Report: No tag for Sharper

D.Sharper.jpgThe question of whether the Saints will use the franchise tag on safety Darren Sharper has presented plenty of intrigue of late.

First,’s Len Pasquarelli reported that the Saints had said they’d use the franchise tag on no one.

Then, ESPN’s Adam Schefter suggested that Sharper could still be tagged.

Then, we pointed out the inconsistency.

Then,’s Steve Wyche reported that the Saints will use the tag on Sharper.

Then, we learned that no decision had been made.  Earlier today, we pointed out that there had still been no indication that Sharper will be tagged.

Now, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the tag won’t be used on Sharper.

And to bring it all full circle, Schefter credits Pasquarelli for his report that the tag wouldn’t be used.  If Schefter had only believed the report last Monday, it would have been a far less eventful week.

So, basically, we’re glad he didn’t.

Bottom line?  The Saints might be willing to let Sharper gauge the market, and hoping for a chance to match any offer he gets elsewhere.  The thinking would be that, like Randy Moss two years ago, Sharper will realize after being on the shelf for a while that no one else is going to offer him dramatically more than the Saints would pay.

Regardless of the motive, the Saints aren’t willing to pay Sharper $6.455 million for one more year of football.

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  1. The Vikings were stupid for allowing him to leave in the first place, and they should attempt to bring him back next year. Tyrell Johnson is not the answer for our secondary, and Madieu Williams is just a over payed nobody.
    Bring Sharper back and go out and get a good CB and call it a offseason.

  2. “Sharper will realize after being on the shelf for a while that no one else is going to offer him dramatically more than the Saints would pay.”
    WTF… yes I used that god awful text short, are you smoking? Did you not see the season he had last year? This guy was a beast and I find it odd that you nominated him for your Safety award yet claim that he has been on the shelf. WTF

  3. Sharper is strickly one demensional…all he can do is play centerfield….he cant cover and he’s useless in run support…..he also ran out of gas at the end of the season
    besides a desparation heave from Tom Brady all of his ints were against young QB’s whose eyes he were able to read
    the Saints lose nothing without him

  4. the reason behind this is that sharper expressed his desire 2 get a 2 year deal.. the saints r just trying 2 cater 2 his wishes assuming they can meet on the price tag.. saints do not want him gone & they r ready 2 pay him the 6.5 mill..

  5. Interesting how FLorio manages to insert multiple references to his posts as somehow relevant to the mindless absurdity of the actual journalists posts.

  6. I have been thinking this is what the Saints would wind up doing with Sharper all along. I don’t see many teams (actually none) who will be willing to pony up the big bucks to rent Sharper for a year or two. He worked out very well for the Saints and performed his role quite well, but he is a role/system player who would not be an upgrade for the vast majority of teams because he works well in the Saints system, but would flop in most other defenses. He is a liability in man coverage, terrible in run support and is getting old fast.
    I suspect he will test the waters, find them mighty cold and sign a two year “face saving” deal with the Saints for about $6.5 million with about $3.5 million of that in a roster bonus and salary for next year. He can play for $3 million this year with the Saints or sign a phony contract with somebody else and get cut 12 months from now.
    If you do take the phony contract with some other team Darren, thanks for the memories. They were priceless.
    New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Champions

  7. 9 interceptions, 3 TDs, and set the record for INT return yardage in a season. I’d say he’s damn good. And he also wants to stay in New Orleans.

  8. # Pack_Attack says: February 22, 2010 8:18 PM
    That’s because he isn’t very good.
    you’re an idiot, a guy who just likes to talk out his a$$ for $hits and giggles, or didn’t watch any of the Saints games this year. I suspect all three.

  9. The Saints might ultimately regret letting him test out the market. The Eagles tried to do the same thing with Brian Dawkins and it back fired. They figured he would see what was out there and that it would be not much more then the Eagles were offering. They assumed if that happened he would take the deal in Philadelphia.
    Well we all no it didnt work out that way. The Broncos offered the 36 year old Dawkins a 5 year contract. No team including the Eagles were willing to give a contract of that length to a guy that age. Even though the average money per year wasnt far off its the years that got Dawkins to leave Philly.
    The same thing could happen with Sharper. Sure he might take less money from the Saints seeing he won a superbowl with them, but if another team offers a contract with more years he will more then likely take it.
    The ironic thing is the team that lost a player to those very same circumstances could be the ones that do it to the Saints. The Eagles are in desperate need of a safety and Sharper fits into what they do on defense. They love hard hitting ball hawks in the back field and Sharper fits the bill.
    I Think the Eagles like Macho Harris and Quinton Demps but feel they need more time to get better. Sharper could come in and take over the job while Demps and Harris grow. It also could allow the Eagles to focus on other needs in the draft without having to target a safety in the early rounds.

  10. Sharper will own the All Time INT mark in NFL history in about 3 years….yeah he sucks.

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