Spanos want L.T. to win a Super Bowl, after the Chargers do

There has been much talk regarding the Chargers’ decision to part ways with running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

Owner Dean Spanos provides the best sound we’ve heard.

Of course, the title to this blurb sort of gives it away.


16 responses to “Spanos want L.T. to win a Super Bowl, after the Chargers do

  1. Florio,
    Evidently, you’re not a fan of verb conjugation?
    One would think you’d at least like to pretend to be a journalist.

  2. Caveman write article.
    You read.
    “Spanos want L.T. to win a Super Bowl, after the Chargers do”
    Ahahahahahaha, nice try.

  3. How sweet of him, considering he cost LT a SB when he traded Brees off the team for a QB that would take a few years to mature. LT’s prime years were wasted away in a new QB’s development.

  4. I’m not sure about winning, but Tomlinson’s best chance of GETTING to the Superbowl is to play the Chargers in the AFC championship. That seems to work for everyone.

  5. Yep, gotta join the others in chastising you for the damn commercials. It so amazingly sucks that it is hard to describe how much so. Hate the network television treatment on this once “insider” blog. I still read it, but am boycotting the video. Your good fortune has become one more comsumer-style pain in the ass for we, the loyal fans of this blog.

  6. The “LT = Lawrence Taylor” comments are weird. Is it so mind-blowing that two people might have the same nickname? “Ladainian Tomlinson” is a mouthful; just let him be “LT,” too. Nobody is getting them confused, I promise.
    Are these the same people that fly into a rage when Adrian Peterson is called “AP” instead of “AD”?

  7. If you would have acquired a couple of good run blocking linemen a couple of years ago, you and LT might’ve already won a SB or two. Together. For the Chargers.

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