends on stafford developing into the quarterback that many think he can be but i like alot of the pieces this team has and i think scharz is the right guy to lead this franchise

  8. IMO – How to build a team in order of importance.
    1 – QB
    2 – OL including TE
    3 – Defensive front seven
    Shake a tree and hope that good RBs, WRs and DBs fall out.

  9. Funny how we can create news where there is none…………………….
    But as long as the Lions follow the Rooney Rule, right Florio??/

  10. Maybe, just maybe they could be sensible and trade back 5 spots or so and take a LT. They aren’t going to compete in 2010, so protecting their franchise QB is the way to go. Teams will come calling if the Rams draft a QB and Suh is still on the board.
    If they move down no lower than 15, they will get a stud LT and have an extra 3rd(possibly 2nd) and an extra late round pick. That team has more needs than most, so this would be the way to go.

  11. No single player will turn the Lions around; but Suh or McCoy will be a great start. No way I would trade down, take whichever guy is there and get ready for round 2.

  12. “Obviously, we wouldn’t take a quarterback with the second overall pick at this point, so there’s some common sense in there.” No Martin, there isn’t any common sense in there. There hasn’t been any common sense in that room in a LONG time.
    And with the 2nd overall pick in the draft, the Detroit Lions select… Dez Bryant, WR.

  13. You build from the line out. O and D line choices should be more than the #2 pick. It might be most of their choices. Things would improve greatly.

  14. Like several others have said, trade down a few picks and gain an extra second and/or third round pick because of it. There will be plenty of talent still on the board if they drop down a few spots. Left tackle is the best way to go.

  15. @Dan. Florio didn’t even write this article you tool learn to rea before you wanna bash a sportswriter

  16. Need to take one of those 2 DT’s available. Believe it or not, if Stafford continues progressing the Lions might only be a couple years away from respectability again.
    Despite how it appears, the O-line is not that bad. Last year you had a second year RB that missed blocking assignments, a rookie TE that missed blocking assignmentsd and a rookie QB that held the ball too long at times. That should improve with experience. It should also improve if you add one more WR to help out CJ so he’s not double teamed and develop a running game that’s consistent.
    One reason the running game was hit and miss was because the defense allowed for great deficits early which removed any chance of a running game being developed. If you improve the D-line and start to get pressure on the opposing QB then the secondary won’t get schooled so much. It all starts with pressure. It doesn’t matter who your CB’s and safeties are if you can’t get pressure.
    On a good note, the Lions are looking more than good at the LB position so at least that’s a start.
    Pick defense this year. Get a good second WR through free agency. Get a running back through either. Team is at least starting to make good personnel decisions. I’ve been waiting a long time for that.

  17. Oh boy. What is most painful about this post is that non-Detroit fans misunderstand what it means.
    See, in Detroit, the “philosophy” of best available often means “Who we think is best available” which does not normally align with who everyone else thinks is the best.
    Also, it means they will screw up the pick and reach for someone because they want them on their team. They did this last year when they drafted Stafford and Pettigrew in the first round.
    They refuse to target actual needs, which means no DT, but probably a RB or WR because they will be “best available” at number 2.
    Someone kill me now….

  18. Since they draft so high, and this class is so deep, the Kittys should definately take Suh or McCoy.
    At the 34th pick, there will be first round talent available on either the offensive or D-lines. They are in a great position to lock up a serviceable D-line for the next decade or so.

  19. Guys, this is news because the Lions typically pass on the “best available” drafting philosophy and go with a “whoever blows the best wind up our skirt” approach. We took historically bad players at incredibly inappropriate draft positions. (For a recent example of this practice, see the Radiers taking Hayward-Bey.) Taking the best available player is something that good teams – especially rebuilding teams- historically rely on. A good example of this is the Dolphins taking Jake Long.
    Common sense in Detroit? I’ll believe it when I see it, but this is a nice start.

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