Burleson suggests he'll give Seahawks a chance to match any offer

NateBurleson.jpgSeahawks receiver Nate Burleson will be an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career next Friday.  And in a Friday appearance with Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR in Seattle (thanks Jimmy Shapiro of SportsRadioInterviews.com for sending it along), Burleson expressed a desire to stay in Seattle — and he suggested he’ll give the Seahawks a chance to match any offer he gets on the open market.

But Burleson offered a vague limitation on that possibility, citing his experience from four years ago, when he signed with the Seahawks.

“[W]hen I was in Minnesota, they allowed Seattle to put up an offer because I was a restricted free agent and they did tender me,” Burleson said.  “And by the time Minnesota matched the contract Seattle was willing to give me, I already felt like such a priority in Seattle.  I already felt like they had reached out so much and it was tough for me to kind of go back as a Viking.” 


Burleson apparently forgets that he was the back end of the seven-year, $49 million poison-pill tit-for-tat that started with the Vikings lifting guard Steve Hutchinson from Seattle.  The Seahawks came up with a similar offer that the Vikings couldn’t afford to match due to guarantee triggers that would have applied if the Vikings had matched the deal, but that didn’t apply to Seattle.

Contrary to Burleson’s current version of the events, the Vikings didn’t match.  They had no intention of matching.  They received a third-round pick in exchange.

We realize that these details can fade with time.  But if anyone should know the realities of the situation, shouldn’t Burleson?

That said, this could be Burleson’s way of letting the Seahawks know that if another team shows him enough love, he might not give the Seahawks a chance to match.  If that’s the case, we prefer that he just say it in lieu of twisting history in a way that suits his present purpose.

The good news is that this skill could give him a potentially promising career in politics.

10 responses to “Burleson suggests he'll give Seahawks a chance to match any offer

  1. Wait….he isn’t a free agent yet? Florio should write a column and accuse Burleson of tampering with himself.

  2. I doubt most players understand the specifics of the contracts that they sign. I can’t picture an agent explaining to these guys all the confusing language that comes in a contract like that. They have to dumb it down for the player and I wouldn’t be surprised if they just broke it down simply by stating that you’ll earn this and this for every year and this is your bonus. I don’t know Burleson’s Wonderlic score so my assumptions are purely speculation but my gut says that these guys wouldn’t have a clue about the poison pill business. Especially, when guys like McNabb, who is generally not considered a dummy until the playoffs, didn’t even fully understand the overtime rules of the game he’s been playing for over 10 years professionally.
    The average fan doesn’t normally care too much about contracts and their specifics other than guaranteed money and what not that are plastered on ESPN periodically. Getting this deep into contract talk is usually for the die hards.

  3. Another early welcome to Cleveland Nate!
    Pennington behind Center, MoMass as the 1, Burleson as the 2, Robiskie as the 3, and new draft pick Jimmy Graham @ TE with Harrison in the backfield…. Give me a RG and RT and I am loving the new Cleveland Browns offense!

  4. Who wouldn’t take a 3rd rnd pick and Steve Hutchinson over a decent receiver? Sure, Minnesota could’ve used Nate when their best options were Williamson, Ferguson and Wade but they’re sitting pretty good now at WR and still have one of the best LG in the league.

  5. As Mark Cuban would say, one minute after Burleson signs with someone else, Seattle will say “We wish Nate well”

  6. I think the Burleson Bros. have a grudge against Minnesota in that they both left here on some-what shakey terms. Gopher fans used to boo Kevin who was a guard on the basketball team. and when Nate was drafted he brought that up. I think the Seattle situation just added to that.
    But those who pay the price of admission have a right to voice their opinion. If you fail to play up to expectations, the boos will be coming.

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