Marvin Lewis hints at "things" holding up contract extension

Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis went on at some length when asked at the NFL scouting combine about the status of talks to extend his contract. But he offered little more than vague hints about certain “things” that need to get done before he’ll re-sign with the team.

Lewis, who was named Associated Press coach of the year in 2009, has just one year left on his contract. He suggested when meeting with reporters that the issues he wants resolved before he’ll sign a new deal have more to do with the structure of the team than how much money he’ll make.

“There’s a lot of things that go into that. In the direction of things that we’re doing and how we’re doing things that are important to me,” Lewis said, per Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “There were things when I started in this job in 2003 that were important and we can’t change those. They have to stay on track and I have to make sure we’re continuing to progress that way. Those are the things that are more important to me as anything.

“I’m talking about structure, decision and how we do things and how I have the ability to do things that give us an opportunity to win football games.”

Lewis wouldn’t name any of those “things” in particular, but the “things” presumably involve making sure Lewis will have the autonomy to make the decisions he wants on matters related to personnel and his coaching staff. Whatever the “things” are, Lewis says he’s not stressing the final year of his contract.

“I can’t worry, I’m not going to,” Lewis said. “The most important thing is what we do on the field in 2010. That’s the most important thing for those 53 guys we end up with and those coaches I have. Not whether I have a contract or not.”

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  1. “If we’re in the woods, you can point and say, ‘A bird lives in a round stick! And you have things over-easy with toast!”

  2. He wants more control. Mike Brown gave him some when he was originally hired, but has reigned in that control since. Since Mike Brown is too stupid to hire a REAL G.M., he should look at Marvin to fill that job to a certain capacity. Marvin isn’t the best “game manager” as a Head Coach, but is pretty good evaluator of talent and a decent motivator. He should have a title like Holmgren had in Seattle.

  3. I know that one of the “things” is an indoor practice bubble. It is a complete joke that while pactising for a playoff game that this team had to get on buses and drive 20 miles to an indoor soccer facility to practice! Mike Brown is too cheap to fork over 1 million to get this done. The Bengals are the northernmost NFL franchise without one. Most big colleges have one! Yet Mike jacked up the ticket prices again to shove more cash in his already stuffed pockets! I hate that I love this team…Dr Phil…help!!

  4. What he wants………extra pay for having to coach the Hall of Fame game or the day off in Canton so he can hang with Bengals ex-coach and HOFer Dick LeBeau…..indemnification from all future lawsuits related to former, current and future tiger striped and jail striped Bengals…..petty cash for Carson Palmer pity parties….rule change to allow 2 footballs per play to satisfy T.O. and Ochostinko

  5. I can guarantee you he is lobbying for a GM (whether it be him or someone else) as well as the practice bubble. I’ll bet the house on the fact that those are 2 top things on his list.

  6. I know the U. of Cincinnati recently built a new stadium. But maybe if it moves to the Big 10, or keeps the momentum going, they’ll need more seats and they can move to Paul Brown Stadium. That might give Mike some extra change to build that bubble. Paul Brown Stadium is an underutilized facility but even other single tenants like the Browns have domes. Hell, even the Bills have a dome across from that dump Ralph Wilson Stadium.

  7. Tomthebobtracy, the UC Bearcats (whom I can’t stand) definitely have not built a new stadium recentely, unless recentely is 1924. There have been talks of expanding the stadium and building a practice bubble, mostly funded by the Bengals, but I don’t know where that stands like most people since there haven’t really been talk about it since Brian Kelly left to Notre Dame.

  8. Thomas P: Sorry about that, must have been another school in the Midwest. Well, then they should move in with the Bengals!

  9. ThomasPaquette: I don’t know where you’re getting your info about the Bengals funding UC’s expansion and practice bubble. UC asked the Bengals if they’d like to go in on the practice bubble with them and then the Bengals would then be allowed to use it when they needed to. Mike Brown declined the offer so UC is funding that all on their own.

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