Jimmy Clausen loves Pete Carroll "to death"

Jimmy Clausen chose Notre Dame over USC three years ago, but Clausen says that doesn’t mean he’s not a fan of Pete Carroll.

“I definitely know coach Carroll very very well,” Clausen said Saturday.  “It came down to Notre Dame and USC, but coach Weis was the better pro-style option.  Coach Carroll is a person, I love him to death.  I haven’t seen him yet [this week].  I hope to.”

Carroll’s knowledge of college players and former recruits like Clausen give him an edge over other coaches.  His relationship with Clausen is another factor to keep in mind when slotting where Clausen might land.

If Carroll wants to reboot the Seahawks franchise with a quarterback of the future, he may not be able to wait until Seattle’s fourteenth overall pick to do it.  Seattle also holds the sixth pick.

Clausen spent a lot of time discussing the “inaccurate perceptions” about his lack of leadership skills during his media session.  Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times asked Clausen what those perceptions were.

“Some people say I’m cocky, I’m arrogant, that I’m not a good leader or a teammate.  The people that are out there saying that don’t know me as a person.”

Clausen said this week was all about showing NFL teams who he really is, a self-described “humble kid” that loves to hang out with his teammates.

We would wonder whether calling yourself humble is like calling yourself a classy guy, but then we’d hear from the Notre Dame homers like Silva.

19 responses to “Jimmy Clausen loves Pete Carroll "to death"

  1. How could Clausen not be “a humble kid”.
    He played under Charlie Weiss, the most humble man ever to walk the planet!

  2. Here’s the best point/question you’ll get all day.
    Does everyone remember Pete Carroll’s remarks about quarterbacks coming out early, and how their success rate drops dramatically from those that play through their senior season.
    It was a big deal. He took a lot of grief over it.
    Would he actually draft a junior QB with that high of a pick after all he said at Sanchez’s exit conference?

  3. The very essence of arrogance is describing youself as a “humble kid.” If Clausen were humble, it would be evident in his personal behavior.

  4. What Jimmy meant to say was ‘I couldnt crack the depth chart as SC so Notre Dame was a better option.”
    Oh and Jimmy people dont think you cocky they know your cocky. You showed up to ND in a limo wearing all your high schol championship rings.

  5. Translation: “the people who call me arrogant are just jealous because I’m better than they are.”

  6. “”Some people say I’m cocky, I’m arrogant, that I’m not a good leader or a teammate….” No, most people think Clausen’s a douchebag who couldn’t lead stink to brie.

  7. Hey Stetson,
    Fun filled facts about Jimmy for you…
    1.Rivals High School Junior of the Year
    2.Received the Hall Trophy (actually called the Ball Park National High School Player of the Year Award) at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl (Did Casey do that….)
    Average Passes Between INTs…………………
    1. Kellen Moore, Boise State 109.7
    2. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame 98.8
    3. Case Keenum, Houston 92.2
    Category # NCAA Rank
    Total Passing Yards 3382 4th
    Passing Yards/Game 307.45 5th
    Passing Efficiency 156.45 7th
    Total Offense/Game 300.18 6th
    Total Offense Yards 3302 5th
    Fewest Interceptions 4 t-5th
    Completion Percentage 67.34 10th
    He may not be your fav guy, or played on your fav college team….
    But..He’s been a hell of a QB at every level so far.
    Your Comment = FAIL
    P.S – TONY PIKE is the steal of the draft

  8. Despite what Mel Kiper and his man-crush on Clausen say he is not going to be a good NFL QB. Yes, he played in a “pro-style” offense, but what did that get them? Fat-ass got fired and I didn’t see Notre Dame tearing up the BCS and contending for a national championship.
    I truly hope no one takes this guy in the top ten or anywhere near despite Kiper’s claim that he has all of these “intangibles”. I think Heath Shuler had “intangibles” and he sucked.
    I really don’t think there is a QB in the draft that is worth a first round pick let alone a top ten.

  9. Notre Dame woes last year were not because of Clausen or the offense. It was the defense that couldn’t stop anybody. Clausen with played with an injury almost the season. Did anybody see there offense when he was out part of the Michigan State game. The offense couldn’t complete a pass. As a freshman Clausen was sacked an outrageous amount. Some people couldn’t comeback from that.

  10. @ irishgary
    Thank you to the grammar police. The lack of one comma certainly ruined my entire day.

  11. I realy don’t care how he turns out in the pros all I know is he came to dame along with fatboy with alot of hype and lead his team to a bowl victory against a jv team from the football powerhouse hawaii. all they did and are still doing is make alot of excuses as to why they sucked.if he did not want to be percieved that way then maybe he should have acted a little more humble when he arrived at dame. he did not have to do all the interviews and pub for them but did so if he did not live up to all the hype he helped bring why should he be surprised people think of him like they do?

  12. Cincy,
    He’s just another pussy that has jacked up stats in the Weiss offense. He’s not even equal to Brady Quinn.
    I hope he goes first round so he can become a Ryan Leafesque type bust.

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