Rams ready to part ways with Alex Barron

St. Louis offensive tackle Alex Barron started all 16 games last year for the Rams. But the team may be ready to part ways with him.

Barron, who has five years of NFL experience, is set to become a restricted free agent. And Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the Rams informed Barron’s agents Sunday night that they will be asking for only second-round draft pick compensation when they turn their tender offers into the league office this week.

Basically, even though the Rams are entitled to get first-round compensation for Barron, they want the rest of the league to know that Barron is available and that they’d be happy to take a second-round draft pick for him.

The Rams expect Jason Smith, last year’s second overall draft pick, to be this year’s starter at left tackle. And rather than play Barron at right tackle, they’d like to look elsewhere for a right tackle, and pick up an extra second-round pick.

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  1. Next up, Patriots ready to part ways with Tom Brady, as although he is under contract, he could be had for 5 first round picks.
    Just because he’s tendered at a lower level, doesn’t mean they are running him out of town as the article implies.

  2. NFL.com also reports that, despite having the first pick in the upcoming draft, the Rams are still looking to trade up!
    Rams General Manager Billy Devaney was quoted as saying: “While we know we have the first pick, and can take anyone we want, we are determined to take the best player available, even if we have to trade up ahead of ourselves to do it. This scenario helps insure that we don’t make a mistake.”

  3. I seriously doubt that any team is willing to give up a 2nd for Barron. He was a great college player at FSU but he struggled in the NFL so far (too inconsistent and too many penalties).

  4. Aaron Kampman, sign and trade for Barron. You make out like thieves, and we get some value for him.

  5. Barron’s played a good amount of right tackle in his career in addition to the left. I can’t honestly say that I think he’s worth a 2nd round pick, but a tackle-desperate team like the Bills, Redskins or Seahawks could afford to take him + an OT in the first round of the draft and have him be the interim LT.
    The Chicago Bears had countless problems last year, few less severe than bad O-line play. Yet after 5 games or so at LT after swapping sides to replace Orlando Pace early in the season, Chris Williams looked both comfortable and effective, performing admirably against the Vikings in week 16 as well as other games.

  6. @AutumnWind999: no, Barron isn’t worth a second round pick. Nobody who wants to keep their job in the NFL is going to give up a second round pick for Barron. He’s lead the league in penalties I think all but 1 of his 5 pro seasons. He’s got the intangibles, he just doesn’t have the head. Quoting my good friend Madden, “False starts are really easily avoided by just keeping focus.”

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