Make your case for the Art Monk Award winner

We’re wrapping up the PFT Heroes awards for 2009, but we’ve still got a few left.

Next up?  The Art Monk, given to the best receiver from the 2009 season.

The finalists are Wes Welker of the Patriots, Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals, Reggie Wayne of the Colts, Miles Austin of the Cowboys, and Andre Johnson of the Texans.

Let us know who you like for the prize.  Meanwhile, I’ll seek the input of the other writers.  And maybe I’ll listen to them this time around.

47 responses to “Make your case for the Art Monk Award winner

  1. Andre Johnson would get my vote, but any of these fine players are deserving of this made-up award.
    Also, the Poo Flinging Monkey Award for douchebaggery goes to… Brett Favre!

  2. Andre. Johnson. If you say anyone else you didn’t realize he led the league two season sin a row in receiving yards.

  3. What does Wes Welker have to do to get credit? He’s had 100+ seasons three years in a row. Last year it was over 14 games (13, really, if you consider he went down with an ACL in the first quarter).
    Great receivers, one and all, but the little man had 22 catches more than the #2 player on the list. Again, in, essentially, 13 games.
    I’m sure people will counter with sentences that include the words “system”, “Moss” and “Brady”, but his consistent ability to get open and get YAC is pretty amazing. IMHO

  4. You obviously made a mistake and put Miles Austin along with the best WR’s in football… Please correct immediately since he’s not even the best WR in the division.
    Thank you.

  5. Tough for a Redskins fan to say, but Miles Austin. All the other guys had 100+ catches (yes, Fitz had 97), but Austin’s numbers on 81 catches were close to or above numbers from the other receivers. In the Art Monk spirit, he made the most of every catch (highest YPC at 16.3). He also ranked 2nd in TDs among the candidates and 2nd only to Andre Johnson in big plays (20+ yards) 22 to 21. And he has done it all as an UFA from a university no one has ever heard of…except the alums.

  6. Andre Johnson.
    Think about it.
    Fitz has Bouldin
    Welker has Moss
    Austin has Williams (ha)
    Reggie Wayne has, well…ok Manning.

  7. in seriousness, I would have to say Andre Johnson … he is the Texans’ offense, nuff said
    all the other guys(specially that slot receiver from NE) had somebody else on their team that defenses would worry about (even for Wayne later on in the season)

  8. The winner is Andre “Meathooks” Johnson. Hands down.
    Larry Fitzgerald may make it look cooler when he catches the ball, but that’s only because Andre makes spectacular catches look like anyone could make them.
    Oh…and NO other receiver in the game can make a linebacker do a backflip after having the receiver squared up for a big hit, and subsequently bowl over two safeties after that.

  9. Andre Johnson, I would say is the clear front runner, followed by Fitz. Some what of a drop off after that.
    @CT Pats Fan
    I like how you think that because you mentioned the words system, moss and brady, that somehow that makes those arguments wrong. The reason people say Welker is not as good the other wrs mentioned is the system. If you put Andre Johnson in Welker’s place he would likely do as good if not better. However if you put Welker in Johnson’s place (IE a number 1 WR with no help on the other side, and someone who is asked to catch all kinds of passes) then he would not put up the same number simply due to the limitations of his physical ability. Welker is not a bad WR and is probably the second best slot WR in the game but he isn’t the best.

  10. CT Pats Fan… I agree.. Welker is really amazing and fun to watch when he gets the ball. He’s so quick that he turns 5 yard gains in to 20. I really hope he comes back 100%.
    I’m a Cowboys fan, so i obviously want to say Miles Austin, as he can go deep, catch the slant, take a screen to the house or anything else you want him to do.
    But, Andre Johnson is just on a different level. The guy can do everything you want, but his physicallity is amazing. I still remember one play we’re he takes a huge hit from a linebacker at about the 10, gets hit from a few more people and then takes it in to the endzone. Guy is always in flat out beast mode.
    Andre Johnson

  11. Why do you even include Cowboys players? You know you’re not going to give any props in any form to any of them at any time. It’s just as well, Monk was never anything more than a really good #2 guy. He was rarely if ever the best on his team at anything, let alone the best in the NFL at anything.

  12. @ This Class Sucks
    The “system” doesn’t help welker zig and zag all over the place, that’s just him. It probably helps him get open in the first place though.

  13. “How in the hell did Desean Jackson not make the list??????”
    Because he’s a one trick pony that can’t run routes and is easily taken completely out of his game.

  14. Fitzgerald hands down. The dude has skills, speed, and no attitude. Welker is a great receiver, but the scoring production isn’t there. Same thing for Andre Johnson. I love the guy and he’s got the receptions, but Fitz gets in the end zone more.

  15. I agree with arson81…How is Miles Austin on this list but not Desean Jacko?And i Hate desean jacko.
    Darrell Green Award
    Art Monk Award
    Who says Mickey Florio hates the Redskins???

  16. “You obviously made a mistake and put Miles Austin along with the best WR’s in football… Please correct immediately since he’s not even the best WR in the division.”
    Sure, in spite of having the most yards and TDs of any WR in the division in only 12 starts, not the best in the division.

  17. I freakin HATE the Cowboys, but, without Miles Austin stepping up and playing like King Kong, they would never have made the playoffs.
    The guy is a stud, whom I hope gets a giant contract and then folds up
    He’s my pick for this.
    Dammit………… I just threw up in my mouth

  18. @this class sucks
    you know, we can play coulda/shoulda/woulda all day long, and in the end it’d be all just hypothetical.
    The bottom line is that Welker fought his way up the ladder and had 20+ more catches than Johnson in 13 games. And that’s amazing, if for no other reason, than Johnson is an absolutely amazing receiver! I mean, the guy is just phenominal. Still, Welker outperformed him.
    As for the ‘Moss’ factor, judging by the games Welker missed this season, I’d say Moss is the one that benefits from lining up opposite Welker. I don’t say that lightly, either.

  19. Welker….played 13 games and put up better numbers….had he played the full season you could probably add another 30-40 catches to his total. The most important guy other than Brady when it comes to moving the chains.

  20. For a guy that’s an obvious Redskins HATER, you sure do have alot of awards named after them Florio.
    Tampering, anyone?!?!?!

  21. my pick would definitely be Andre Johnson, but i think you need to at least mention Brandon Marshall with the rest of these guys even if he is an ass

  22. SIDNEY RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…’nuff said

  23. Here’s my top in order of who I think is most deserving of the Art Monk Award.
    1)Andre Johnson
    2)Larry Fitzgerald
    3)Desean Jackson
    4)Miles Austin
    5)Reggie Wayne
    6)Brandon Marshall
    7)Steve Smith(NYG)
    8)Wes Welker
    9)Chad Ochocinco
    10)Mike Sims-Walker

  24. without the three games missed, welker potentially breaks marvin harrisons record for receptions in a season. dude was the only constant on a frustrating and inconsistent team.

  25. Narrow it down to Miles Austin and Andre Johnson because the other guys had help.
    I’ve read many times over the years about how solid Andre Johnson is, but like most NFL fans and scribes, I’ve never seen the Texans play.
    But I do know that, if Dallas had to rely on a WR with the stench of Matt Millen’s regime on him, this season would’ve been a disaster and there would have been wholesale coaching changes. So give it to Miles Austin. Easy call, and I don’t even like Dallas.

  26. andre johnson hands down! fitz is good but frankly didnt have a phenomenal yr, 2 guys in gb had more yards than him! miles austin has my respect for coming from nowhere but he still aint as impressive as jonhson, wayne has manning who could make me look good, and wes welker is a guy i admire and love to watch but he’s a slot guy not a no1 he just doesn’t have that in him not his fault, but you gotta love the guy. revis island even thinks johnson is the toughest reciever to play against! plus johnson was at times houstons only threat with daniels and walter suffering through some injuries!!! why did schaub have such a good year, he was throwing to ANDRE JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I think this award has to go to someone who played all season long. So take out Austin (by the way how do you put Austin on this list and ignore Djax?! Not that I think he should win either but come on!)
    Fitz didn’t do it for me this year. I had him on 2 fantasy teams and he didn’t perform up to his usual par.
    Welker is really hard to deny… he had 100+ receptions despite missing so many games at the beginning of the season.
    As hard as it is to deny Welker, Johnson did work all season long and remained productive even after O. Daniels went down when teams were able to really lay on the coverage. JOHNSON takes the award.

  28. “1)Andre Johnson
    2)Larry Fitzgerald
    3)Desean Jackson
    4)Miles Austin”
    Are you sure that you don’t want to put Jason Avant ahead of Miles Austin, too? I thought these awards were about players overcoming odds, not high draft picks that have a bad habit of disappearing in big games.

  29. “by the way how do you put Austin on this list and ignore Djax?!”
    Because Austin does everything. Jackson needs deep routes where he can use his speed to get separation because he runs routes like a three legged billy goat with a double ear infection.
    Also, it’s called “more catches, yards, TDs, and catches for a first down in much less PT”.
    Austin 12
    Jackson 15
    Austin 81
    Jackson 63
    Austin 1320
    Jackson 1167
    Austin 11
    Jackson 9
    Catches for a first down
    Austin 59
    Jackson 41

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