Niners officially tag Franklin

As expected, the 49ers have applied the franchise tag to nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin.

The non-exclusive version of the tag, which required the Niners to offer him a one-year deal with a guaranteed salary (if the tender is accepted) of $7 million, prevents Franklin from becoming an unrestricted free agent.

“Aubrayo has proven to be a valuable contributor to our defense and we are looking forward to having him on our team going forward,” G.M. Scot McCloughan said.  “Although a contract extension has not been completed at this time, we will continue to have discussions with Aubrayo and his agent.”

Franklin joined the team in 2007 as an unrestricted free agent.  He has since become one of the top defensive tackles in the game.

10 responses to “Niners officially tag Franklin

  1. His full name is Aubrayo Franklin Delano Romanowski. He should be able to afford the reprint for his new jerseys now.

  2. I am weary about signing him long term, he is on the wrong side of 30 and his best year came in a contract year. The tag is perfect because it is essentially another contract year.

  3. Niners also raise ticket prices…..
    My Niners Season Tickets went up from $98 per ticket per game to $114 per ticket per game.
    I guess they needed some extra money to pay Franklin.
    I just paid my invoice, so pay the man already……..

  4. You 49er fans should be thanking Mike Nolan for stealing Franklin from the Ravens. He was well liked here but was behind Kelly Gregg in the rotation. He was developed by Clarence Brooks and Rex Ryan and really picked it up from his 1st and second year.

  5. Mike Nolan was not at all a good head coach, but he and McCloughan have definitely made some good additions to the roster. Whereas we were Rams-caliber bad 4 or 5 years ago, we’re a lot closer to the middle of the pack now. Yay?

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