Seymour gets exclusive franchise tag

The Raiders always have to be a little different.

The NFL’s release of the official franchise tags notes that Richard Seymour was the only player to receive the “exclusive” franchise tag, which means he can’t negotiate with other teams.

Even though it’s a rare practice, the Raiders have used the exclusive tag in recent years on Nmandi Asomugha and
Charles Woodson.  (Dwight Freeney
and Terrell Suggs are other players of note that received the designation.)

Using the exclusive tag on Seymour makes sense.

Seymour’s $12.398 million salary might go up because he can now make the average of the top-five 2010 salaries among defensive ends, if that number is higher than the top five salaries at the position last season.

Unfortunately for Seymour, it seems unlikely the number will rise this year.  Julius Peppers’ 2010 pay should drop, which will bring down the group.

Essentially, the Raiders locked Seymour in without taking much extra risk. 

Then again, it’s not like anyone was going to attempt trading for him.  Or pay him $12.398 million.

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  1. It pains me to see one of the great defensive linemen of this generation stuck in NFL purgatory. It’s slightly better than seeing him playing for the Patriots, but still a terrible shame.

  2. Good news: Al Davis found a loophole to exploit.
    Bad news: Richard Seymour still doesn’t fit into his defense, isn’t worth a 1st round pick, and surely isn’t worth $12+ mill.

  3. Why does this site always have such strange little quirks? Slow loading, suddenly strange size type. This is a pretty simple site design. It’s quite remarkable that you consistently suffer from these kinds of rookie issues.
    Regarding Seymour, good move for the Raiders. Holy Gods that’s a lot of money though. I’ll bet he’s not mad about being traded anymore.

  4. Raiders are doing the right thing here. Nobody knows what the next year will bring so lock this guy up for a year…see what Peppers gets and then maybe give him a contract. I still think Seymour is a very good player.

  5. How does Julius Pepper’s 2010 salary determine an average for the position? Pepper’s salary for 2009 should factor into Seymour’s 2010 Franchise Tag rather than Pepper’s 2009 salary. Did players benefit in 2009 at DE that were franchised because of Pepper’s 2009 number? Averages are determined for season based on last years number not current year.

  6. Damn good job locking him up Devil Davis! Best pick up since Bo Jackson. Well, sorry for being overzealous!!

  7. Seymour did a great job last season despite the circumstances. Look for him to do even better this year, and make the Raiders D a force to be reakoned with.

  8. poops2much, normal Franchise tenders are based on the top 5 previous year salaries for the position. Exclusive Rights Franchise tenders, which Seymour received, get recalcuated to account for the top 5 after the CURRENT years free agent signing period. Maybe you should learn the rules before making yourself look like a dink to the rest of the general public…or at least the rest of us loser who post here.

  9. you guys are to funny…..such bs for the raiders. Yeah nobody but al would pay that kind of money for seymour….but lets see last year Julius Peppers got 17 million, Jared allen gots 15 million, Dwight Freeny gots his 12 million, and Justin and Will Smiths each got their 10 million.
    Why dont you really say the truth Gregg, and that is the Pats are to cheap to pay their players, and I guess you are to. Thats Ok Al, always has and always will take care of his players.

  10. JMClarkent – Seymour played plenty of tackle last year.
    He instantly made the other players around him more productive. How does that not fit the defense?

  11. poops: He’ll get paid the average salary of the top-five defensive ends in 2010, not 2009 like the non-exclusive franchise tag players, assuming it’s higher.

  12. Lets remember this was about the Patriots not being able to pay both Seymour and Wilfork so they let Rich go thinking they could lock up Vince. Its funny how they both got franchised.
    Its even funnier that Seymour is making twice the money as Wilfork.

  13. @1nation,
    What do all the players that you mentioned have in common? Thay all have more sacks than Seymour. DLinemen who get the most sacks typically get the most money. Regarding Al’s willingness to pay his players, lately, too many of those he’s been willing to pay have been the Javon Walker’s, Terdell Sands’, Gibril Wilson’s, Tommy Kelly’s, DeAngelo Hall’s, and JaMarcus Russell’s of the world. It’s one thing to pay guys. It’s different to pay guys who suck.

  14. What makes Seymour so valuble is he can play both DT and DE. He fits any scheme, 3-4 or a 4-3
    like it or not. Also he was traded a week or so before the season started last year, 4 sacks is pretty damn good for some one that didnt know the play book. I was at the monday night football game opener. When he broke the huddle, T How and Kirk Morrison would tell him his assignment after every huddle break. A year under his belt in the same system, he’ll do alot better this year.

  15. bigtex
    I would take seymour over any of those guys, because he is the only 310lb de in the league. he can play inside or outside…Thats a bargain to get a player of his caliber for 3 years at only around 30 million.

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