Feely wants to stay in New York

The signing of Nick Folk would appear to close the door on the Jay Feely era with the Jets, but the kicker/political commentator hopes that isn’t true.

“I appreciate all
the support from the Jets fans,” Feely tweeted Wednesday.  “I have truly enjoyed being a Jet and my
sincere wish is to be one til the end of my career.”

It sounds like Feely isn’t afraid of competing with Folk.  But the Jets seem unlikely to offer Feely a great deal if they already have another decent option in house.  Feely says he’s had positive contract talks with the Jets and understands the move.

“They’re being prudent,” Feely said of Folk’s signing.

Feely may get a clear offer to be a starter as a free agent elsewhere.  If not, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him back in New York.

7 responses to “Feely wants to stay in New York

  1. it would be idiotic for the jets to take folk over feely, he has been playing very well. if folk can’t make field goals in cowboys stadium, how the hell will he make them in the meadowlands

  2. You’re right, it would be impossible for Folk to kick in the challenging Meadowlands.
    Mostly because it won’t be open.

  3. @DirtMcGirt24:
    The new stadium will be called Meadowlands Stadium, not to be confused with Giants Stadium or Meadowlands Sports Complex.
    So it will definitely be open, I just hope Feely will be there.

  4. Get used to it Jets fans. Folk is the biggest FA signing we’re gonna have all year. Thanks to their improbable playoff run and some wacky “final eight” clause, there’s no way to improve the team but cast off all UFAs and hope someone else signs them.
    They’re going to force Feely to leave, just for the opportunity to sign some other washed up, too-old-to-play veteran…because you aren’t going to be able to pay a decent skill player a kicker’s salary.

  5. I think the Jets are hoping someone else signs Feely. Once Feely signs with another team, the Jets can sign an unrestricted free agent. If teams are smart, they won’t sign Feely on purpose just so the Jets can’t outbid them on a real player

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