Falcons tender Clabo at first round, Koenen at second round

The Atlanta Falcons have made tender offers to their starting right tackle and their punter, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting.

Right tackle Tyson Clabo received a first-round tender. Clabo has started all 32 games the last two years.

Punter Michael Koenen received a second-round tender, a strong indication that the Falcons don’t want their punter going elsewhere.

There’s no word yet on the Falcons’ tenders to their other restricted free agents: running back Jerious Norwood, right guard Harvey Dahl, safety Jamaal Fudge, offensive linemen Quinn Ojinnaka, safety Charlie Peprah, running back Jason Snelling and safety Antoine Harris.

3 responses to “Falcons tender Clabo at first round, Koenen at second round

  1. A 2nd round tender for Koenen is a strong indication that they don’t want Koenen going elsewhere….yet a 2nd round tender for the Rams Alex Barron means they want some one to sign him away?
    You are pretty awful. And don’t tell me the position they play matters.
    You write about nothing. 85% of your posts are quotes, and the other 15% is barely re-arranged information you took from the article that would barely pass for non-plagiarism in a 5th grade paper.

  2. well… the position they play does kind of matter…
    How many teams do you know that will spend a 2nd rounder on a punter as opposed to the teams that will spend a 2nd rounder on an O-lineman?

  3. pt the kid:
    you’re an idiot if you think position doesn’t matter. Really, who would give up a 2 for a punter, who is on the field for maybe 4-6 playes per game? on the other hand, an offensive tackle, left or right, is responsible for protecting the most important player on the field for half the game. A second round pick is pretty low for that position, regardless of his ability.
    And we’re all really proud of you for making it all the way to 5th grade.

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