Jets pick up Nick Folk

Former Cowboys kicker Nick Folk will get a chance to restart his career with the Jets.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the 2007 Pro Bowler was signed to a one-year year deal.  The starting job is reportedly Folk’s to lose, which means that unrestricted free agent Jay Feely will have to base his twitter operation from a different locale next season.

(Cue the “That’s all Folks” headline in New York.)

The news may come as a surprise to some Jets fans, but Feely struggled down the stretch and is eight years older than Folk.  Feely was weak on kickoffs, but Folk isn’t much better.

11 responses to “Jets pick up Nick Folk

  1. Feeley is like Fred Funk… Short but steady and straight off the tee.
    Folk is a four letter word that starts with an F and ends with a K.
    Won’t end well in NYC or Jersey

  2. This sounds like an uncapped year move.
    Jets do not resign Feely. Someone else signs them. In the meantime, they sign a kicker who was cut mid year, and therefore not subject to the FA restrictions. When someone signs Feely, probably for 1-1.5M a year, the Jets can get a FA at that figure.

  3. Fans were never expecting a miss when Feely stepped up, which is much better than most kickers. They should keep him, age doesn’t really matter with kickers, it’s between the ears, and Feely was generally reliable when they needed him to be.

  4. Datroof says:
    February 23, 2010 3:38 PM
    Is this the point where we say “Rex, WTF???”

  5. there will be two in camp just to keep the winner’s leg fresh in preseason. they all do it people. keep moving nothing to see here.

  6. Shankapotamus has a brain problem, I think. Anybody that can get his head screwed on straight will end up with a really good FG kicker (but his kickoffs were never really that great).

  7. “reports that the 2007 Pro Bowler ”
    Folk being named to the Pro Bowl that year was an absolute joke.

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