Scott: Adalius Thomas wants to play for Jets

Adalius Thomas apparently wants to play for Rex Ryan and the Jets.  Bart Scott would love it to happen.

But Scott openly talking about it on the radio is one way to make sure it doesn’t happen anytime soon. Comcast Sports Net New England’s Tom Curran has the goods:

“I was hanging with Adalius Thomas for Super Bowl weekend,” Scott said on ESPN Radio.  “He made
it public that he’s expressed interest in joining [Ryan]. I think some
of his better years of his career have been a part of the Ravens defense
and under Rex Ryan’s tutelage. It’ll be exciting.”

A less thrilling option seems very possible. Thomas could rot on the Patriots roster all offseason while New England exhausts every chance to trade him.

It would be a shock if Thomas returned to the Patriots.  But the lack of a salary cap means there is very little preventing New England from keeping him on the roster.

In a best-case scenario, the Patriots find a seventh-round pick for him.  That’s unlikely.  In a worst-case scenario, they screw with the Jets and Thomas as long as possible.

47 responses to “Scott: Adalius Thomas wants to play for Jets

  1. Not really the Patriots style to do that. If he’s not a good fit, they’ll separate from him and move on. But the only place I’m hearing there is a real issue is on this site. And this is a rumors page.
    Now getting something in return for him will be something they pursue. And I don’t think they’ll just let him go so he can end up with the Jets.
    Hey, you need guys to play special teams too.

  2. I’ll bet that New England will squat on his rights just to make it a pain in the ass for the Jets to acquire him. And look for Thomas Jones to go to the Pats since he is a good RB over 30 they will be all over him to replace Fred Taylor. I love how much these teams hate each other.

  3. Adalius Thomas seems to have a knack for flapping his gums at the wrong time….to bad he doesnt put as much effort into his playmaking….BB will let him “rot on the roster” for sure

  4. Well how about the pats making a horrible pick up in Thomas. They paid him a s-load of money and because BB is an intolerable prick things didn’t work out. Maybe it was that Thomas was an over-rated linebacker or a system guy. All I know is that I am glad to see that the pats swung and missed big time with Thomas. I also hope that it happens a ton in the future so those massholes shut their mouths about how “wicked awesome” their pats and sox are.

  5. Its the Patriots!
    They will screw you over any chance you get!, so why go out there and tell the world and media you want to play for their biggest rival

  6. I can’t believe I just read a Redskins fan talking shit like: “All I know is that I am glad to see that the pats swung and missed big time with Thomas. ”
    Hey, DieHard, your team is the joke of the league when it comes to missing on FA’s. You are way out of your league, you loser.

  7. Adalius Thomas regardless of decline is still an upgrade to Bryan Thomas. He wouldn’t demand the contract he stole from the Pats, and still could be a solid rotation guy to the OLB postion—and maybe even expedite the departure of the mediocre Gholston.

  8. I’m sure BB is trying to work out a deal with Al Davis again…
    Too bad AD is such a douche nozzle… he’s got skills…

  9. thomas going to the jets would tilt the balance of power in the AFC East right back to the Patriots

  10. What a free agent bust. The Jets can have him.
    Don’t hold your breath for a trade, everybody knows he’s going to be cut.

  11. because BB is an intolerable prick things didn’t work out
    That’s just some brilliant analysis right there.
    Maybe Bill should emulate the Redskins on free agency choices.

  12. @Bossman
    How many superbowls have you massholes been to and LOST? The REDSKINS have had a whole lot better history than the pats masshole. Because you all have been good for the past decade doesn’t make you good for eternity dickface. Move out of your folks basement in southie and get off BB’s richard.
    @ blackglass
    How was Junior Seau, Fred Taylor, Corey Dillon, and God knows how many others? To say you have had ONE swing and a miss is just irresponsible.
    It is a what have you done for me lately league, and I haven’t seen any last second BS calls going the pats way so no super bowl for you just like the Skins douche bag. At least when we have won our super bowls they weren’t surrounded by controversy and there has never been an accusation that the Skins EVER cheated. So suck it to both of you massholes.

  13. Skinflute,
    If you can take a minute away from shopping for alligator desks with Dirty Dan, here are some facts:
    (1) The Redskins haven’t been viable since the 80’s.
    (2) The Patriots would never be stupid enough to overpay for a lazy, overrated, malcontent like Albert Haynesworth. That’s why the Patriots have been a playoff team almost every year for the last ten years, and the Redskins barely sniffed a wildcard game.
    (3) Here are some commas,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,use them!

  14. How was Junior Seau, Fred Taylor, Corey Dillon
    Not too bad, really.
    Seau was on the 16-0 team, Taylor is going into his 2nd year under contract as the veteran back, and Dillon in 04 had 1600 yards and a ring.
    Your point?

  15. DieHardSkinsFan21 says:
    March 2, 2010 6:30 PM
    How many superbowls have you massholes been to and LOST? The REDSKINS have had a whole lot better history than the pats masshole. Because you all have been good for the past decade doesn’t make you good for eternity dickface. Move out of your folks basement in southie and get off BB’s richard.
    @ blackglass
    How was Junior Seau, Fred Taylor, Corey Dillon, and God knows how many others? To say you have had ONE swing and a miss is just irresponsible.
    SO WRONG diehardskinsfan21: Corey Dillon won a ring in 2004 and was the leading rusher in that game with a TD.
    This Redskins fan sounds bitter/angry (must already be anticiating another cellar dwellar finish for Washington).
    Mayb because New England has 3 rings and Washington has 2 or could it be, that the Redskins have never been considered a dynasty, have won only 5 conference championships to New England’s 6 and that the Redskins have been around since 1937 to only 196o for New England.

  16. @ 65TossPowerTrap
    AKA Toss your man’s salad you masshole.
    You forgot to answer a few of my questions.
    How many super bowls did the pats go to and lose? I can name two off the top of my head….. 96 and 85.
    Deflecting your insecurities about cheering for a lying cheating team isn’t going to get you anywhere.
    You all didn’t make the playoffs last year so that would discount your claim that you all made the playoffs every year for the past decade.
    The Skins won a super bowl in 91 so your claim that they haven’t been “viable” team since the 80’s is just WRONG.
    Since you brought up the use of commas, go ahead and look up the definition for viable you little idiot.
    Viable: Capable of living.
    Nice use of a word that has nothing to do with competitive you IDIOT. I love it when people try to call someone else out about writing and look like a complete dunce themselves.
    Get off the computer and do your homework, you have school tomorrow.

  17. I believe the Jets are better off signing Joey Porter, but if they can get JP and Ad they will have some fine ass depth at the linebacker position.

  18. @Politely Stoned
    Put your pipe down and go back and read. The Skins have won the Super Bowl 3 times just like your pats, and oh by the way have NEVER been accused of cheating. You, like most idiots on this site don’t go back and read what you write. The Skins won the super bowl in 83, 87, 91. Thats as many times as you all have lost the big game. The skins were not considered a dynasty because they won their super bowls with 3 different QB’s. Something no other team has ever achieved, and also had the only black QB to ever win a SB. In addition to the 3 super bowls the Skins have also won two world championships. This was before there was a super bowl, soooo with your last comment of 6 div championships, well they lost to the raiders and the dolphins in the super bowl. With all that being said I would say that there is no comparison to the pats. I also don’t know what anticiating means?
    You may go back to your pipe now. I am glad I was able to teach you something today.

  19. The skins just may be the joke of the league, but none of our coaches started crying on tv after a idiotic fourth down call. God I hate patriot fans.

  20. A. Thomas was wasted in New England. He suffocated in the Bellichick scheme. He should be released even if to a rival to the Patriots. The Jets are rivals and that will probably be the show stopper. A. Thomas would be much more effective in a Ryan defense that encourages individual initiative to make plays.

  21. You know what else is great all you massholes?
    It has to burn you all up that Daniel Snyder has all this money to just throw around. As a season ticket holder, I LOVE IT! It burns you all up because NE is that snooty as area of the country where you all act like massholes, don’t accept outsiders and think things like “wicked awesome” is a great thing to say.
    I can’t wait until our turn comes around, and believe me it is coming. Maybe not next year, but the years coming are going to be good to my SKINS, and maybe not so friendly to you cheater massholes.
    Rot in hell.

  22. Hey DieHardSkinsFan21 – aka internet tough guy, aka little boy in moms basement
    We “massholes” don’t mind you calling us that. Why? Because it is your perception that we have things wrong when the fact is just the opposite.
    You are the perfect example of the Patriots hater who has a serious case of cranial rectal inversion. The only retort you have time and time and time again is “cheaters” when you can’t come up with any better reason why your team sucks when compared to the Patriots. If it is the only reason why they won why did they go 16-0 AFTER the incident when they were under the microscope? You haters NEVER have an answer for that do you?
    Keep on hating hater. Your team sucks, will continue to suck and all you will have to say “Your time is coming Patriots fans, its coming”. You may be right, but we true fans will still be there for them and we will tell you haters where to go even when they are below .500 because that what true fans do. Unlike you who doesn’t realize that you will be routing for a suck ass team for years to come and most likely will not see a championship there again in your lifetime.

  23. The Deadskins won in two years (1982, 1987) which were shortened by strikes.
    They were incredible in 1991, but really, Redskins fans have no place to talk smack. Especially about free agent busts.
    Still hurting from the 52-7 game, I see.

  24. Doctor Connor,
    Should we talk about Moss? He wants to get out of that miserable place you call home. Patriot players are finally realizing that they can not win anything if the coaches are not cheating. Your head coach cried on tv after thinking he was the smartest guy in the stadium and going for it on 4th down. Your team is nothing but a bunch of cry babies. I have never seen anything like it. When Tonya Brady is not cleaning the house and picking up his wifes laundry he is crying for calls. What a baby. I have Patriot fans almost as much as I hate Cowboy fans.
    Hail Skins.

  25. @Patsfansince73
    You really are retarded. Your ramblings made no sense at all what so ever. You massholes can’t read, write, or make an intelligible thought. Basically what you were saying was that you admit you all might go through some rough times, but you will continue to cheer for your team? I get that. Then you went on to say that my team sucks and I have no right to root for them? This to me makes no sense at all, but you are entitled to your opinion. You all did go 16-0. Without picking up free agent stars Moss, and Welker you all go 6-10, but thats neither here nor there. Bottom line is you all couldn’t cheat before the super bowl and this is why you all got beat by an inferior team/QB.
    @Doctor Connor
    Once again…… WE HAVE NEVER BEEN ACCUSED OF CHEATING. We may have won in strike shortened seasons, but a WIN is a WIN and 91 was possibly one of the greatest football teams ever assembled. And oh yeah WE DIDN’T CHEAT.

  26. Patriot players are finally realizing that they can not win anything if the coaches are not cheating
    except…………a perfect 16-0 regular season, the only one in league history.
    An AFC Championship, couple of division crowns.
    Other than that, you’re right.

  27. Hey die hard skins blow fan –
    I could put you down so easily but what’s the point? You obviously are a clueless individual who just likes write trash talk to get a rise out of people. Do us all a favor and get off the planet – you are wasting oxygen.

  28. Hey Wizard,
    All of that done while cheating. No we will not stop reminding you about cheating!
    16-0 means nothing because the Giants beat the dogsht out of the patsies.

  29. My Coke Can, maybe you should tell Bill Cowher about what “cheaters” the Patriots are. Because he came out and said that spygate meant nothing.
    It’s kind of funny that a Redskins fan cares more about it than a guy who lost twice in AFCCG’s to the Patriots.

  30. Coke: Catching a football as though you were the jackhole from Necessary Roughness in the go-ahead play to win the super-bowl does not equate to skill. The Giants were out-matched and got lucky. The evidence of Mr. Tyree’s ahem “exceptional value” to the Giants is evidenced by his place on the roster with Baltimore.

  31. It is pretty pitiful that a redskins fan is going to call out a patriots fan.
    Facts are facts, here are just a few that may not of been touched on:
    1- Giants, Cowboys, Eagles have all be relevant in the NFC East for years, Redskins every now and then get to play with them for a season.
    2- Daniel Snyder is the biggest joke owner in the NFL. How did bringing Joe Gibbs back for one more run work out? Steve Spurrier bringing his playground offense to the NFL? Great calls!
    3- Tell us what its like to have a coach admit in season he was thinking of quitting? REALLY?!?! a game of men and he wants to quit? Ok, lets not fault Zorn, he was in over his head because he was hired to be your O/C and when nobody wanted the ‘prestigious’ head coaching gig in DC, they let him take over, WITH ZERO experience.
    4- After that, tell us what its like to have to bring a guy from a bingo hall in to call plays.. That must be exciting.
    5- Redskins never been accused of cheating? BIG skins fan you are. Do a little research, the ‘great George Allen’ was accused of opening gates when opposing teams were kicking FGs, etc in order to gain competitive advantage.
    6- Spygate is a huge crock of shit, What about when the Dolphins admitted to stealing the Patriots audio. Do you know how many examples there are in the history of the NFL of teams trying to gain competitive advantages?
    7- Do you know who doesn’t like Tom Brady? Fans of teams who don’t have him, Brees or Manning as their QBs because they wish they had him lining up under center every week. When you have Jason Campbell as your QB, you grow bitter quickly.
    Besides, why is he ‘Tonya Brady” because he became famous, got to hook up with hot actress, moved on to hot model who makes more money than god and he actually does good things like walk her dog for her? I forgot you and all the Skins are still living in a Mans world when you come hold and the wife has the dinner on the table and your bath water running before she bathes you.. Give me a break, if you ever get in a relationship, you will know its a two way street.

  32. Congratulations for perhaps the dumbest sports comment in the history of message boards. WOW, the Skins finally got something to be proud of.
    “You all did go 16-0. Without picking up free agent stars Moss, and Welker you all go 6-10, but thats neither here nor there.”
    Isn’t this how professional sports works? EVERY SPORT? Really what’s next, arguing only reason UNC has had such a good tradition of college basketball is because they recruited the best players? Your kidding me? I thought sports was about taking nobodies and training them into something..
    You just officially became an idiot in my books. Before, you were annoying who didn’t have much knowledge, now forget it!
    Besides the obvious world of free agency and trades, lets look at something really quick…
    Lets forget Haynesworth, he was going to get big money wherever he went. How did these signings work out?
    WR- Brandon Lloyd in 2006 for 6 yrs, $30 million
    SS- Adam Archuleta in 2007 for 7 yrs, $35 million
    CB- Deion Sanders in 2000 for 7 yrs, $56 million
    How did Jason Taylor work for you? He couldn’t get back to Miami fast enough.
    The Patriots got Corey Dillon and Randy Moss both at times when the general consensus around the league were they are all done. Both had “attitude” problems, were old, slow, couldn’t play the game like before.
    What did Dillon do? rush for 1600 yards and scored 12 tds twice, and had a 13 td season.
    Moss, yeh he was washed up. Set NFL TD record, had a down year with 11 touchdowns…
    Welker, the guy was released from San diego, played 3 yrs in Miami and was a relative unknown…..
    A lot of the players the Patriots won with are also home grown through the draft. How is your draft history? Especially considering your in the top half each year, I’d consider it poor at best!

  33. Just thought I’d point this out as well, read a nice little article on the free agents the Patriots signed since Belichick was here. It listed the best signing that year and the worst signing that year.
    The best players signed that year isn’t really important, every team who signs multiple players each year is going to have one that worked out better than the others, but the big reason behind their success is looking at their “worst” signings. None of these guys were supposed to be more than anything but role players, nobody brought in to be a big game breaker (Hard hitting archuleta, Past his Prime Time Deion Sanders, etc).
    The worst came in 2007 with Adalius Thomas. His 1st year as a Patriot his #s were slightly below his best years in Baltimore but not too far off, still finished with 6 sacks. He got injured in 2nd season with Pats and then this year he went to the dog house.
    BEST: LB Tully Banta-Cain [stats] – Led team in sacks in second go-round
    WORST: WR Joey Galloway – MIA from Day 1.
    BEST: WR/ST Sam Aiken – A special teams leader and serviceable backup
    WORST: S Tank Williams – Signed a two-year deal; never played a down.
    BEST: RB Sammy Morris – Valuable and productive when healthy.
    WORST: LB Adalius Thomas – Belichick “sent a Brinks truck” to sign him. It became the Brinks Robbery.
    BEST: WR Reche Caldwell [stats] – Often Tom Brady [stats]’s only option; led Pats in catches (61) and yards (760).
    WORST: S Mel Mitchell – Sat out season with injury; averaged just one tackle per game in 2007.
    BEST: WR/PR Tim Dwight – Led team in punt return yardage (273) and yards per reception (17.5)
    WORST: LB Monty Beisel – Couldn’t find fit (or a ball carrier) inside or out.
    BEST: P Josh Miller – Averaged 42 yards per punt.
    WORST: DT Keith Traylor – “Wins” by default as only other free agent signed.
    BEST: S Rodney Harrison [stats] – Became a pillar of two Super Bowl championship teams; one of the team’s best signings ever.
    WORST: CB Tyrone Poole – Broncos castoff earned the nickname “Toast” for a reason.
    BEST: TE Christian Fauria – Provided a much-needed red-zone threat with team-leading seven TD receptions; played three more productive seasons.
    WORST: WR Donald Hayes – Couldn’t grasp playbook; made just one start and totaled just 12 catches before his release less than a year after signing.
    BEST: LB Mike Vrabel – A key player and leader in the Super Bowl era; a steal as a free agent in his conversion from DE to LB.
    WORST: DL Chris Sullivan – Never played a down in his second Patriot stint.
    BEST: G Joe Andruzzi – Laid the championship foundation on the line; started all but eight games in four seasons.
    WORST: TE Eric Bjornson – Never built on his modest success with Dallas; played in just eight games.

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