Raiders tender Stanford Routt at first- and third-round level

Oakland Raiders cornerback Stanford Routt started only one game last season. But the Raiders apparently think he’ll do big things for them in the future.

Adam Caplan of reports that the Raiders will likely tender Routt, a restricted free agent, at the first-and third-round level. That means Routt will receive a one-year offer with a salary of $3.268 million.

If any team were to make Routt an offer, and the Raiders didn’t match it, Oakland would receive that team’s first- and third-round draft picks. It’s safe to say no team is making Routt an offer.

So why did the Raiders tender Routt at such a high level? Caplan notes that Routt is 6-foot-1 and has good speed, and that Raiders owner Al Davis liked him when the Raiders selected him in the 2005 draft.

And in Oakland, if Al Davis likes you, you’re golden.

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  1. How will the Raiders get Bruce Campbell, Taylor Mays, Dekoda Watson, CJ Spiller and Jacoby Ford. Al Davis needs them all.
    With Asoumugha, Russel and a few more guys heavily overpayed, why do they overpay another one?

  2. yeah i remember he had the fastest time in the combine in 2005 also
    so no wonder he’s a raider

  3. i thought things were uncommonly sane around the raiders so far this offseason. at least this happening shows that the draft is getting closer.

  4. Please tell me this is a joke?
    3.2 mil for a guy who couldn’t cover Grady Jackson, Man-Man on a Go route if his life depended on it..
    I really had a feeling that Al Davis didn’t these surprise moves.. Well, once again the opponments slot receiver is going to abuse us..

  5. @ the comment regarding the persons head turning when they read about this team, turn this. No team in the NFL has produced or stole from other teams more Hall of Fame Corners than the Raiders.
    They laughed when the Raiders drafted Nnamdi late in round one and were calling him a bust his first few years in the NFL as the Raiders were teaching him to play corner from safety.
    Say what you want about the Raiders but when it comes to top corners no team does it better than the Raiders. Hell in another few years the Raiders will have more corners in the Hall of Fame than many a club has all players combined.

  6. The Raiders have not tendered Routt with a 1st and 3rd round draft pick. The above article reads Adam Caplan of reports that the Raiders WILL LIKELY tender Routt at the 1st and 3rd round level. He doesn’t really know. Yet two paragraphs later PFT states that ” So why did the Raiders tender Routt at such a high level?” As if it’s already a fact. Please differentiate speculation from reality PFT.

  7. Routt has shown he can be a good player. I wonder if they might move him to safety. He needs to play to get better and that won’t happen with Aso and Johnson playing the way they are.

  8. Routt is awsome.
    you bandwagoners just dont want to admit it.
    FLORIo HAD TO WITNESS THAT IN PTT THIS YEAR, so he hasnt got over it yet so he trys to bash the raiders, wahhhhh florio!
    You cant beat us Florio

  9. First of all Routt isn’t a bad player for those who actually WATCH the raiders, and secondly, MAYBE just maybe they’ve been fielding phone inquiries for him and realize other teams are interested and don’t want to lose him. He’s fast AND tall which is a hard combination to find at corner. Let’s stop all the hysteria at EVERY little thing Oakland does, its moronic

  10. “@ the comment regarding the persons head turning when they read about this team, turn this. No team in the NFL has produced or stole from other teams more Hall of Fame Corners than the Raiders.”
    …go ahead and finish your thought…. let me help..
    ..and still have had one of the worst Ds in the nfl the last 5 years counting.

  11. If you spent more time watching actual games instead of studying the book of urban legends on the Raiders with your hands down your pants, you might find out that Routt had a decent year. But why bother reporting accurately when smarm sells.

  12. Routt is a perfect example of how cornerback and nickelback are now very different positions in the modern defence. He’s something of a liability in the nickelback position he plays in normally, but when either Asomugha or Chris Johnson has been injured, he’s generally played very well as an outside corner.
    Still – if he gets $3million, he’s probably getting overpaid.
    PS Tyler – do you really think Asomugha is overpaid? He’s paid a lot – but if you watch every Raiders game, you’ll know why.

  13. Snnyjcbs,
    Couldn’t said it better myself…Good Post
    That amount for Routt though?
    Who knows…Al does better on CBs evaluation than any other position…Maybe Al thinks Routt can be the next “Chris Johnson” or Chris Johnson may be on the chopping block (tough year last year, but every year is tough when you play opposite Nnamdi).
    At any rate if the Raiders don’t start improving run defense GREATLY soon it really doesn’t matter who is in the secondary does it?

  14. With all the speed the Raiders have on their roster each year, it’s no surprise they are the fastest team to ten losses each year.

  15. First off, the title to this RUMOR states that the Raiders have already tendered Routt at this amount. Yet the article clearly states that the Raiders will likely tender Routt at this amount. Until you hear confirmation from either the Raiders or the league don’t believe anything.
    If it is true I can’t say I agree, unless the Raiders are planning on trading one of their starting corners. Even then, it seems like $3+ million is too much.

  16. Routt ran something like a 4.33 40… and you know it might take a few years to develop…at least you know he can run…which we found out when he scorched that 40 a few years back… but wait, that means nothing according to Picked-last Florio.

  17. Mpoles, you are exactly right. Routt played well in 07 and again this year on the outside. Iin the slot, he’s probably too big to really excel. Have no problems with him being back, someone definitely would have made a bid for him. Do have to question the compensation level though. I’d like to know if they could have just set a first rounder as the compensation and what that would have saved over the rumored tender. First rd pick seems more than an adaquette deterrent to me.

  18. You when I first read the headline.. I laughed to myself.. I’m a die hard raider fan… and u know, thinking about it this doesn’t surprise me… but come seriously Routt does not deserve this tender offer.. idk wats going on.. but i, we as raider fans gotta give the benefit of doubt cuz they did strike gold with ndami.. but we’ll see….

  19. The off season is like the magical mystery tour for Raider fans.
    I couldn’t stop laughing at oakfan23 comment, maybe they are fielding calls from other teams.
    For a player who started one game?? Maybe Nami .
    Dear Mister Fantasy, I am raiders fan and we are going to the playoffs.
    Thanks again for your 2011 1st round draft pick which is sure to be a top ten.
    Glad to hear Big Sey is getting over 12 million for next season for his 4 sacks.

  20. Stanford Routt? Aww. I guess I can’t hate on the guy too much, he did have one key play when he drew a 1st and goal penalty, but came back the next play and sacked the qb. All in all.. 1st and 3rd, even though it probably won’t happen is grossly overpaying. If I were Al Davis and wanted to keep him I’d put a 7th round tender, no other team would want him.

  21. mpoles hit it out of the park on Routt.
    He’s a big strong CB who plays very well on the outside.
    He has problems in space though, primarily because he’s not fluid enough and doesn’t swing his hips quickly enough.
    When he’s on the outside, his speed makes up for his hips and closes really well.
    As for this story, it’s just that, a story.
    Kirk Morrison just received what amounts to a 3rd round tender, by the way.

  22. ampats: Get over it, Seymour doesn’t want anything to do with the Pats.
    Let it go and move on with your life, son.

  23. seems like when routt comes in on the nickel packages , they always throw against him, and we always give up a first down. In my opinion 3 million is a lot for him, but maybe good for team chemistry and continuity to get everybody back, and improve right side o-line. Hopefully J-Russ shows up at 255, and wants to earn his dough.

  24. He’s not that great @ Nickel and he seems more suited to the outside. I think the Raiders looked at Chris Johnson’s production last year and are worried that he may have lost a step so it makes sense to keep a guy that you’ve been grooming over the past couple of years.
    Raiders do like corners and seem to be good evaluators of talent in this area but they really need to fix their defensive line. 4 man pressure may be ancient but you need the talent there to generate that pressure and they only have 2 guys at end that can generate pressure play after play. Warren will do some good things but he will never consistently play well for an entire game.
    Give these corners help in the middle and it won’t matter how talented the group is. The pressure would hide their deficiencies.
    I hope this tender means they won’t take Haden and I hope that Branch and Huff did enough to keep them away from Taylor Mays.

  25. I don’t like this move, IF, indeed it happens. Routt has improved since being drafted, and occasionaly makes a great play. But it seems like for every good play, their is a blown play or two to offset it at the end of the day or season. This seems to be more of an Al Davis move, overpaying a player he likes, rather than a player that has performed especially well. I hope I’m wrong, and he shows more on the field.
    I can’t say that I agree with the tender on Kirk Morrison as well. I think he should be kept. Maybe move him to the outside, but they could do worse than him. Also solidifying the DL would be a huge help to Morrison or any LB that they bring in.

  26. @oakfan23
    So the Falcons tendered the punter at the 2nd round level. The Raiders tendered the Deep Snapper at the 2nd level.

  27. JimmySmith obviously you haven’t watched any raiders games.
    ampats i wouldn’t bank on that pick being a top 10. on top of that the trade hasn’t turned out so well for you team either. how was the run defense? or team chemistry? on top of that seymour would be betting 12M no matter where he signs. butt hurt much?
    as far as rout goes, the tender is over paying him. even if he starts ahead of chris johnson.
    i hope morrison is let go or some one else signs him. he is a liability in the run game. always out of position and over peruses all the time

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