Redskins announce Samuels' retirement

The Washington Redskins have announced that Chris Samuels is retiring, and the team has scheduled a press conference Thursday for the longtime offensive tackle to make it official.

On Monday it was reported that Samuels had decided to call it quits after doctors warned him against playing because of a neck injury.

After an Outland Trophy-winning college career at Alabama, Samuels was drafted by the Redskins with the third pick in the 2000 NFL draft. He started all 16 games as a rookie, and in his second season he was chosen to his first of six Pro Bowls.

Samuels’ 2009 season was cut short after just five games. Overall Samuels played in 141 games in 10 seasons, starting all of them.

13 responses to “Redskins announce Samuels' retirement

  1. They will eff it up….
    Snyder has a dark heart…
    Redskin fans are foolish to give Snyder their hard earned money. Maybe the great recession does not exist in DC.
    What has Snyder won for this team? (other than the title of greatest PR machine in the league?)

  2. Every time I think of Samuels, I see that old ESPN commercial for the draft, where they digitally removed every O-lineman (except the center) before the snap. Remarkable that the Redskins had a really good tackle, and never got anyone above mediocre to play along side him.

  3. Samuals was a warrior. Sad day in Redskins park that his career was cut short due to degenerative spinal chord issue.
    I wonder if they will keep Levi Jones and draft a OT with the 4th pick.

  4. He was a good player on an otherwise shitty team. Too bad it didnt turn out diferent for him and Arrington.

  5. Hell of a run blocker.
    I hope we either get Okung or the kid Iupati. We could trade down for both. If Suh or McCoy are available we have to take them. I just don’t want a QB. Clausen is another Quinn. Bradford is damaged goods. I wouldn’t mind taking a shot at pike in like the forth or fifth. I have full faith in what Shanny wants to do though. He said it himself that he has been watching tape for a full year so I am confident he knows what he is doing. The best part about it is he isn’t going to tell anyone what he is doing.

  6. For all of the haters out there, yes we know Dan Snyder has f,d this team up, but you only wish your owner would throw cash like he does. Shanny will hopefully turn this nightmare around and we can get back to the glory days.

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