Colt McCoy: "There's nothing structually wrong with my shoulder"

The end to Colt McCoy’s storied college career was deeply disappointing, but he says the nerve damage in his shoulder shouldn’t change his future.

“There’s nothing structually wrong with my shoulder.  It’s going to be completely healed up, completely fine.  It’s not something that’s more likely to happen now than any other injury.”

McCoy’s injury and stature has somewhat lazily drawn comparisons to Drew Brees, which McCoy was happy to take.  He measured in at 6’1 and 1/4 and jokingly was apologetic about it.

“I’d like to say I’m 6’4, but this is what God gave me,”  McCoy said.  (He could have given you a lot less, thinks the 12-year-old looking 31-year-old.)

McCoy says he can’t tell the difference in his shoulder strength in the weight room and will throw fully at Texas’ Pro Day on March 30.  McCoy is telling teams to look past the injury and the measurements.

“I have a lot of intangibles you can’t measure.”

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  1. Intangibles such as wimpiness, inability to finish a National Championship, and the will to survive of harbor seal!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Reminds me of a dying pigeon!!!!!!! He needs to get a sweet office job, cause he ain’t NFL quality….

  2. My problems with this kid aren’t personal. I hear he’s a fine young man. But one of those intangibles needs is toughness, and this constant carry-on about an injury his own people said after the championship game was nothing and needed no further rehab calls that into question. Since my only real concern is my team, I hope Holmgren takes him. Let’s throw him in there opposite my Steeler D, the Ravens D, and the newly aggressive Bengals D. We’ll see what he’s made of. If I’m right, I’d much rather see Holmgren working with McCoy than another potential Favre.

  3. Nope, the shoulder is fine….always was. Its the courage, heart and nads that we are worried about. Colt the McCowardly lion. Sorry Texas fans but he Laid down in the big one. Maybe he will learn to nut up…or maybe he turns into Chrissy Simms.

  4. What are you all talking about? The kid couldn’t move his arm. It was the biggest game of his life and you’re saying he pussed out? Give me a break. When’s the last time you threw a football?

  5. Well im 35 and I threw it too my 8 yr old son this morning….. Right after I released the ball my 5 yr old came by and flattened me,,,,,, I landed hard on my throwing shoulder….. my whole never was career and comeback flashed in front of my eyes.. Lucky for me I got in line for courage twice, so I headslapped the lil’one to the rain soaked tundra and got up too go celebrate with winner children.

  6. i pinched a nerve one day at work breaking up a concrete sidewalk….i couldn`t feel my arm for two days. so how the heck was this kid supposed to grip and throw a football accurately?

  7. @gulfcoastoffense609 …
    That’s just plain not true. I DVR’d the game and went back through it frame-by-frame to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. After he left the field and went to the locker room, the camera showed him walking the hallway with his dad, moving the arm very naturally. He lifted the arm to brush at his hair. He had no problem with movement. I even froze the picture and went online to double-check and make sure he was a right-handed QB so I could be sure the arm he was moving was his throwing arm. It was. Then when he went back to the sidelines, he started holding the arm like a wounded bird.
    I’m not saying he could throw passes with that arm. But it’s completely false to say he couldn’t move it. I’m tired of reading these idiotic reports about rehabbing AFTER he issued a statement saying the injury was MINOR and NO rehab or physical therapy would be needed. And I’m sick and tired of McCoy fans accusing me of not knowing what I’m talking about and just picking on him. I’ve had more than two dozen surgeries, including three for nerve damage. I’ve got permanent nerve damage in my hand. I do know what I’m talking about. And I don’t believe this kid suffered a debilitating injury.

  8. Deb says:
    February 27, 2010 5:54 PM
    “… But one of those intangibles needs is toughness, and this constant carry-on about an injury his own people said after the championship game was nothing and needed no further rehab calls that into question. Since my only real concern is my team, I hope Holmgren takes him. Let’s throw him in there opposite my Steeler D, the Ravens D, and the newly aggressive Bengals D. We’ll see what he’s made of. If I’m right, I’d much rather see Holmgren working with McCoy than another potential Favre.”
    I agree, I liked McCoys play in college for the most part than was highly disapointed when he got knocked out of the national championship. I believe their are 2 things you have to take into account. 1.) Did he and trainers feel that he would of been able to throw effectively? and 2.) Could he of delt with the pain and continued to play football.
    I have had a few serious and semi serious shoulder injuries (muscle, capsule, and small nerve tears, ect) You have to realize even if it sounds like a wussy or weak excuse for him to come out of the National Championship game but it’s a lot harder to deal with than most these arm chair QB’s assume. He could of had slight tears and burning sensations radiating from his neck down to his finger tips. He could of had loss of flexiability. There are many things that could of effected his throwing ability to the point that it wouldnt of been smart to put him back in regardless of if he was Tom Brady reincarnate that day.
    I learned shoulder injuries aren’t something you mess around with the hard way and am paying for it. I was always the guy making fun of people who went out with “weak” injuries than I finally went to a good doctor to check out my shoulder and was scheduled for a capsulorophy (what chad pennington is getting done) and partial rotator cuff cleanup as well as slight labrum repair. Call the guy a wuss all you want until you have to spend long periods of time in a sling and physical therapy. Until than I wouldn’t question his toughness…

  9. @ Dolphinatic
    Well your user name indicates that you are Dolphins fan (totally your fault) which is an idication of your football IQ. You have no idea what you are talking about. Just sayin’.

  10. @Pantherfan10 …
    Yeah, I’ve had rotator cuff surgery, too. I’m not even counting that among the three surgeries I mentioned for nerve damage. I’m very familiar with those burning sensations, pain, numbness–the whole shebang. But COLT SAID he didn’t have ANY pain with his pinched nerve. He said he just had numbness. I have a lot of that with the nerve damage in my hand. But I still have to use my hand. Rehab isn’t easy and it hurts like heck. I’ve had to do it over and over.
    Usually I’m a kind and tolerant person. But I don’t have a lot of patience with this kid’s constant crying about something his own people described as a minor injury. Sorry.

  11. @bsoud …
    His arm wasn’t dead. He was using it when he was off the field. Get a copy of the National Championship game and watch him walking around moving his arm.
    Where are you people getting that his arm was dead?

  12. Remember, he got injured running into a 350 lb DLiner. That’s pretty tough. Somethin bout him I don’t quite like. Reminds me of Malcolm in the Middle. Needs to gain weight.
    Saw Bradford yesterday, he gained weight and looked like a man.

  13. I wouldn’t mind Tebow or Mccoy as Vikings.
    Anoything is an upgrade over T-Joke and Rosenfels.
    Tebow and McCoy have fklourished for top flight schools against top-flight competition.
    T-Joke couldn’r even beat Matt Jones for the starting job at Arkansas. Alabama State? ::::snicker:::

  14. OK, so anybody had their leg “fall asleep” really bad? After your leg “fell asleep”, did you try to walk on it? What happened when you tried to walk on it?
    It’s not a pain issue. It’s a nerve/muscle issue. We’re not talking about the time that you got carpal tunnel syndrome, we’re not talking about still having to effectively stir a pot of beans or type even though you have carpal tunnel syndrome. I don’t want to hear any comparisons unless your comparison has a 280 pound defensive end and passing a football in a game involved.
    We’re talking about signals from the brain that are interrupted on their path to a given body part because the nerve was pinched by pressure from surrounding body tissue. It can take minutes, days, or weeks to recover. In extreme cases, it may take surgery, as in Deb’s case. From what I understand, the longer the issue persists, the more the associated muscles can wither. But Deb, you shouldn’t compare his nerve issues with yours because all nerve injuries are different. I don’t know what you have to use your hand for, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not passing a football in a national championship game.
    It has been reported that at halftime, McCoy tried to throw several short passes and that he had no control and very little arm strength. This is very consistent with a nerve injury. He compared to trying to throw with his left arm as opposed to his right arm. He also said that the lack of pain is what was so frustrating him. Felt fine, but the arm was “dead” as in useless as far as passing a football is concerned. Yes he could still move it. That’s also very typical of a nerve injury.
    As far as “rehab” goes, the only “rehab” for something like this is rest and eventual return to normal activity. From what I understand he’s been throwing a lot of balls so when they say “no further damage during the rehab process” they mean that everything that he’s done since the injury to re-strengthen his arm has not caused further damage. You know, throwing the ball, working out, etc. Seriously, you thought he’d been playing tiddly-winks since the game?

  15. No, Vox, I don’t have to throw a football, but as it happens, my nerve damage affected me in a way that was just as essential to my livelihood as McCoy’s is to his–and I didn’t have the luxury of babying myself for seven or 10 weeks. I had to force myself to compensate for lack of strength, strange sensations, shooting pains, inability to feel what I was supposed to feel, and limbs and digits that didn’t want to move as they were supposed to move. And this stuff never goes away. It ebbs and flows. It’s been giving me fits the last couple of days. It’s not just my hand. I also have severe nerve damage to the other arm as well. And it’s not true that the only rehab is rest. You have to use the arms and hands or you’ll lose the use of them. You have to work them–pain or not. You have to re-learn how to use them so that the movements are rote and you don’t think about the fact that you can’t feel what you’re doing the way you once did.
    I’ll admit my lack of patience with this kid is because of my own experiences. No they don’t include getting tackled in a game. But I’m pretty sure McCoy wouldn’t trade his tackle for my multiple cancer battles. Still HIS people are the ones who said the injury was MINOR and needed NO further intervention of ANY kind and that he was fine and dandy. But HE is the one who keeps saying “Woe is me, I’m trying to come back” as we watch footage of him on the NFL Network lifting weights and working out and looking perfectly normal.
    Maybe he really had to come out of that game. I’ll concede that possibility. But right now he’s BS’ing because he doesn’t want to throw at the Combine. You watch–that arm will miraculously be just fine on his Pro Day. And for someone with real issues that BS’ing is hard to take.

  16. Sure, delete the comment but don’t fix the misspelling. That fixes the problem right, Gregggg?

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